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What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone

Dreams are celestial experiences1 that a human encounters quite frequently. It is a Visual State in mind where things can be seen, voices can be heard and thoughts revolve in the mind. People, things, or circumstances seen in the images can be known as well as unknown.

The same goes with the voices as it can be a very familiar voice such as of a family member, friend, or acquaintance or it can be your voice too and it can be a very unfamiliar voice too such as a Stranger.

And thoughts can be about what happened in your entire day, what you thought about it before Sleeping, what you say yourself or it can be a very strange or out-of-the-box thought Which can leave you thinking about it.

You can’t control dreams. It occurs Subconsciously in the subconscious mind. Most dreams are Connected to reality and some people believe that some of our dreams have a connection with our past.

And there is also a case which is quite rare that Sometimes dreams carry a hidden meaning or an instinct for what is going to happen in the future. But this case happens rarely.

Dreams are studied Scientifically as well as philosophically. Dreams can be pleasing as well as nightmares. And it is completely outside of the control of the dreamer to Choose something particular to dream about or to interpret dreams.

The only thing a person can do is to read and think positively before sleeping to have pleasing dreams and baby sleep.

Some people also claim that their dreams are creative. There are different kinds of dreams which a person dreams about depending upon his thoughts and actions. And some dreams have a deep meaning behind them.

Dream meanings vary from dream to dream. Some common dreams such as falling, being chased, flying, and losing teeth, are experienced by a lot of people. 

There is a period specified in which dreaming happens and that is declared to be the REM (Rapid Eye movement) state of sleep. 80% of dreams occur in this state. Dreams can be colourful as well as black and white. People forget dreams as soon as they wake up. The only thing they remember is that they had a dream last night.

Dreams may make a person feel awake when they are asleep. Sometimes while dreaming a person knows that they are dreaming but Keeps on dreaming.

Thinking, reading about good things, or being with nice people can give you a positive mindset, and the good and the positive thoughts you think will eventually get Stored in the short-term memory and when you’ll deep sleep the Brain will process to transfer the thoughts from short term memory to long term.

You will dream about the information stored in your long-term memory. So feed your brain with positives to get positive dreams.

2. Why Do We Dream?

Many scientific types of research have been done to find out ‘why we dream’. But there is still no answer to it. So scientific study is still going on in this regard. But there are lots of physiological theories and psychological theories revolving around which have a lot to say about dreams.

2.1. Physiological Theory:

The physiological theory focuses on how our body, mainly breathing functions during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. It believes that dreaming occurs to exercise the pathways between the brain and cells.

It is believed that dreams are meaningless and don’t carry any special message with them. Dreaming occurs just to keep the brain engaged in productive activity, and so that we can work properly or effectively the next morning.

In short, it boosts our productivity for the next day. There is nothing to pay attention to it. Now let’s discuss the psychological theory.

2.2. Psychological Theory:

The psychological theory suggests that dreams reflect our innermost desires and wishes2. The sort of emotions you possess will show up in the form of dreams.

Dreams help you become better in real life by making you address the problems in dreams. So now you can better face the problem or can hold emotions in real life. In short, your problem-solving skills get sharpened.

The feelings you may be suppressing may come up in the form of dreams. That’s why we experience negative emotions more frequently than positive ones. Because we don’t deal with it in real life so the neurological system prepares to show it in the form of dreams.

It is believed that the dreamer has no or very little influence on the visuals, information, voice, and display of the dream.


Different kinds of dreams carry different meanings to individuals. What most people believe is that dreams do possess some meanings.

People do show up on the internet when they encounter very strange dreams, especially a nightmare that makes them sweat in the middle of the night. The first thing they do is check or research that particular dream. And there is nothing strange and wrong in doing that.

It is strongly believed that dreams do have a connection with our past birth, which is why we don’t remember our dreams.

3. Can We Control Our Dreams?

Psychology claims it to be very much possible to have commands on your dream. But it’s possible under lucid dreaming. Where you are dreaming while knowing you are dreaming. So you can exercise complete control over your dream. You can take control over actions and behaviour taking place in the dream.

You can even manage to command the content you are encountering in your dream. It’s pretty common among people to think if it’s possible to control their dreams3, especially when they go through a nightmare. So now you know dreams are the emotions and feelings which are going on in your mind.

So the easiest way in which you can control your dreams or can take charge of your dreams is by thinking and acting positively. Reading good thoughts and books can contribute to good and pleasing dreams. Changing your sleeping position can also do wonders. People who sleep on their Belly or stomach often claim to have nightmares compared to those who sleep on their back.

