47863994 portrait of woman examining lymph nodes on neckon white background 47863994 portrait of woman examining lymph nodes on neckon white background

How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck in 3 Easy Ways

Here’s your guide to “how to get rid of turkey neck?”

Our neck is one of the chief parts of our anatomy1. It stands as one of the crucial parts of the outer personality. Improper shape and structure of the neck could affect our look and personality in society in general and you personally.

What if the shape of our neck changes or as we call it takes the form of a so-called “turkey neck”?

First, we should commence the article with the beginning from where the problem of turkey neck derived.

Derivation of the Word

The complication of a turkey neck got its name from a bird named Turkey whose wattle is a loose, wrinkly mass i.e. a bumpy neck. The same features or resemblance can also be noticed in some people as well, who develop the turkey neck in and after their 40s and 50s and sometimes even before. This state not only changes the edifice of the neck rather affects the real structure above the neck.

Though this is a mild problem, it might have an immense impact on your mental health.

Possible Reasons for the Turkey Neck

What causes a turkey neck ?

There are diverse grounds associated with the development of turkey neck issues.

1. Hereditary Descent

There are ample qualities, and features that are transformed from a mother, father, or grandparents to their children. One such feature can be a loose or weakened neck. This is often seen that a mother has several features of Turkey neck and the same is reflected in her daughter or granddaughter as well. This is a condition of hereditary passage of demeanor.

Additionally, the pinpointed cause of developing a turkey neck is weight loss but, this is not a general cause for it is rare to be seen. You surely have seen people not so old who have developed double skin, in such cases hereditary descent could be the cause for the same.

2. The Weakening of Muscular Endurance

This is argued among researchers that muscle weakening is a cause of key neck. The view in support of this is centered that when your neck muscles are not supported by bones and skin lose their elasticity to give them a sternness neck muscles tend to be weakened.

3. The Aging Pattern is a Cause of Neck Issues

Aging is believed to be one of the most plausible reasons to develop a turkey neck.

According to doctor Pollack, your skin and muscles (tissues or cells) start loosening and become weak respectively when you reach the age of 40 and afterward. This deems to reflect your banded chunk neck. So, such sagging skin is a direct outcome of age. This skin type happens to cause a loosening and weakening of muscles.

4. Fattening of Your Body

This is, as the reports pinpoint the issue of fat which is practically no more conspicuous to us now. Furthermore, we opt for the end number of mitigation measures to lose the same.

In this funnel cake-like process of first, developing fat and then excessive workout to reduce it, the chances are more to develop a creased, wrinkled body in the places where you have developed superfluous fat. It could be the neck, loosening of muscles alongside your arms, legs, and thighs as well.

5. Solar Exposure

Say for instance India, which has a monsoonal type of climate. Empirically, there are several states in which the temperature is breaking records due to which people face an endless number of issues like skin tanning, acne, etc. One such issue where there are possible chances to develop is ” turkey neck”. You might ask how is it so?

The ultraviolet rays or direct sun exposure enhance the possibilities of not only skin change i.e. causing red and brown skin alongside but multiplying the chances to lose elasticity as well as laxity.

Consequences of Turkey Neck

1. Anatomy Reflects an Ugly Outlook

Turkey neck out resulted in giving you an ugly presence, which surely would not make your mind relaxed or feel good.

Normatively, when you know your loopholes, or any physical issues for that matter, you end up giving much attention and time to it. So, instead of that, take guidance from a practitioner concerning the same field.

2. Perturb About Diffidence

If you develop the turkey neck before your 40s or in your youthful (which is, however rare) state, mostly because of any health issues or weakness, you begin to lose your confidence and shy away from the public and others.

3. Affects Blood Circulation

Above were the outcomes pertaining to the psychological aspects. This heading highlights the internal issue i.e. the circulation of blood in the body. We are all well aware of the fact that proper blood circulation is a must for the functioning of our body.

This cycle gets imbalanced due to the loosening of skin 2and double chin. So, this point should be given proper eye to balance the internal cycle as well.

How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Get rid of your turkey neck

If timely measures are not taken, this would fix its shape for life. So, below are the problems a person might develop if a proper prescription and guidance by a General Practitioner are not taken to the fore.

In broad terms, two measures can be taken for turkey neck treatments.

First, the Temporary measures, and second, the long-term (permanent) measures.

Temporary Mitigation Measures

1. Could Apply Injections

how to get rid of turkey neck
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Temporary or short-term measures can be applied to get off the neck-related droopiness, these are: to implement botox injections.3

In technical terms, the wrinkles or loosening of the neck some undergo are known as platysmal bands. Botox injections can be applied in such conditions. Botox stands helpful in the contraction or stiffness of the droopy neck and reduces turkey neck.

Other injections can also be implemented in place of Botox(not without the guidance of a general practitioner). Other related inoculations could be kybella and Filler. In addition, liposuction is a treatment that is attributed to tightening the skin around the neck and ending the turkey neck or related features.

Long-term or Permanent Curing Measures

2. Surgical Procedures

However, with age, skin or neck or any other soft body parts are meant to sag. But, even then if you want to remove it you could fix the structure (neck lift) with plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Importantly, it should not be forgotten that everything has its pros and cons, which is the same case here as well. A few of them are bleeding under the skin i.e. hematoma, blood clots, infection and nerve injury, etc.

Additionally, the skin tightening laser can also be applied to decrease the sagging neck and neck lift which will rejuvenate glowing, tightened, and delicate skin.

3. Face Assorted Exercises

Yoga and Ayurveda find their origin in India. They are proven to be the best medicine because they have minimal or no side effects on our health. Regular yogic exercises are certainly beneficial in not only ameliorating our internal organs but also, the anatomical structure.

A Tip That Can Help Remove the Appearance of 'Turkey Neck'

The routine practice of yoga and the various neck exercises mainly concerned with the neck proves to be relatively beneficial to mitigate turkey neck, to the neck muscle, skin tone, and skin tightening. and reducing neck wrinkles.

Furthermore, a well-known ‘Chewing gum exercise’ can also be done to do away with the droopy or loose neck. Chewing helps you to strengthen your jawline, neck muscles, and mouth’s floor. That’s why this exercise is recommended to get rid of a flabby and hanging necks.

Along with loose skin and neck, your neck pain will be relieved and a sagging neck, as well as skin elasticity, will come to the tone.

How to get rid of Turkey Neck?


The aforesaid things might give you an outlook on the correlation between the neck of a turkey (a bird) and the people’s turkey neck. Eventually, the look that it gives you. It should be known to us that turkey neck is not a major problem in almost any case for it usually comes with aging. However, surgical methods could prove to be harmful if not done with intricate awareness and for the major cause.

With the increasing pace of technology, our skin, neck or any other body organ can be transformed into the structure we dreamt of. But, it becomes imperative to not sideline the pros and cons of everything.

Proper research and understanding of anything are prerequisites, instead of jumping and avoiding rationale just to make your body look attractive. Ayurvedically, there is a solution to everything with no bodily side effects. Exercises and yogic asanas are proven to be beneficial not only to you, as a human but are sustainable to the environment in general.

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