Lyrica Withdrawal Symptoms: 4 Best Treatment Options

Lyrica1 is mainly beneficial for nerve pain, epilepsy, and fibromyalgia. It is capable of lowering (slowing) the impulses of the brain linked with seizures. It happens by gently calming the hyperactive neurons. Lyrica is an FDA-recognized and approved medication for various health issues. Lyrica withdrawal symptoms 2could be seen in folks who have been using it for a long period of time.

Lyrica withdrawal symptoms
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It is also responsible for treating any type of nerve damage, changing and adjusting all the chemicals associated with pain signals. People that take Lyrica could feel as if they’re drunk, but there are few side effects.

This article will give you more information about Lyrica and its withdrawal symptoms.

1. Lyrica: Is This An Addiction Treatment?

Pregabalin3 (Lyrica) is highly capable of causing an addictive behavior in many folks taking this medication, leading them to abuse the medication. A lot of people are not aware of the addictive nature of this medication and keep taking this medicine for years.

Quite often, people claim that they go through euphoria and disassociation if they feel like trying out other substitutes of Lyrica or skip the dosage.

There are saying that Lyrica could increase the chances of death or mortality if combined with some dangerous medications (Drugs). However there is no evidence to support this claim, so further research is needed for the same.

Lyrica withdrawal symptoms
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2. Lyrica Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of Lyrica withdrawal could come after you take it for a long term. Many symptoms of Lyrica withdrawal could be very discomforting and irritating. Some symptoms could also call for some highly dangerous diseases (or life risks).

This prescription medication is quite uncertain with its symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Mild to serve headaches
  • Headaches mood
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Disturbed mental health

No doubt! Lyrica has great effectiveness proven results for neuropathic pain (or chronic pain), but it’s a kind of substance abuse treatment. Seeking addiction treatment could only be approved on professional medical advice. It’s always great to talk to an addiction treatment specialist before trusting the effects of Lyrica.4

The uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms of Lyrica are not easy to deal with for many people. People may experience withdrawal symptoms for days to weeks. In case of immediate symptoms, it may stay for days. But for residual symptoms, it may take weeks for them to tone down.

3. Complications

The worst thing about Lyrica is that it comes with complications for your body. These complications could have many unwanted consequences. Some of these complications are:

3.1  Dehydration

There will be an electrolyte imbalance that is mainly tagged as dehydration. Dehydration could further invite and host many other health problems, as hydration is the main reason behind a healthy body.

3.2 Heart Problems

Lyrica may also increase your heartbeat in some cases, leading to an irregularly fast heartbeat. Fast heartbeat or palpitation would be a reason for people facing heart attacks. Palpitations may also lead to other heart issues. So, for folks with heart problems or diseases may not intake lyrica at any possible condition.

3.3 Seizures

Lyrica is known to control or manage seizures, therefore skipping it would be a problem. For example, if you skip or stop using Lyrica for few days then you may relapse in the form of seizures.

3.4 Overdose

A Lyrica overdose is very common due to cravings. Lyrica becomes an addiction for many people, that’ll make you take more of the medication than prescribed. This condition is known as Lyrica overdose and is not advised in any case. Overdosage of Lyrica would just lead to several other health problems.

3.5 Suicidal Thoughts

Disturbed mental health is a severe withdrawal symptom that calls for many physical and mental disorders. Suicidal thoughts generally happen due to disturbed mental health and all the symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

All these would cause you to think more about negative things. Disturbed mental health is also a problem that gives rise to cravings and overdosages. You need to be careful about this complication, as it would have serious consequences.

Lyrica withdrawal symptoms
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4. Lyrica Withdrawal Timeline

Physical symptoms are very common in the case of Lyrica and are mainly there due to mental health problems. Withdrawal symptoms are expected to be seen in many cases after one stops using the Lyrica drug.

You could consider medically assisted withdrawal protocol (or look up addiction treatment community suggestions) for finding better ways to cope with Lyrica withdrawal symptoms.

Mostly, Lyrica withdrawal symptoms last for a few days or weeks based on the types of withdrawal symptoms you are facing.

4.1 Causes

Sometimes, the use of Lyrica (chronic use) could call for tolerance, and tolerance is a problem. Your body may demand a high dosage of Lyrica if you reach the tolerance state.

The absence of Lyrica will cause your body to respond strongly. Your body will start craving for Lyrica every day. Therefore, it is said that Lyrica brings addiction and medicinal abuse.

4.2 Treatment

In order to start your recovery process, you may have to follow the below-mentioned treatment options:

  1. Inpatient treatment
  2. Detox facilities
  3. Outpatient treatment
  4. Partial hospitalization

These treatment techniques are great for improving your relapse prevention. It will bring strength to your recovery process and help with the addiction. You can have a talk with some professionals or experts to give you better suggestions for long-term sobriety.

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5. Lyrica Withdrawal Symptoms: Conclusion

Lyrica is a drug spotted with many controversies, as the withdrawal symptoms are quite threatening. Lyrica’s withdrawal symptoms could be herculean to control or deal with if you don’t take medical help.

There are many medications available for Lyrica withdrawal symptoms, but you should get them approved by your doctor before trying them. You should never think of using Lyrica without proper knowledge about how it works.

Be careful! And talk to an expert before taking Lyrica as a solution for your health problems.

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