Investing in your mattress and bed can surely prove to be a worthy and fruitful investment. Because gives you a peaceful sleep. So do give it a try. You know what morning exercises and meditation 4are a proven way to have a peaceful sleep.

4. Types of Dreams

Types Of Dreams

4.1. Recurring Dreams:

Here you will get the same dream repeatedly. It is believed that there is an unheard message behind it and it will keep on coming until the message is understood by the conscious brain.

4.2. Daydreams:

It is a condition in which a person is not in the position of sleep. He is just in the state of active imagination or we can say that a person is half awake. Here the person is imagining experiences from the past or is thinking about the future.

4.3. Nightmares:

These are scary dreams which can be related to accidents, mishappening, horror, or the death of a person or any loved one. These kinds of dreams leave the dreamer in anxiety, stress, and fear.

4.4. Epic Dreams:

These are the dreams which are very different than usual and dreamers often remember the dream and mostly positive dreams.

4.5. Lucid Dreams:

How To Lucid Dream In 4 Easy Steps!

In this, a person while dreaming realizes that they are dreaming but continues to dream. This is the rarest kind of dream and there are very high possibilities that a person encounters such kind of dream once in their lifetime.

4.6. False Awakening:

It is a kind of dream which is convincing and is related to the awakening of the dreamer from sleep in a dream but in reality, the dreamer is sleeping. And then the dreamer starts doing normal chores that they often perform in reality. The tasks are performed here while dreaming only.

4.7. Healing Dreams:

These are the dreams which hold the capacity to heal the problems of the dreamer. There are things in the mind which are suppressed and require healing. so these healing dreams have the power to heal the unattended feelings, maybe by some spirit.

4.8. Catharic Dreams:

These are the dreams which feel very good to the dreamer. These dreams hold the power to cleanse dreamers’ inner fears and insecurities. It helps in getting rid of the toxic weights lying in the minds of the dreamer.

4.9. Prophetic Dreams:

These are the dreams which anticipate a future event. Sometimes there is a kind of dream felt by the dreamer which states that a dreamer encounters something in a dream and later on finds the same thing happening in real life.

5. Facts about Dreams

14 Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

5.1. You can take charge of your dreams:

This particularly happens in lucid dreams when you know you are dreaming but continue to dream. Here you can take charge of your dream and hone your problem-solving skills with the help of it.

We are more prone to negative dreams:

There is a study that claims that we encounter bad dreams more often than good ones. Stress, anxiety, fear, and insecurities are some of the reasons for it.

5.2. You get static while dreaming:

Your brain doesn’t pass any commands, making it impossible for your body to make movements. So you can’t act out of your dream while it’s happening. This happens to prevent injury that may be caused if you act out of your dream.

Chances of remembering the dream are less:

There is quite a high chance of you forgetting your dream. The dreams which are encountered during the REM state or just before waking have a high possibility that the dreams can be remembered.

5.3. Gender-specific dream:

We encounter all sorts of dreams. And dreams are based upon the thoughts which revolve in our minds in day-to-day life. But a study shows that men have dreams about anger and aggression. While women have dreams about fears like getting rejected.

5.4. Dreams depend upon our thoughts:

If we are facing stress in our day-to-day life then we are more prone to face negative dreams. Try being positive throughout the day to get positive dreams. You can even try out meditation or any other medical consultation if you are having a hard time dealing with it.

5.5. Morning dreams:

Dream analysis says that there are quite high chances of dreaming in the morning and longer dreams happen in the morning as compared to midnight.

5.6. Dreaming in pics:

Most of the dreams we see are in the form of pictures and visuals.

5.7. Dreaming in Color:

Most people claim to dream in colors or colorful visuals. But there are approx 12% people who claim that they have dreamed in black and white.

6. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

When one hears the above line they just gotta remember one of the famous facts, which says that ‘if you are dreaming about someone, chances are that they are also dreaming about you’. But that isn’t true.

Dreams are completely based on our feelings and emotions and can also have some hidden meanings. If a person appears in our dream, there are chances of that particular person must be playing a role in our current life.

And the other case can be that if we have talked to that person over a call or have seen them publicly, on social media platforms, or anywhere else, the brain then starts collecting memories related to that person with you or anyone else. Then sometimes these memories get collected in a corner and later on, the brain processes them in the form of a dream. Someone’s death can also be one of the reasons.

