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Is Asthma a Disability? Knowing 4 Covert Truths

Most individuals are still in a dilemma thinking- Is Asthma a disability or not? Well, Asthma is a chronic condition that can be found in two out of ten individuals. People who have asthma might find difficulty, as the symptoms may vary from mild to severe.

A study in India on the Epidemiology of Asthma, respiratory systems, and chronic asthmatic bronchitis was done with males and females from cities and backwoods. In India, the frequency of chronic asthma is 2% in young women (15-49), along with men aged from 15 to 49 years. However, recently a high slope in asthmatic patients has been recorded.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a physical and mental impairment that gravely affects routine life activities is a disability. Hence, Asthma and allergies are verified as a disability.

Today, this guide will assemble the ins and outs of asthma attacks. Also, we will dive deep to mitigate the impact naturally at home.

1. Classification of Asthma

An inhaler and a chapstick lying on a bed.
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Asthma is scientifically broken down based on FEV (forced expiratory volume) and frequency. The inflammatory disease of the pathways in the lungs can be short-term or long-term. Symptoms may occur for a week or three weeks. There is no lasting cure. However, methods to control it temporarily. But is asthma a disability? Following are the top four automatically approved classifications.

1.1. EIB (Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction)

Yes, exercise can also activate asthmatic signs. It usually occurs in people already experiencing asthma and 20% of non-asthmatic individuals. It attacks Bronchoconstriction, which are small airways present in the lungs. Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction is majorly found in athletes, most swimmers, cyclists, and skiers.

1.2. Alcohol-Induced Asthma

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Is asthma a disability caused by alcohol? Alcohol-induced asthma is the most common class found in adults. People heavily driven towards alcohol and fumes are the highly targeted age groups.

1.3. Occupational Asthma

As it sounds, Asthma exacerbated by occupational place is known as occupational Asthma. It is stated that out of all, 10-30% of cases are of occupational disease. Individuals working between fumes, harmful gases, or factories are the most impact impacted population.

1.4. Aspirin- Induced Asthma

Also known as Aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD), it is a situation in which people lose the smell and experience long breaths.

2. Chronic Asthma & Its Symptoms

Generally, with each breath, you inhale air from your nose to your mouth and then your lungs. The lungs contain a small pipeline structure called bronchi, which acts as a pathway. When swell, they turn into chronic asthmatic bronchitis disease. This swelling behavior turns to breathing difficulty, which leads to attacks.

A woman wearing an asthma pump for breathing. Is Asthma a disability?
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Every year, over 8.7 million youngsters are encountered with incurable bronchitis symptoms, that are-

  • Cough and squeezing in-breathing breath (mostly at night)
  • Difficulty in talking
  • Trouble in performing daily activities
  • Fatigue
  • Easily gets panic

How can you diagnose severe asthma attacks? There are three easy ways to ensure the signs- follow your health history, get ready for a physical exam, and prefer a breathing test like PFT ( Pulmonary Function Test).

3. About the Term – Chronic Asthmatic Bronchitis

The term describes the condition when the airways in the lungs progressively get smaller. A virus usually causes it. However, naturally, it occurs with the intake of fumes, smoking, dust, and air. Asthma increases the chances of chronic bronchitis. Chronic asthmatic Bronchitis can take place with or without asthma. Following are some common signs-

  • Mild fever
  • Tightening of the chest
  • Low breathing rate

If you have mild symptoms, it can be mitigated with mere steps like wearing masks outdoors, staying away from pets, and using air filters or air purifiers at home. As long as you have grown severity, it would help if you immediately contact a doctor.

4. Asthma Attacks Varies from Infants to Adults

4.1. In Children

A doctor giving medications to a girl through a nebulizer.
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Childhood asthma is medically termed pediatric asthma. The condition is merely different from adults. Pediatric asthma causes the child to perform major life activities complex and makes the child restless. It can occur due to many reasons like asthma and allergies, and environmental factors.

Wheezing, trouble sleeping, breathlessness, rapid breathing, and chest pain are some effects that determine your child is suffering from such a chronic disease.

4.2.In Adults

The signs of chronic disease in adults do not vary much. Adults possessing asthma attacks experience stiff chest pain in bronchial tubes, difficulty breathing, and inability to perform major life activities. However, compared to children, adults have wider asthma listing, like intake of fumes, smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

5. What Are Asthma Disability Benefits?

You might not know, but asthma has proved to be a social security disability benefit for patients. It can be treated with medication. However, in some cases, the condition turns abnormal to handle. It results in a full stop in your routine work. To mitigate the drastic scenario, the government has implemented a few supportive measures called Asthma disability benefits. If you also want to gain cash benefits, you need to qualify for disability benefits. (Is asthma a disability?)

