13 Easy Ways to Develop an Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

An abundance mindset is a choice that can positively affect your life. It is the belief that life has enough resources for all, and everybody gets a good share of its wealth. Such a mindset has numerous benefits, including living happier than before.

Here, you can find 13 easy ways to develop an abundance mindset. 

The mindset that you have can drastically affect the way you live and the results you reap. An abundance mindset can bring positivity to your life and ease your mind of the many pressures of the competitive world.

13 Ways to Develop an Abundance Mindset

1. Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

People who always look on the bright side of things are radiant with their positivity. The company of such people will do a lot to improve your mindset into one of positivity.

abundance mindset

The habits of your friends eventually rub off on you after a long time. So, surrounding yourself with people who think well is essential to remain positive. People with a scarcity mindset can ruin your motivation, and unknowingly, themselves too.

2. Gratitude Journal

Cultivating a habit of being thankful for everything you have, is important to feel truly abundant and at peace. A gratitude journal is the best way to begin this good habit.


Keep a journal for jotting down things that bring joy to your life. Doing this activity daily will make you more aware of all the resources you have at hand to lead a happy life.

Gratitude for the resources you have in life is a key step towards an abundance mindset.

3. Donating and Sharing

A person having an abundance mindset believes that there are enough resources for everyone. They are open to sharing them equally so that everyone can be content. The habit of sharing is important to lead a healthy and good life.abundance mindset

It increases the quality of relationships that you have and brings joy to the beneficiary.

“Your abundance is not measured by what you have, it is created by what you share.”

Heidi Catherine Culbertson

4. Abundance Mindset Affirmations

Affirmations are positive phrases that are repeated in our minds to manifest this positivity to reality. Abundance affirmations bring the feeling of abundant joy and peace in your daily life.

  • “I have the necessary resources to live in goodness.”
  • “I have enough resources to succeed in fulfilling my dreams and to share with others. I choose to be positive about the trials I face in life.”

abundance mindset

“I am grateful for the community and knowledge I’m surrounded with in life.” Spending time meditating on such affirmations will get you into a fixed mindset of abundance.

5. The Bright Side of All Things

Life is too short to brood over the things that went wrong and the mistakes that you committed. Focus on making the best out of each moment with the abundant resources of knowledge, positivity, and love that you have. This follows looking at the bright side of all things.


During the bad days, you must acknowledge your negative emotions. You have to process your sadness and work on yourself, to be once again optimistic and hopeful.

That is what being an optimistic person entails. Being optimistic is not about being eternally cheerful and carefree. An optimistic person knows with certainty that even the bad days will pass. They prepare well and face the storm of uncertain emotions head-on.

Simply put, an optimistic individual leads a life of simplicity in emotions. They do not overthink life, and they focus on enjoying every bit of sunshine they can feel in their lifetime.

6. Living in the Present

An abundance mindset is also about acknowledging the beauty in life, as it is, right now. The rushing, highly competitive world makes us think that rest, contentment, and happiness can only be known after getting the highest achievements we can get in life.

So we think, retirement age is when people are finally happy and content with their life. We have achieved professional success, we have a huge family surrounding us, and we are finally comfortably living and enjoying life.

abundance mindset

This shouldn’t be the mindset to lead a life of contentment. Every moment we live is as important as the one that passed and the one that is to come. Be mindful of this fact, and you will begin to see changes in your life.

Make sure every day you live is part of the paradoxical “good old days” that you will be talking about when you grow old.

7. Carving your Own Path

An abundance mindset allows you to dream big and dream freely. The knowledge that there is some purpose for each of us to fulfill on earth is a motivation for us to chase our personal dreams.


Similar to Robert Frost’s poet persona in the infamous poem, “The Road Not Taken,” you must also aspire to tread on less-traveled paths. There are innumerous ways to live, and be brave to choose one of your own accords.

You have abundant resources and knowledge, so choose a life that is your very own, without impending regrets to stain a lifetime.

8. Abundance Mindset Meditation

Abundance meditation involves focusing on abundance affirmations to form an abundance mindset. It’s a peaceful and relaxing method to create a positive and abundant life. Practicing abundance meditation periodically has great benefits.

Abundance meditation is a great technique in creating an abundance mentality. Practice these methods accompanied by deep breathing exercises to feel the difference in the way you think.

You will develop a positive outlook on life and eventually gain the benefits of having good thoughts and dreams.

9. Shedding Toxic Competitiveness

A person with a scarcity mentality is jealous of other’s achievements. They are all about snatching and hoarding and do not care for the wellbeing of others before themselves.

Abundance mindset

It’s easy to see how such a mindset can be harmful to the self and others. It will be a life of selfishness and hatred. Sharing becomes difficult for a highly competitive person; they wouldn’t want anyone to get ahead of them.

Sharing and caring for others makes us more humane. Toxic competitiveness harms one’s self as well as others who surround them. It is a selfish way of life, which focuses on the progress of one’s own life.

10. Openness to Learn and Grow

An abundance mentality craves learning and growth. They have a never-ending thirst for knowledge and developing new skills. Whereas scarcity mindset believes they know everything, thereby severely limiting their learning and growth.

abindance mindset

The first step to develop an abundance mindset must be the cultivation of a growth mindset. Stephen Covey, the author of the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, encourages a growth mindset to live a life of productivity.

11. Contentment

Leading a life with an abundance mindset includes feeling truly content with what you have in the present. This removes jealousy, toxic competitiveness, and unhappiness from your life.


It also allows you to think critically about what you can do with the things you have at hand, rather than be sad about the things you lack. It’s tough to practice, but once you master this habit, you will learn a few key lessons.

First, you will realize that great things can be achieved even with minimum resources just by the mind’s will and a thirst for knowledge and growth.

Secondly, a lot of the negative energy from focusing on your weaknesses and insufficiencies redirects to better things. You start to focus on how you can change the world with what you have at hand.

12. Wishing Good for Everyone.

An abundance mindset is constructed on the belief that there are enough resources for everybody. There is no need to fight and snatch for the resources, money, or success.

When you believe there’s enough for everybody, you genuinely become happy for other’s success. When you believe that everybody chooses different paths, and their successes look different than you, you start to believe in your victories.

abundance mindset

13. Being Optimistic about Failure

An abundance mindset focuses on opportunities rather than losses. When a road closes off in life, another road opens up because that makes life difficult and interesting. The difficulty is finding it out through the haze of the disappointment of your loss.


Learn how to handle losses and facing failures through self-introspection and hard work. Believe that you have abundant resources, love, and support in life. Begin by loving yourself and believing in your abilities and skills.

How will an abundance mindset change your life?

An abundance mindset will help you lead a worry-free life spent in mindful living. It will make you more generous at heart and ease tension.

The stress of achieving more and more becomes less when you truly believe that you have abundant resources. During times of necessity, your skills will come in handy to create a life that lacks nothing.

These are simple ways to turn your life from a mindset of scarcity to abundance. Practicing gratitude is important to remember in your journey to abundant life in general. Believe in yourself, and you will feel the changes in yourself. Whether it will be immediately or in ten years, that depends on your commitment.

The effects of a good mindset are long-term. So, carefully cultivate and nurture a positive abundance mindset.

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