Top 10 Interesting Challenges for Kids

Looking for some interesting challenges for your kids? Then, you are on the right post. This article provides you with exciting challenges for kids that assist the children in building their imagination and finding solutions for the challenges in a unique fashion.

The challenges that you give to your kids should not bore them. Instead, it must inspire them to undertake more of such challenges.

To help you out in this, here are the 10 interesting challenges for kids. I bet your kids will absolutely enjoy each of these challenges.

1. Why Do Children Need Challenges?

1.1. Builds Self-Esteem

It encourages them to build self-esteem, which gives them the courage to undertake and manage challenging situations. 

1.2. Enables Them To Take Little Risks

Children should take risks through which they practically and experimentally understand the concepts.

1.3. Enhances Critical-Thinking Skills

Challenges should be a part of their life which enhances their critical-thinking skills and helps them to find answers to “how” and “what” types of questions. 

1.4. Increases Their Confidence level

Though kids’ challenges are fun-filled, it increases their confidence level to face the situations fearlessly. 

1.5. Develops Problem-Solving Techniques

It becomes the initial stage for the children to develop problem-solving techniques. 

1.6. Improves Their Physical Fitness

Physical challenges for kids strengthen them to be sporty by improving physical fitness and health. 

1.7. Makes Them Creative

Many challenges make children creative and bloom with unique solutions. 

1.8. Learn to Deal With Emotions

It teaches children how to deal with emotions like fear, sadness, vexation, and disappointment. 

1.9. Spreads Cooperative behaviour

Group challenges for kids guide them to cooperate and compromise with others. 

1.10. Helps in Building Various Skills

Challenges for kids help in developing many other skills like reading, listening, reasoning, communicating, remembrance, and paying attention. 

Dealing with challenges supports kids to develop emotional strengths by bringing them out of their comfort zone. This ability uplifts kids to survive difficult circumstances throughout their lives. It is the responsibility of the parents to feed such abilities in their children. It can be initiated by exposing them to some interesting challenges.

The strength to face challenges can help kids to build determination, bravery, and confidence. Skills obtained from these challenges navigate their lives and open the door to face real-world problems.

2. Top 10 Interesting Challenges for Kids

2.1. House of Cards Challenge

sigmund WvPMaqZe Kk unsplash
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

This is one of the best challenges, which would be easy to observe. But, it is very challenging to reach the top. Provide a pack of cards to the children and ask them to build a house out of it. The main goal is to build a pyramid-shaped house that has a pointed end at the top.

2.1.1. How To Do It?

Constructing the base is an easy task. The risk is when he/she gets to the higher levels. It is very important to balance the cards on one another.

A shaky foundation will collapse the entire structure. One would be able to reach the rooftop if he/she maintains the same shape.  

2.2. Tell Me a Story Challenge

picsea EQlTyDZRx7U unsplash
Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

Are you bored of narrating stories to your children? Here is a tricky challenge for them. Ask them to create a new story that has a moral value at the end. They can either write the story on a piece of paper or narrate it to someone.

2.2.1. How It Inspire The Kids

Storywriting inspires the kids to build their own sentences and share their thoughts and ideas with others. It also builds effective communication.

It gives them a clear understanding of the usage of written and spoken language. Please help your child in structuring their story to make them feel easier. 

2.3. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

jerry wang RwCP91RwZeM unsplash
Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

Get ready to laugh! This is one of the famous challenges to understand their grasping power.

2.3.1. How To Do It?

Ask your children to think of any animal that they want to draw. Now, tie a blindfold around their eyes and get them a sheet with a pencil and eraser. Tell them to start drawing the animal that they were thinking of. 

To make this part a little more interesting, set a timer and instruct them to draw before the timer ticks. See who finishes it first with a good resemblance to that animal. 

2.4. Scavenger Hunt Challenge

annie spratt TYkRuRV04LA unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This challenge is quite different from the treasure hunt that we used to play during our childhood. It is one of the outdoor challenges that develops their imagination skills.

2.4.1. How To Do It?

Take a sheet of paper and scribble some small squares with various coloured markers. Ask your children to find out all the items that match all the colours and place them near the appropriate colour. They should bring only the items that nature offers.

After hunting all the objects that suit the colours, make them sit in a circle and ask them to describe their collection of items. 