6. How Does Asthma Qualifies for Disability Benefits?

6.1. For severe medical Situation

To qualify for asthma and get social security disability benefits, you must be experiencing a severe asthma attack on the respiratory system.

A person approaching for the Asthma inhaler.
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Social Security Administration (SSA) is an independent agency conducting social insurance programs targeting retirements, disabilities, survivors, and other social security benefits.

To ensure your chronic pulmonary insufficiency, it is helpful to provide medical records, lung function tests, allergy foundation, medical advice and legal advice, and prescribed treatment. Hence, your medical history can play a vital role in achieving a disability claim from the Social Security Administration.

6.2. For Non-Medical Condition

Don’t feel dejected if you do not have a critical asthma disability. You still have opportunities to crack. Many individuals receive their cash benefits with Medical Vocational Allowance. The Social Security Administration dugs reasonable accommodations.

In this process, the SSA observes your personal history like your age, method of income, experience, education, and most essentially, Residual Functional Capacity.

An RFC is a statement that declares your current physical or mental impairment. Such impairments include the body postures and the figure of speech—other observant skills like complications requiring hospitalization, allergy foundation by cold air, dust, and cold viruses.

And, respiratory conditions like continuous inflammation might help you receive federal funding. Get healthy social security disability benefits with SSA.

7. Plain Tips for Smooth SSA Funding

  1. The first and foremost requirement is proven documents that confirm your disability to start the process.
  2. Medical history means certificates for antibiotic administration, intensive treatment, an intravenous bronchodilator, prolonged inhalational bronchodilator therapy, and more. Click here! Learn more about therapies.
  3. Do not forget a lawyer referral service. The best way to crack a healthy SSA funding is to rely on attorney advertising. You can find a crowd of attorney listings and contact information to make it happen.
  4. Paid attorney advertising means a disability lawyer who is well-versed and treated effectively.
  5. Complications requiring hospitalization in one year are one of the top-notch factors that can turn the tables in your favor.

8. Can You Do Prevention at Home?

8.1. Use Air Purifiers at Home

Qualified air purifiers will help you to breathe fresh. Since cleanliness is a top-notch priority, air-purifying machines are prone to flourish the air you breathe.

8.2. Caffeine

Caffeine can be a boon as it helps to improve the functioning of airways. It is known as a Bronchodilator that can be effective for disabled people.

8.3. Honey and Ginger

A jar of honey.
By Arwin Neil Baichoo/ Unsplash

The eldest ingredients work the best. The super ethnic spices are the best relievers for your throat. Honey contains anti-inflammatory functions that help to battle severe asthma. It helps you to overcome cough and wheezing.

8.4. Yoga

Yoga triggers stretching and expanding of the body, especially the chest. It helps your pathways to open and work efficiently. Moreover, breathing exercises in yoga are another fruitful reason to cure asthma effortlessly.

8.5. Omega-3 Oils

Omega-3 oils, found in fish and flax seeds, have been displayed to have numerous medical advantages. Likewise, they may attempt to diminish aviation route aggravation and further develop lung work in individuals with extreme asthma.

It’s a smart thought to check with your primary care physician before increasing your admission of omega-3.

Some of these natural treatments may adhere to your disability. However, you shouldn’t rely on it completely. Medications, on the other hand, are highly essential to ensure your betterment.

9. A Bit More!

  • In children, boys are more affected by asthma in comparison to girls. Whereas, in adults, women are more likely than men.
  • College adults are most attacked stage by asthma.
  • Exercising regularly is the easiest way to conquer disability-based symptoms.
  • Asthmatic symptoms vary with people and can be life-threatening too.
  • Asthma can occur without wheezing.
  • Wearing masks takes the asthma slopes high. Try wearing masks only when needed.
  • Asthma prevalence is higher in children than adults.

At the moment, when asthma is out of hand, you need to see a doctor. It’s important to educate yourself about the moment. This guide brought you top-notch headlines and supplemental terms, which can benefit you in the future.

10. What’s the Conclusion?

Since asthma is a disability, do not panic. You can overtake the situation by enforcing defensive measures. Moreover, support from attorneys is the best way to soothe the SSA funding process.

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