How to Get Rid of Bloating: 19 Best Ways

Bloating is the deposition of gas in the stomach. It may happen after eating. It is a condition in which the tummy gets round and feels full simultaneously. This bloated feeling can have a lot of reasons behind it. For instance, gastroparesis1, unhealthy gut, constipation, gynecological conditions, etc.

Feeling bloated is not dangerous until or unless it’s showing severe symptoms. Usually, temporary bloating goes away on its own. But if the bloating is getting quite severe and irritating your stomach then you must go see a doctor.

There are natural ways to get rid of it quickly, such as yoga, abdominal massage, warm baths, soda water, engaging in activities, etc. 

One of the main causes of bloating is the deposition of excess intestinal gas. Some people often get a bloated stomach after eating, which is quite normal as it could be a digestive issue. There are some food products that lead to bloating, such as dairy products, garlic, wheat, onion, lentils, etc.

Some ways can cure a bloated stomach. Such as walking after eating, avoiding eating just before going to bed, keeping your abdominal health in check, and avoiding too much food intake that causes bloating.

1. Types of Bloating

1.1 Post-pregnancy Weight Gain:

This kind of bloating is very common. Because during pregnancy, our body gains a lot of weight to retain the baby. During delivery, the body loses a lot of weight, but the weight gain is still more than the weight loss.

1.2. Menopausal Weight Gain:

When a female stops menstruating after a particular age, this is known as menopause. It leads to weight gain. This kind of bloated feeling is quite common and starts to occur even before menopause.

1.3. Common Weight Gain:

Common weight gain happens when your body is taking more calories than it’s burning and also when the body is not engaged in physical activities or going to bed just after eating.

1.4. Beer Belly:

There is a kind of bloating which is known as a beer belly2. is, when a person consumes too much beer, it leads to a bloated stomach as beer contains a lot of calories.

1.5. Adrenal Stress Weight Gain:

When a person is faced with a threat, stress automatically starts to trigger, and the adrenal glands start to release adrenaline. Stress generally doesn’t last long and goes away on its own. But when there is chronic stress, it increases abdominal fat.

1.6. Food Intolerance:

Bloating occurs when the body is unable to digest certain food products. It is not a food allergy. Eating food that is not easy to digest can cause bloating, such as Dairy foods, or caffeine intake.

2. Symptoms of Bloating

There are a lot of signs that your stomach is starting to bloat or is already bloated. Let’s discuss some in detail:

  • Gas: you started to feel more gastric problems than usual.
  • Stomach pain: this is also a very normal symptom of bloating.
  • Nausea: nausea may occur in some cases.
  • Diarrhea: Diarrhoea is one of the infamous reasons for bloating.
  • Vomiting: vomiting also occurs when your tummy gets too full.
  • Noisy stomach: this is very common that the tummy starts to make noises when bloating.
  • Farting: a person starts to fart much more than usual.

3. Causes of Bloating

What Causes Bloating? | Explained in 3D #Shorts

3.1. Swallowing of Gas:

Eating fast makes swallowing air more often. So it is always recommended to eat slowly. Chewing gum should also be avoided if you want to stay away from gastric problems3 otherwise it deposits more gas in the system.

3.2. Certain Foods: 

Certain kinds of food products lead to excess air. Food such as dairy foods, beans, caffeine, raw vegetables, and carbonated drinks, should be consumed in low quantities to avoid bloating.

3.3. Unhealthy Diet:

Having a diet that increases your calorie intake will not only lead to producing gas but will also imbalance the digestive tract.

In this manner, the processed foods intake should also be reduced. Because junk contains too many calories, it slows down the digestive process, eventually leading to bloating.

3.4. Constipation:

Constipation also leads to bloating. When waste is not excreted from the body, it gets stored in the intestines, which ultimately leads to bloating.

3.5. Overeating:

This is an infamous reason for feeling bloated. Eating in heavy quantities makes you feel uncomfortably stuffed, and it takes longer to digest the food.

3.6. Liver Disease:

The malfunction in the liver leads to an imbalance in the stomach as it builds up fluids in the tissues that lead to belly bloat.

3.7. Bladder Blockage:

A blockage or infection in the bladder leads to gas production whenever its early symptoms are noticed, such as frequent urination and foul-smelling urine. Then, proper medical attention should be given.

