Top 10 Amazing Sydney Cummings Workouts

sydney cummings workouts
sydney cumming

Are you fed up with investing a lot of capital in gyms and exercise rooms? Here you go with the best solution, access Sydney Cummings Workouts through youtube and make your lives easier. You do not need to rush a long way to reach the physical training centers; you do not need to pay some cash to anybody. Moreover, you can make yourself comfortable doing things at your home. Let us now reach out to Sydney Cummings Workouts.

Sydney Cummings is the founder of Royal Change, a digital fitness company. She is a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She owns and operates it with her fiance, Dustin Houdyshell.

She holds a Youtube channel with around 800000 subscribers. They offer their subscribers daily high-quality workouts at no cost and no ad interruption. Cummings was born in the United States and grew up in West Virginia. She was always an athlete.

sydney cummings workouts
Sydney Cummings

She launched her first series of five minutes workouts in 2017. As she always aimed to give people fitness guidance for free, Sydney Cummings Workouts have no interruption of ads between the workout videos.

Some of Sydney Cummings Workouts playlists include 40-minute full-body HIIT burn, 20 minutes tight backstretch, 15-minute jump rope cardio, 20-minute legs, 45-minute speed and agility circuit, 30-minute glute and abs burn, 20-minute full-body mobility stretch, 40-minute upper body and cardio, 40-minute full-body dumbbell HIIT, and a lot more.

sydney cummings workouts
Sydney Cummings and Dustin Houdyshell

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Top 10 Sydney Cummings Workouts

1. 40-minute Full Body and Cardio AMRAP Workout:

The first Sydney Cummings Workouts is a 40-minute full-body, and cardio AMRAP workout as Many Rounds As Possible is abbreviated as AMRAP. In this 40 minutes full body and cardio workout, we will be having three exercises per wrap set. A four-minute AMRAP is going to be seven steps again. Together, three exercises within the four-minute workout with seven steps.

You can do as many cycles of those seven steps in those three exercises in a time-lapse of four minutes. For any workout, make sure you go with a warm-up. There are ten key moments to be followed. These ten key moments are done along the 40 minutes of the workout.

The first key moment is to make backward circles with your hands, both hands at a time. The second key moment is that single-leg deadlifts; you can use a jump rope to do those deadlifts, as per your comfort. Then, glute bridges, chest press, mountain climbing. Here you can use dumbbells for doing glute bridges.

sydney cummings
Sydney Cummings

Next, plie squats, bent rows, lateral kicks. Use dumbbells for making plie squats; after doing the bent rows, do lateral kicks on both left and right sides. Now free your hands and perform lateral kicking again. The sixth key moment is donkey kicks.

Here you go with the seventh moment, bicep curls. You can use a hammer, more an open hand. Then comes seven curls, stay on the ground, and make seven curls using dumbbells. Last but one step, side plank, make seven on one side and seven on the other side. Finally, finish it with broad jumps.

2. 20 Minutes Stretch For Tight Neck Backstretch:

Here, in this Sydney Cummings Workout, we have ten key moments. The first one stretches for a tight neck and back, then takes a couple of big deep breaths. Next, lift your chin towards the ceiling, later place your elbow right outside your knee and then stretch.

Now, keep your neck relaxed for the rest of the stretch, then lift your spine, starting with your tailbone. Next, lift your spine, starting with your neck, later flatten your arms. Now, sit up to a seated position, take your arms back, lift your chin and chest up and away.

Then, pull back up and hug your knees, arching your back. Finally, take your time coming back to a standing position. Take your hands, put them right on your tailbone and push forward where you can leave your chin rest on your chest for just a couple of reps.

3. 40 Minute Cardio and Abs Tabata Turn Up Workout:

Tabata workout is a very high-intensity interval training that consists of eight sets of fast-paced exercises, each performed for 20 seconds interspersed with a brief rest of 10 seconds.

The ten key moments for 40 minute Cardio and Abs Tabata turn-up workout are here. Before you get into any workout, the first one is to make sure you are going ahead with the warm-up.

The second key moment is jumping jacks. If you can’t jump for anything, you can always still keep the intensity high, just staying on the ground. Then start cardio taking 30 seconds gap. Try moving your arms for better results.

Next comes bicycles. Here in bicycles, you can hold dumbbells and do, if not, hold your head a little high above the ground. The fifth step is a single-side crossover sit-up. Here, it is recommended to use a dumbbell.

Try to leave the dumbbell touching your chest or shoulder, then switch it to the next hand after a while. Next, we will go with side plank dumbbell taps where you should touch in front of your hip and over your shoulder with the dumbbell in your hand.

Then it reaches pull with dumbbells again. Last but one, dumbbell crunch with split legs where you should crunch up holding a dumbbell in your hands by splitting your legs. The final move, pop squat with a jab-cross where dumbbells here are optional. This is one of the effective Sydney Cummings Workouts.