2.5. Quick Search Challenge

jerry wang wjwmug0yvHM unsplash
Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

This is one of the challenges that stimulate their memory power. The task of the children is to gather all the items that are shown in a video.

This video should be very short(approximately 10 seconds) and display a list of household items (for about 20 objects) that can be played twice. The items are displayed one after the other rapidly in a sequential manner.

2.5.1. How To Do It?

Set the timer(about 5 minutes) and ask your children to bring all the items that he/she observed in the video. This activity kindles their remembrance skill. Once the timer ticks, check the items and see who scores the highest. 

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2.6. Word Building Challenge

children 2142646 640
Image by Shaun Zeng from Pixabay

It stimulates the children’s communication skills. This challenge will perfectly work if there are a group of children.

2.6.1. How To Do It?

Make the kids sit in a circle and ask one child to start with a word of their known language(preferably English).

The second child should say a word that begins with the last letter of the word that the first child says.

The third child should say a word that should begin with the last letter of the word that the second child says, and the loop has to go on.

If any of the children say a word that is wrong or a word that was already said, he/she loses the game. See who stays in the loop at the end. 

2.7. Guess the Food Challenge

food 3230799 640
Image by Anna Prosekova from Pixabay

In this challenge, you should blindfold your children and provide them with some food items like fruits or vegetables(preferably non-allergic foods) one at a time.

2.7.1. How To Do It?

Set a timer and check if they can identify the items correctly. They can make uncountable guesses to make this game easier.

If they find it hard to answer, you can help them by giving some clues like specifying the colour or size of the item, etc.

Reward them with small gifts for each correctly identified item. When all is said and done, see who gets more gifts. This is one of the fun-filled challenges for kids as it drives them into a state of confusion. 

2.8. Lucky Spin Challenge

pexels kampus production 6249930
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

Kids and adults can play this challenge. You would need a spinning object (like a bottle with pointed “head” and “tail” positions) and six plates with different food items.

Three of the six plates should be placed with three different tasty snacks which your children find eager to eat(like cookies or candies).

You can put some of your children’s least-liked food items on the other three plates. 

2.8.1. How To Do It?

Place the six plates in a circle and centre it with the spinning object. Each child is asked to spin and taste the food item on the plate that the spinning object faces. Have fun seeing the children’s expressions while tasting their least-liked food.

2.9. Chinese Whisper Challenge

pexels ron lach 10652946
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Chinese whisper challenge is best suited for a group of children. The game becomes more fascinating when the number of players increases. It is a fun way for the kids to practice listening and speaking skills.

2.9.1. How To Do It?

Make the children sit in a circle. Pass a phrase to one of the kids in the group by whispering into the kid’s ear. Let the child whisper what he heard to the next child into the ear of the adjacent one. Let this loop keep going until the last child gets a whisper.

Once reach the last child, let the kid reveal what he heard. Now, you can loudly tell the phrase which you whispered to the first kid.

Then, every child can discuss and know where things went wrong. The longer the phrase, the more difficult the game!

2.10. Mute and Freeze Challenge

Challenges for Kids
Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

This is one of the challenges that test how alert and attentive the children are. All the kids are asked to do physical activities like singing, dancing, bathing, brushing their teeth, eating, or jumping. One of the children is chosen as a volunteer to handle the remote.

2.10.1. How To Do It?

Whenever the volunteer holds down the mute button on the remote, the other kids stop whatever activity they are performing and freeze. There should be no noise on the spot.

The kid who loses to mute and stops his/her activity on time fails the round. This challenge checks the listening skills of the children. 

3. In The End

With so many challenges, there is something for everyone. With the right challenge, kids can learn something new. Physical challenges are not limited to physical activities – they also include mental and creative challenges, making them more suitable for children’s activities.

Try out these 10 interesting challenges for kids and see how they react to each of the challenges. 

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4. FAQs

Q1. What Are the Most Challenging Things for Kids?

Parent polls show that tying shoes, pinching and using a knife are the most difficult things to teach a child.

Q2. Why Are Challenges Good for Kids?

Facing challenges can help children develop perseverance, resilience and confidence. Children who learn and think differently are more likely to think about the differences and needs of others.

Q3. Why Do We Challenge Students?

A balance between challenge and skill is essential to learning and intellectual engagement. When students are given challenging tasks, they are more engaged and feel they have the skills to complete them.

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