Is Micellar Water Good for Your Skin? 5 Amazing Facts To Know

What is micellar water? Is Micellar Water good for your skin? These questions must have come across to your mind when you have seen your favourite beauty influencer using the line “I will use Micellar Water1 to take out my makeup”, in most of the skincare videos.

When choosing skin care products, one wants to choose best as per their skin types, which work best for their skin. To give ease to this task, there are some products which suit all skin types, and micellar water is one of those products.

To answer your question, Is Micellar Water Good for Your Skin? Keep on reading.

1. What is Micellar Water?

Is Micellar Water good for your skin
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Micellar Water is composed of basically Micelles, glycerine, and neutral surfactants. Micelles are the main compounds which are responsible for digging out all the impurities, pollution, dirt, and makeup, from your skin.

All three ingredients are there with specific responsibilities to perform on your skin. The neutral or mild surfactants are responsible for taking the Micelles molecules deep inside the pores of your skin so that Micelles can have its reach all the impurities hidden and lying deep inside your skin.

Micelles will attract dirt, pollution, oil and other impurities and help it come out very easily just by a stroke of a cotton pad. Meanwhile, glycerine will make sure to give a healing therapy to your skin and save it from any unprecedented inflammation or issues which might be caused by deep cleaning of your skin.

Is Micellar Water good for your skin
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To cut the short, Micellar Water is a liquid formula, consisting of the Micelles molecules compound, glycerine and mind surfactants which help in deep cleansing the skin without causing any irritation or inflammation.

2. How Does Micellar Water Works?

The Micelles contained in the Micellar Water are bound to attach the oils, dirt and other impurities lying on and inside your skin pores, and with the help of surfactants, it rids it out from your skin and gives you a pleasant feeling of deep skin cleaning.

Is Micellar Water good for your skin
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The glycerine contained in Micellar Water can be called a limelight ingredient of the product as it is the one which makes Micellar Water different from any other cleaning product. Glycerine is a remarkable medical and skin care product. It never lets your skin be deprived of hydration and retains the skin’s natural oil.

3. Uses of Micellar Water

Micellar Water can be used in several ways because of its multifunctional capabilities and amazing ingredients. Here are some ways to include Micellar Water in your daily skincare routine:

3.1. As a Cleanser

Is Micellar Water good for your skin
Image by Renate Köppel from Pixabay/copyright2020

As it is a time full of air pollution, added with other factors like micro environmental impurities which can’t be seen through the eye but we can feel them on or in our skin, we truly need a good cleanser to clean our skin properly without leaving any harsh impacts on it.

Micellar Water really a saviour for our skin, especially for the people who are there outside all the time for their work. Whenever we feel chappy skin or feel dirt or impurities on our skin, we can use Micellar Water to clear all of it from our skin.

Micellar Water can be included in both the Morning skincare routine and the night skincare routine. When you come home from outside, you can use micellar water first in your skincare activities

3.2. Makeup Remover

Micellar Water is a desired product among all the products of makeup removers. It is the favourite of all beauty influencers and skin health-conscious people. It removes your whole make-up just in a swipe of a cotton pad of Micellar Water.

Is Micellar Water good for your skin
Image by Beate from Pixabay/copyright2016

You can use cotton pads or a microfiber makeup Remover cloth, drop a little amount of Micellar Water on it and wipe it all around your face gently. Just in a while you can see it dissolves all the makeup and takes it out, and you will get a clear skin.

Though it is a good makeup remover sometimes it can leave some amount of stringent and waterproof makeup on your skin, for which you need to wash your face through water or facewash.

3.3. For Face Toning

Is Micellar Water good for your skin
Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay/copyright2020

After the use of Micellar Water, you will notice good hydration in your skin which gives you a feel of healthy skin. Because of its hydrating properties, after a gentle cleaning, it gives good hydration to your skin. Hydration is one of the most important components of healthy skin that’s why it keeps your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

3.4. Can Micellar Water Replace Face Toner?

Face toner basically is a part of the skincare ritual, it is used just after the facewash to give good hydration to your skin. Along with hydration, it helps in preparing your skin for moisturizing and it also helps your moisturizer work more effectively.

Face toner is an individual activity which is crucial for good skin texture and care. Micellar Water though toned your skin after cleaning but it can’t be compared with a face toner for its toning effect.

