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The 5 Pros and Cons of Abortion

There are several pros and cons of abortion, just like every other thing in this world. In today’s modern world, abortion is considered taboo and has a social stigma. People don’t really have a conversation on this topic, and it is one of the most heated subjects for many decades.

Across the world, people are divided into two groups, one that is for abortion and the other against abortion. There is also a section of people in today’s world unaware of the term ‘abortion,’ which is not counted in either for or against.

What is Abortion?

Abortion is the process of terminating the pregnancy, the fetus or embryo inside a woman’s womb. Every woman’s right is to decide whether she wants a child.

There are several controversies worldwide stating that abortion is illegal and is the murder of the unborn child. Many are against the process of abortion, and they revolt against those who are in favor of women choosing abortion over keeping the baby.

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It is often heard that people consider abortion an unsafe method despite knowing that there is a safe and secure way of performing an abortion that would not affect the woman’s health. There are pros and cons of abortion. Still, it is the commonest procedure to terminate an unwanted pregnancy simply with the help of a tablet or by taking professional medical help.

Not having access to safe abortion help women often choose the path of unsafe methods without knowing the pros and cons of abortion. Unsafe abortion is hazardous to women’s health when performed by an unprofessional medic or at a place with no medical aid. It can cause great turmoil and risk a woman’s mental and physical health for a long time, which might cause death in severe cases.

Many countries across the world still consider abortion an illegal action, and women with unwanted pregnancies often in those countries opt for an unsafe method of abortion. Cultural beliefs, societal standards, and legal restrictions resist a woman from seeking medical help if there is a complication while performing an unsafe method for abortion.

In the United States of America, abortion is considered legal and the safest method. According to research, around 60% of women every year have an abortion, and the age varies from 45 to 30 or even 20.

Facts About Abortion

Pregnancy termination or popularly called abortion, which is quite a common topic for many decades worldwide, has certain facts that are needed to know by one and all. Abortion is the process of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, and it is the right of every woman on this planet to choose what is right for her.

Here is the list of facts about abortion

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1. Abortion Is Common

Whether abortion is legalized in a country or not, it still occurs with the process of the unsafe method, even if their health is at risk. A woman can decide for herself and knows what is right for her.

There are many big reasons why women choose to terminate their pregnancies. Preventing abortion will only pressure the women physically, financially, and emotionally and end up pushing people into a state of poverty.

2. Abortion Doesn’t Cause Death

People have a strange notion about abortion: a woman dies after getting an abortion. It is false. The help of medical procedures and getting safe abortion decreases the chance of death or any health risk.

Abortion might be risky if a woman is pregnant for a longer duration, and it is preferable to get an abortion within 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. Also, abortion doesn’t cause infertility, and many believe this false notion.

3. Abortion Is Preferred By Young Women

According to research, abortions are mostly done by young women aged 20-25. 60% of women in their 20s, 30% of women in their 30s, and 10% of teenage girls opt for abortion.

The commonest reason for an abortion done by young women is that they won’t provide for the child or raise a child. According to medical reports, women from emerging countries often select abortion, and there is a great rate of unwanted pregnancy.

4. Abortion Is Done By Women With Kids As Well

Women with kids also opt for abortion since they can’t take more responsibilities of kids on their shoulders. 40% of married women prefer abortion because it is not the right time for them to have kids or have unplanned pregnancies.

5. Abortion Is Not A Method For Birth Control

Some women use abortion as birth control which is just not good. Women who don’t want to get pregnant always seek things to prevent it that sometimes cause high risk to the physical and mental of women.

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Pros And Cons Of Abortion

There are many pros and cons of abortion, making a choice available for pregnant women to decide what is right for them and their families.

Here is the list of 5 pros and cons of abortion in the medical field:

5 Pros Of Abortion

  • Medical abortion is the safest and most common method that 95% of women worldwide prefer since surgery is not required.
  • Abortion gives women their reproductive rights to make a choice and control their bodies. It gives them the liberty to decide whether they want to have kids.
  • Women getting abortions are less likely to suffer from mental health issues like anxiety or depression when compared to women who forcibly raise a child by denying abortion.
  • Many parents take the wrong road leading to trouble. Abortion helps them decide when is the financially and environmentally right time for them to be parents.
  • It is one way to control the population rate of countries. Malnutrition, poverty, and a poor environment are the result of overpopulation in many countries.

Cons Of Abortion

  • Unborn babies have the right to live once they are conceived.
  • Sometimes abortion does cause psychological and mental health issues to not only women but also men. The most common feelings they share are sadness, regret, and depression.
  • Abortion is considered murder by many. They suggest women bear the child and give them up for adoption as many parents are struggling with issues with getting pregnant and would prefer adoption.
  • Abortion is creating a culture of disposing of human life.
  • It can cause health and relationship issues between couples if one wants to have a kid and the other does not.

People know the pros and cons of abortion, and they decide whether to keep a baby or not. If you’re ready to take responsibility of a kid, then abortion is not for you.

If you’re still doubtful about having a baby or not, you should seek medical therapy to understand your feelings to take a final call which would be the ultimate important decision of your life.

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