Some other reasons are also there about why someone appears in our dream. When someone appears to be attractive, when we find comfort in someone when we spend a lot of time with them when we find the particular person interesting when we think about them all day long, it can be a loved one, it can also be the one whom we hate.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Wait a sec! There is a dream psychology that has got something to say about it. It says that there is a concept of dream telepathy which says that, when we dream about someone then there are chances of that person might be thinking of us. Thus dream telepathy allows us to communicate telepathically.

When you dream about someone that means you hold that person in your mind. It can be with positive emotions, negative emotions or it can be hybrid too. It also signifies that you are emotional to them.

You dream about the person because you can’t keep your eyes off them when you meet them in real life. So your brain is showing you the images of that person even when you are asleep.

Most of the time this happens when you are in the initial stages of love, have strong feelings or are intensely in love. Dreaming also shows that you admire that particular person or suppress things for that person.

The feelings that we suppress in our minds in real life tend to show up in our dreams. Thinking plays a major role in dreaming. And you know what! Here’s an interesting fact that says that you can find out if someone is thinking about you.

And now the answer to this is quite simple. You will get a subconscious smile on your face. This is a smile that happens without you knowing about it. It happens when someone is trying to connect with you positively.

Dreams about the person also depict that you care for that person or wanna be with them. If you are suppressing your feelings about any person and they show up in your dream then you must make a move in expressing your feelings.

Because these dreams work as a warning. So you better express your feelings than lose that person.

Some people claim to have dreams of their loved ones and the next morning they found them to have left the world. So see, dreams do have meanings behind them. If you’re continuously having a recurring dream of the same person.

Then you must look into it. Because there are quite high chances that a dream is trying to convey a message and will keep on coming until your brain understands it.

7. Conclusion

Summing up, let’s discuss what have we learned. Dreams are visuals seen, voices heard, and actions encountered. Dreams are connected with our thoughts, emotions, and feelings which revolve in our minds throughout the day. What you think or read just before going to sleep will reflect in your dream.

Sometimes dreams come up with a future prediction. Dreams are studied physiologically as well as psychologically. We are most likely to forget our dreams. We remember dreams that occur during rapid eye movement (REM) or rem sleep.

But why do dreams occur? According to physiological theories, dreams occur to keep our brain engaged in some productive work and don’t carries any special message.

When someone appears in your dreams, it means that...!! @Psychology Says

Hence, are meaningless. According to psychological theories, dreams are concerned with our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Dreams prepare us to face future problems by giving us some hints.

They even hold the capacity to solve our problems. Here dreams are not considered meaningless.

There are different sorts of dreams, each displaying different meanings and sometimes people claim to encounter the same dream over and over.

In this case, the dream shouldn’t be ignored. Because that means our innermost thoughts have something to say that we were suppressing for a long time. You need to look into the matter.

There are different kinds of dreams. Some of those have been discussed above such as recurring dreams which occur repeatedly, daydreams in which a person is half awake, nightmares in which a person is left in anxiety, lucid dreams in which a person knows that he is dreaming but continues to dream, healing dreams which hold the capacity to heal our suppressed feelings and calm our minds, etc.

Cathartic dreams in which a dream tends to cleanse the inner fears, and insecurities out of the dreamer’s mind, prophetic dreams claims to show future events to the dreamer which dreamer finds to be happening in real life, sexual dreams, wedding dream, dream about the recently lost or dead person, family members, dreams are also there.

Not let’s have a quick look at some commonly occurring dreams with their meaning. Losing teeth in dreams shows internal fears, especially the fear of getting rejected. Dying states the end of something, not particularly the person but events in his life, being naked shows insecurities, pregnancy shows changes and new beginnings.

Being chased shows you are running away from something such as circumstances which you are scared of, flying shows hopes, being lost shows anxiety, etc are there discussed above.

Now have a look at some interesting facts about dreams. You know what you can take control of your dreams. Because dreams reflect our thoughts, actions, and feelings. Having a hard time dealing with nightmares. Then try being positive throughout the day and then see that you will gonna have pleasing dreams. Sleep paralysis is a real thing.

When we dream our bodies get into a state of static and become temporarily paralyzed to prevent us from acting out of our dreams. Gender-specific dreams 5also occur. Usually, we forget our dreams but the dreams which we witness in the mornings are likely to get remembered. Dreams occur in colors and black and white too.

Most of our dreams are senseless because the part of the brain which deals with the senses is inactive while dreaming. And numerous facts are there related to dreams.

You know what when we see someone in a dream then what does that mean? This means that the particular person is playing a role in your life currently. Because dreams reflect our thoughts and feelings. This may be a telepathic connection when you dream about someone.

You may like the person, found the person interesting, finds comfort, and like being with them or, even think about them. So this states several reasons like these.

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