3.5. Can Micellar Water be Used as a Face Moisturizer?

Face moisturizer is another important part of your skincare. It is a must-use product as skin moisturization plays an important role in your skin’s good health. When it comes to the question, Can Micellar Water be used as a Moisturizer? It is suggested to not use it as a moisturizer as it has some mild surfactants along with humectants. Though its use gives you a hydrating effect it is only in the way of a cleanser, not a moisturizer or toner.

4. Benefits of Micellar Water

4.1. Suitable for All Skin Types

Is Micellar Water good for your skin
Image by Руфияна Никитушкина from Pixabay/copyright2018

In a world full of a myriad of products for specific skin types and problems, Micellar Water is one stop for all. Micellar Water is for all skin types.

No matter whether you have oily skin, combination skin or dry skin, anyone with any skin type can use it.

4.2. A Fit for All

Normally makeup or skincare products are prohibited for people who are sensitive or they themselves hesitate to use any such products cause of the immediate inflammation of sensitive skin. Is

Because of its amazing healing properties, Micellar Water can be used by people who have sensitive skin or any skin issues such as acne, rashes or blemishes.

4.3. Elevate Skin Hydration

Is Micellar Water good for your skin
Image by Silvia from Pixabay/copyright2019

Micellar Water consists of a high amount of glycerine which is known for its miraculous properties for skin health and beauty.

Glycerine reduces skin irritation and inflammation, it rejuvenates your skin. Apart from that, it gives deep hydration to the skin and makes it look healthier.

Along with this, glycerine also promotes the glow of your skin by repairing the skin cells and removing dead skin cells.

4.4. Gentle Cleanser

It gives you all the benefits of a good cleanser. Cleaning is a most important part of our skincare routine where Micellar Water can be used as a gentle cleanser for all skin types to get clear and healthy skin.

4.5. Travel Friendly

Micellar Water is a travel-friendly product as one can carry it whenever one goes outside for work or travel. Whenever we find dirt, oil or pollution on our face we can just use it at that time. Many times we find it difficult to use water to wash our face, in that situation Micellar Water is a good friend of ours as it just needs a cotton pad to use by just a swipe on the face.

5. The Downside of the Micellar Water

5.1. Unable to Dissolve Heavy or Waterproof Makeup

Micellar Water is usually known to be used as a makeup remover. It dissolves the makeup and takes it out of your skin.

However, it is unable to remove heavy stringent makeup2 and can leave some amount of makeup products on your skin. To remove your makeup properly you need to use water or facewash.

5.2. Includes Surfactants

Micellar Water includes mild surfactants which are there for a cleaning effect. However, while cleaning the face with Micellar Water it can leave surfactant residue on the skin which further needs another cleaning with a facewash to remove properly.

If it is left unwashed regularly, it can cause skin issues such as acne breakdown, skin inflammation and redness. Furthermore, people with skin issues might get a negative impact on their skin which can further intensify the skin issues.

When one witnesses any such symptoms, they should get immediate medical assistance. People with skin issues should use Micellar Water only after talking with their dermatologist. One should also do a patch test always while using any such products.

6. So, Is Micellar Water Good for Your Skin?

Is Micellar Water good for your skin? Still a question. Micellar Water is a skincare product which is used as a gentle cleanser. It has micelles which attract dirt from the skin, mild surfactants which help in deep cleaning and glycerine which helps in rejuvenating and hydrating the skin.

It has multiple uses like face cleanser, makeup remover and skin toner. Though it can’t replace face toner. It gives a deep cleansing with good hydration. It is for all skin types.

It has certain limitations also as it is unable to remove heavy or waterproof makeup, it leaves surfactant residue on the skin surface which can irritate the skin and it can further cause problems for people who have major skin issues. It is suggested to always first consult your dermatologist 3before use and do a patch test.

7. FAQs

Q1. Do Dermatologists Recommend Micellar Water?

“Micellar water can be a great solution to your skincare routine for those with oily skin,” says Dr Wij. “It’s gentle but effective at keeping your skin clean without drying it out or using too many chemicals.”

Q2. What Are the Disadvantages of Micellar Water?

Micellar water can be bad news for people with breakout-prone skin,” says Kerr. “That’s because the ingredients in microfilming water leave a residue that can film on the skin, clog pores4 and disrupt oil production.

Q3. Can You Use Micellar Water every day?

Yes, you can.

Is Micellar Water Good For Your Skin?

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