Signs That Tinnitus Is Going Away: An Effective Guide

Most human beings at some point in their life have experienced tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition that causes human beings to hear a noise that does not exist.

Intrigued? Continue to read along to know more about the causes of tinnitus and signs that tinnitus is going away.

When a person is experiencing tinnitus, they can hear sounds like whistling, whirring, and sometimes even high-pitched ringing sounds. It might feel like a piece of music that is continuously playing in their head.

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Tinnitus is a permanent condition that does not go away. At the start, this condition might look like temporary tinnitus, but if proper measures and treatment are not done, this condition will be permanent.

Under certain conditions of tinnitus, one might even have musical hallucinations. One will keep on hearing music being played in the background while walking or watching TV even when there is no music playing in the surroundings.

If you are constantly hearing a thumping sound in your ears, it is a sign of a rare breed of tinnitus. It might sound like a bass guitar being repeated over and over again. You might also feel that the thumping sound goes along with the rhythm of your heartbeat. This sign tells that you have pulsatile tinnitus, also referred to as permanent or chronic tinnitus.

A. Causes of Tinnitus

1. Loud Noises

Generally, there are two main causes of tinnitus.

The first cause occurs when there is damage to your ears due to loud noise. If you have repeated exposure to loud sounds for an extended period, it can damage your hearing.

You have to be careful about not putting yourself into a position where you are exposed to loud noises for a long time. It would be best if you avoided loud concerts, especially rock concerts, which can cause irreversible hearing damage.

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If your daily work leads to consistent exposure to overly loud sound for long periods, you must consider using ear protection devices like earplugs. Also, your employer has to provide you with the perfect ear protection device.

If you already suffer from tinnitus, being exposed to loud noises can lead to irreversible tinnitus.

2. Blockage in Ear

The second cause could be a blockage in your ear. Blockage in your inner ear could be caused due to earwax growth inside your ears.

Both the causes suggest that your tinnitus is temporary. Therefore once your ears have been cleaned out, your tinnitus will go away within the next few minutes. This is one of the signs that tinnitus is going away.

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Similarly, if you surgically remove the growth in your ear, your tinnitus will no longer exist. This is one of the other signs that tinnitus is going away and will not bother you anymore.

Listed above are the causes of temporary tinnitus. However, some other causes of tinnitus, too, like ear infection, blood vessel conditions[high blood pressure], perforated eardrums, and hearing loss, can sometimes lead to permanent tinnitus conditions.

3. Hearing Loss

When people become old, they generally experience hearing loss. Due to hearing loss, the symptoms of tinnitus become more prominent. The reason for this is because the external sounds can’t cover the sounds of tinnitus.

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If your tinnitus becomes more prominent, you must visit a hearing specialist to get your ears checked and know if the cause could be due to underlying hearing loss.

4. Perforated Eardrum

A perforated eardrum could also cause tinnitus. A perforated eardrum is caused due to various reasons like exposure to loud noises and infections. The reason for a perforated eardrum could also be due to the change of pressure caused while flying or diving.

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If you feel that your eardrum might be damaged, you should visit an ENT doctor immediately. Once your eardrum is fixed, you will notice signs that tinnitus is going away, or tinnitus symptoms will be slightly reduced.

5. Blood Vessel Condition

If you can hear your heartbeat with proper clarity, then it’s a sign that a blood vessel condition causes your tinnitus. The blood vessel condition could be due to increased blood pressure or a blockage in the blood vessel that stops the blood flow. It is suggested to seek medical advice immediately because blood vessel issues are very serious problems.

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Consulting a hearing health professional about tinnitus is better as they can check your ears and determine if there is a blockage in your ear that’s causing the tinnitus. They will be able to detect the cause of your tinnitus properly.

B. Signs That Tinnitus Is Going Away

1. If your tinnitus is caused due to ear infections, the building of earwax, or perforated eardrums, it might go away with proper treatment. If the underlying cause of your tinnitus is discovered and treated, you will notice signs that tinnitus is going away.

You might have to take antibiotics to clear up infections or get your ears syringed to remove excess wax. This treatment shall show you signs that tinnitus is going away.

2. If the cause of your tinnitus is due to blood vessels, you might have to take steps to reduce your blood pressure. Along with that, you will have to remove blockages in the blood vessels, which will slowly reduce tinnitus symptoms.

3. If your tinnitus is temporary, you will be able to notice signs that tinnitus is going away through proper treatment.

4. If your tinnitus is caused due to damage to your ears from extended exposure to loud noises, then you might have permanent tinnitus. Then there are other effective methods too that will help in managing the problems caused due to tinnitus.

You can wear hearing protection similar to Hearing Aids, which will help you mask the ringing or humming in your ears.

5. In some cases, medicines can be used, but they are not recommended often due to certain side effects. In permanent cases, however, you won’t be able to notice signs that tinnitus is going away.

In most cases, you will be able to notice signs that tinnitus is going away on its own. However, it is important to seek medical advice to know the tinnitus symptoms and receive personalized treatment accordingly. Personalized advice can help you to deal with the root cause of tinnitus. It will help you treat tinnitus through proper medications, and after that, you will be able to notice signs that tinnitus is going away.


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