4. 40 Minute Abs and Cardio Shred Workout:

The third Sydney Cummings Workout is a 40-minute ab and cardio shred workout. A shred workout consists of high-intensity workouts done to lose weight at a specific time. Here we go with the ten key moments again. First and foremost thing, as usual, warm up, free your body, loosen your joints.

Then get into the workout, initiating with butt kicks, one leg after the other. Next, continue it with jogging where your knees coming up just a little bit high, then move your arms, now everything together.

Now comes lateral agility for 45 seconds where you should come into the middle two dumbbells then outside of the two dumbbells placed away from each other side by side. Plank jack follows now, legs in and out along with the movement of hands, up and down holding the dumbbells.

The sixth key moment is leg raises. Place your hands under your tailbone, lift your legs and lower them. Next, the seventh moment is lateral hops; jump laterally between the dumbbells.

Then comes standing mountain climbers where you should jump in the place where you are, by holding the dumbbells in your hands, almost knees reaching up as if you are climbing a mountain.

Last but one, the Russian twist paired with the mountain, which is a combination of Russian twist along with the mountain. Once you are done with this, end this 40 minutes Abs and cardio shred workout with single-leg butt kicks.

5. 20 Minutes Legs And Glute Stretch:

This consists of five key moments. Start it with a runner’s lunge. Then do inner thigh stretch. Next, the quad stretch takes its turn. Later walk up into a down dog, finally finish it with a homework stretch.

6. 40-Minute Strength and Conditioning Workout:

Commence it with warm-up naturally. Then continue it with jogging in the place itself. The third step is to go with lateral hopping. While you are hopping, make sure you are not pointing your toes forward in your landing place.

Now do Deadlift and forward lunge one after the other. Then time for round two of deadlift and forward lunge; if you cannot make it, try squats in place of forward-lunges. The next step is lateral lunge and curl. Then you go with hand release burpees, lay on your stomach, lift your palms come back up, and hop.

Sydney Cummings Workouts

The key moment is squat swings. If you fail to do these squat swings, better proceed with your regular kettlebell or dumbbell swings since this is all about hip power. Then continue with a reverse lunge and high row. While you are doing this, make sure you use one arm at a time. Finally, end it with open pop squat.

7. 20-Minute Full-Body Mobility Stretch:

Commence this by lifting the heel on one side. Then, place your hands down on the floor. Next, point your toes straight up towards your hands, down dog try to drive your heels down. Later, stretch out the hamstrings.

Now, kick your left foot out halfway up the ground, push the left hip back and down, later lift your chest. Next, open the side hip by pushing your knee backward, shifting over a good plant, lifting one heel, and pushing.

Now, cross your ankle on the top of your knee, push up, and walk yourself up to your chest as close as you can to your chin. Come back up to a seated position, cross your legs, take both your hands up overhead, place your fingertips together, and lean over to the right side first and left next.

Finally, stay in a sitting position, keep your hands in contact with the floor, rotate your head touching ear to shoulder, chin to chest.

8. 30-Minute Fat-Burning HIIT Workout:

Another interesting workout of Sydney Cummings Workouts is a 30-minute fat-burning HIIT workout. High-Intensity Interval Training is abbreviated as HIIT workout. It is quite a challenging workout that takes your cardio workout to another level as you push your pace out of your comfort zone. You can use HIIT workout with any cardio workout.

Warm-up, in the beginning, gives the best start. Get into the workout doing the forward arm cycles with both your arms at a time. Then, torso rotation follows; with this, the abs and arms get activated. Next comes side hops.

Sydney Cummings
Sydney Cummings

Continue the process with round number three. Toe taps take the process in. Now, exercise number four, boxer slip, is where you dodge, spreading your legs wide, almost standing in a boxer position. Then, forward kicks with the overhead. Now perform glute bridge with three kicks per leg. Finally, finish it with squat pulses-squat jumps.

9. 20-Minute Bodyweight Legs Workout:

There are eight key moments. First squat two lunges, then do two squats and two lunges. Next, alternating lateral to reverse lunge. Later, perform a reverse lunge; now, continue with lateral and reverse lunges. Then do alternating step-ups. Next, perform straight leg flex and lift. Finally, end it with a cool-down stretch.

10. 20-Minute Full-Body Stretch Workout:

In Sydney Cummings workouts, a 20-minute full-body stretch workout has eight points to be considered. The first step is pike which is quite similar to stay in a mountain position. Then is hamstringing. This workout is helpful for the proper functioning of the knee.

The third step is the quad stretch, followed by an oblique stretch where you stand tall, then slide your hand down your leg, with the other hand reaching out the opposite side. Then perform with the other hand stretching out to the contrary side.

sydney cummings workouts

Now it is time for tall hip stretch, then next step, criss-cross left leg behind the right leg, now bend down towards the back foot toe. This activates the entire body.

Last but one step in this particular Sydney Cummings Workouts is, crisscross applesauce stretch where your hands are to be on your knees, spine as far away from knees as possible, then take a deep breath in exhaling, slouch it back and let your shoulder blades rest away from your spine and end the workout.

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