How To Stop Bleeding Gums ? – 8 Best Tips

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Our gums bleed while we brush or floss our teeth. Mostly we try to go to a dentist regularly to treat bleeding gums or leave it as it is. But it may cause teeth loss. So, when your gums bleed, you must find how to stop bleeding gums.

A great tip is only finding the causes of bleeding gums and removing the actual cause than taking the best action immediately; maybe we can at least reduce the cause of bleeding gums and maintain good oral hygiene.

Bleeding gums is a complex oral health issue. First, we should consult the dentist to find the best way to stop bleeding gums. Dentists will suggest the best toothpaste, like paradontax that has proven effective to help control bleeding gums symptoms.

A CDC study found that half of Americans suffer some condition of gum disease, and roughly only three percent pursue professional therapy.

How to stop bleeding gums
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American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) says that this contrast between the majority of gum infections and the low statuses of experienced treatment can probably be condemned to a shortage of knowledge of the impact periodontal condition can have on general health.

Some research indicates that periodontitis (a form of advanced gum disease) sometimes exists associated with other health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, so it shouldn’t be handled lightly. It is possible that if we don’t treat periodontitis, it may cause tooth loss.

How to Stop Bleeding Gums – Tips

Many steps will help to get rid of bleeding gums.

1. Toothpaste for Bleeding Gums

how to stop bleeding gums
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Most of the time, we prefer to go with what our intuition says, and in that case, to prevent bleeding gums, we can choose the best toothpaste to avoid gum disease.

Most dentists recommend Paradontax toothpaste, a clinically proven toothpaste that will reduce the buildup of plaque bacteria and are three times more effective and will reduce bacteria and remove plaque.

Try and use them twice daily; products like periodontal – clean mint are like a helping tool for killing plaque bacteria, the main reason for bleeding gums.

2. Flossing Every Day Gently

In the beginning, making a habit of flossing your teeth causes bleeding gums because it is not used to it, so it will take time to stimulate.

After some days, consistent flossing will stop bleeding gums. Flossing your teeth regularly can reduce overall gum disease, improve gum health, and reduce gum bleeding over time.

3. Eating Crunchy Vegetables

Vegetables like celery and carrots will help us from keeping our teeth clean between meals.

Crunchy veggies will help to remove food residue in the teeth. It will have low sugar and carbs quantity, which will help promote gum healing and prevent bleeding gums and tooth decay.

Note: Vitamin K affects the amount of time it takes for blood flow; if vitamin K is less, we can notice the chance of more bleeding than usual.

4. Oral Hygiene Practices

Poor dental hygiene is a primary reason for bleeding gums, which get inflamed and ooze when plaque buildup along the gum lines our teeth gums. Plaque is seen as a film with bacteria that covers the teeth with the gums. If we don’t brush or floss regularly, the bacteria dissolve, creating tooth decay or gum disease.

For better oral health, have a minimum of brushing your teeth twice daily and floss once daily.

Good oral hygiene is essential for pregnant women as they will have hormone fluctuations that trigger gum disease and bleeding gums.

5. Reduce Stress Level

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There is a link between periodontal disease and emotional stress – says PubMed Central Source.

Emotional stress has a negative impact on our immune system, based on research.

As a result, the weakening of the body’s immune system and defenses is to the point that it won’t be able to fight gum infection. But still, much research is needed to determine the portion of stress that will trigger the onset of disease.

Due to emotional stress, some people neglect their oral health foundation, ultimately contributing to plaque accumulation. For that, you can see some stress-relieving tips.

6. Increase The Intake of Vitamin C

Vitamin deficiencies also can create gum bleeding. Vitamin C-rich foods can strengthen the immune system and fight gum infections which cause bleeding gums.

Less intake of Vitamin C in your eating habit that is in your diet will worsen the bleeding in case you already have gum disease.

Some Vitamin C Rich Foods are as follows:

  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Oranges
  • Red Peppers

You can even intake Vitamin C as a supplement with a Doctor’s Consultant. Powerful Antioxidants in Vitamin C can strengthen the connective tissue and protect the gums.

The daily Amount of Vitamin C for an Adult is about 65-90 Milligrams a day, a commonly recommended intake.

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7. Apply a Cold Compress

Gum disease is not only caused due to bleeding gums. Bleeding gums bleed due to trauma and injury in the gums.

A cold compress can be applied to the gum line, reducing the restricted blood to clot and stopping the bleeding. An ice pack or cold cloth can also help by application to your gums many times a day, about 15 – 20 minutes.

8. Rinse With Salt Water

Warm salt water rinse that is a salt mixture in warm water will remove the mouth bacteria and stop gum bleeding.

Take a Half tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water, rinse in your mouth for a few seconds, and do this for few times a day. In case of injury, using the salt water rinsing method will keep the mouth clean and removes the bacteria which was the cause of the wound infection.

When to see a doctor?

Once you have treated the gum bleeding, but it still persists after a week, you have to consult the dentist. Then you will have a Deep dental cleaning, which will remove plaque and promote the gum to heal and tartar.

Sometimes, the doctor may order lab work for vitamin deficiencies to end the gum problems as soon as possible.


 In a natural way and also by home remedies, we can cure bleeding gums; these key eight ways to stop bleeding gums will help eradicate the cause of gum diseases. The conclusion is to prevent ourselves from having bleeding gums and other gum and tooth problems by removing all the natural causes taking the best action on the issues, and maintaining good oral hygiene.

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