10 Must Try Memory Games For Seniors

With the increase in age, it is important to keep your brain as strong as your body.

Memory games for seniors are a fantastic way to assist in retention and retrieval power. Several entertaining memory games make you prompt.

Memory games for seniors exercise the brain to nullify the effects of age. Here is a list of memory games for seniors that are engrossing and coherent.

10 Interesting Memory Games For Seniors

Below is a list of interesting memory games for seniors:

1. Sudoku

Modern Sudoku originated in 1984 in Japan. Sudoku means digits are limited to one occurrence. Soduku is a challenging and fun game.

It improves analytical power and magnifies problem-solving ability. It is a fun game that challenges your brain and pushes it to find an association between numbers.

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It makes you sharp and logical. It boosts confidence as the sense of accomplishment uplifts morale. 

Traditionally sudoku comes in a grid of 9×9 where each digit can appear a single time in each row and column.

2. Roll Out A Riddle

A riddle is a statement that has different meanings. Riddles are fun for every age. Especially for seniors solving riddles improves cognitive functions.

It calls out for concentration, makes you think deeply, and requires lots of patience. It keeps your mind operational which means less stress 1and anxiety2.

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It employs the brain in critical analysis. Solutions often make you think critically and diversely. It expands your cognitive horizons. Riddle also improves creativity and is a mood lifter.

3. Chess

Chess is a game of King, Queen, and pawns that make you focus, plan and execute your next move. The strategic moves make your brain work fast and in a systematic manner.

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Many cross-counter moves involve a focused vision of the opponent’s game and simultaneously scheme out your next strategic move. It expands cognition to eliminate signs of aging like forgetfulness.

Chess from years is known to enhance memory 3and make you sharp. It improves mental operations as your brain is engaged in multiple tasks at a time. It makes you analytical by fostering better problem-solving skills. Another benefit is better logical reasoning.

Chess is an engaging activity that you can play with friends and family.

4. Scrabble

Scrabble is a word-building game. It makes you think in an analytical way to create words. It stimulates thinking that makes the mind more attentive. It aids in the remembrance of words.


Scrabble is a constructive game that builds vocabulary. Advantageous in retrieving forgotten words. It is a fun way of recalling skipped terms.

Scrabble is word building game that juggles the mind to make words from a given alphabet. It enhances the word count remembrance.

August 9-13 celebrates national scrabble week.

5. Jigsaw Puzzle

 A puzzle is a picture slit in nonstandard pieces. Trying to put jigsaw puzzle trivia helps in boosting memory. 

puzzle trivia

It builds problem-solving ability. You have to be more attentive toward minute attributes while putting pieces together. It helps in improved concentration. Sharpens spatial visualization by making you comprehend different trivia. Enhancing short-lived memory means better retention.

Your eyes work through colourful pieces coordinating hand movements. It is beneficial for motor functions.

While aligning puzzle pieces, you imagine the picture in a wide range which means an improved thought process. 

6. Creative Craft 

Creativity is an excellent activity that helps in better cognition. It stimulates the left creative part of the brain. Keep your left and right brain in motion.

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Creativity has positive effects on various domains. Craft involves more coordinated movement of hands which means better motor skills. Engaging in creative activities improves your mental health4 as well. It brings solitude to mind.

Creativity has not been expensive. You can make personalized cards for a family member or small flower pots for your garden.

7. Sing A Song

It is an entertaining musical activity. Here more means merrier enjoy this with your recreation ground buddies. It is a way to search memory lane and recollect songs.

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Songs are a great way as they are like wires of words. If you see your relatives forgetting words, this game can be helpful. Start singing a song and pick the last word for the next song. Such musical memory games for seniors create a pleasant atmosphere. 

There is another version you can sing the first few words and ask the next player to complete it.

8. Cards For Vivacious Days

Cards compel your brain to stimulate moves and strategies. Being familiar with card games can make them easy, entertaining, and exciting. If you are starting afresh, you can learn tricks and tips to be a pro online. 

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Image by Jacqueline Macau from Pixabay

Playing cards boosts memory and sharpens your logical skills. It triggers the mind to analyze the sequential placement of cards to win the game.

Solitaire is quite interesting to start. Try online card games if you do not have a partner. Various card games you can add to your list.

The easiest of all is to find a pair of the same colour and number.

9. Create Connections

It is a game that propels thinking in finding connections. It activates brain cells that strive for better memory runs. Linking words make you more creative.

You can add variations to these types of memory games for seniors.

10. 10 Seconds

It is an interesting one. Give 10 seconds to look around and remember your surroundings. Count to 10, then start asking questions.

Like in direction is scenery. Left or right or on your left or mine.

What is the colour of the vase? Name the flowers kept in the vase.

This type of memory game makes the brain work faster as these are time-bound. It improves awareness about surroundings. Improves concentration as you are more attentive toward minute details.

EndNote: Memory Games For Seniors 

There are many indulging memory games for seniors. It is always preferable to choose a game and difficulty level according to your liking and ability.

Other than the above-listed games, it is beneficial to relish nature, make friends and talk. These memory games for seniors are also a great way to use the time at your disposal.

help elders
Matthias Zomer

Spend more time listening life experiences of your grandma and grandpa. There are many games online to try out. Ideally, family member initiates self-presence, and games become joyous, creating new memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are memory games important for seniors?

Playing video games can truly keep your memory sharp and slow cognitive deterioration. They work your brain in the same way that exercise works for your body.

2. Do brain games help seniors?

All ages can benefit from playing brain games, which have many benefits that can improve a person’s intelligence and skill set. These, however, can be used to combat signs of and worsen conditions related to aging, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

3. What age range is perfect for playing memory games?

Playing memory games with kids as young as 3 years old is helpful since most kids at this age can focus for a little bit longer and sharpen their brains.

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