3.8. Medications:

Certain medicines, such as iron pills, diarrhoea medicines, multivitamins, and fiber products, can lead to bloating.

3.9. Mental Health:

This would be strange to hear that mental health has a major impact on our gut. Stress can hinder the digestive system which can make your bloating worse.

4. Is Bloating Dangerous?

The most asked question is, ‘Is bloating serious?’ The answer is, ‘ Yes, bloating can be serious only in cases where it’s been going on for a long time.’

Generally, there is a bloating called ‘temporary bloating,’ which goes away on its own. This kind of bloating occurs just after eating or lying down after eating. So it’s recommended to have a stroll after eating.

If you notice that your bloating is getting quite severe, it means you are facing issues like nausea, vomiting, and stomach ache. Then, you surely need to seek medical advice as soon as possible. because sometimes bloating comes with major issues.

5. How to Get Rid of Bloating?

How to get rid of bloated stomach and remedies to stop bloating

5.1. Regular Exercise:

It is the natural and most effective way to relieve bloating. Certain poses, such as the child’s pose and squatting, give relief without leaving any side effects. 

5.2. Abdominal Massage:

This method is also effective and soothing at the same time and stretches abdominal muscles. Abdominal massage helps keep the bladder moving.

This massage helps in getting rid of abdominal bloating and abdominal pain.

5.3. Essential Oils:

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There are some essential oils recommended that help in getting rid of bloating. For eg. A combination of fennel 4and curcumin essential oil. Before using this a doctor should be consulted.

5.4. A Warm Bath or Heat Bag:

A warm bath or applying a heat bag to the bloated stomach can give significant relief from bloating. It allows the GI tract5 to work better.

5.5. Replacing Sodas:

Carbonated beverages contain gas. These drinks should be avoided completely and can be replaced with water, as water helps reverse their effects.

6.6. Smaller Gaps Between Meals:

Bloating often occurs after a big meal. So this can be avoided if consuming smaller meals at regular intervals. This technique is very helpful in protecting your stomach from bloating.

6.7. Lesser Sodium Intake:

Cutting down on the intake of salt not only reduces bloating but the entire health. Too much salt intake can cause swelling in the body. It even helps in water retention.

6.8. Healthy Diet:

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A diet that supports gut health and leads to a healthy body should be added to the diet. But consumption should be done within limits. For example, ginger tea is proven to be very beneficial if you wanna get rid of belly fat and helps in overall weight loss.

6.9. Avoiding Gut-sensitive Foods:

There are specific foods that lead to bloating such as beans, dairy products, and caffeine. The intake of these products should be avoided to some extent if wanna get rid of bloating. As there are some people with lactose intolerance6 so they should avoid dairy products to the fullest.

6.10. Medications:

Certain medicines lead to bloating. Such as iron pills, multivitamins, diarrhea medicines, etc. So before consuming these pills, the doctor should be consulted

6.11. Probiotics:

Probiotics 7intake can be healthy. At first, they can lead to bloating symptoms, but regular intake can have positive effects.

6.12. Staying Physically Active:

It is necessary to get involved in daily activities, be it yoga, exercise, running, or home chores. This helps in regular bowel movements. Regular physical activity also releases extra sodium from the body through sweating, eventually reducing bloating.

6.13. Avoiding Chewing Gums:

Chewing gums leads to swallowing of air, which leads to bloating in the stomach. So it should be avoided.

6.14. Fiber Intake:

Eat foods that contain fiber, but not too much or too little. Fiber should be consumed in proper or sufficient quantity, as fiber-rich foods prevent belly budge.

6.15. Gas Relief Capsules:

Some capsules are available for quick relief from gas, such as simethicone pills. But before you take these pills, a doctor’s consultation should be made.

6.16. Peppermint Pills:

These pills are highly effective in preventing bloating and indigestion. They are also good for irritable bowel syndrome(IBS).

6.17. Walking:

Walking after eating or a basic morning walk can help you eliminate a bloated belly. This task should be given utmost importance. And laying on the bed just after eating should be avoided.

6.18. Proper Chewing:

Small bites of foods should be taken, as big bites can cause digestive issues, and the body consumes more energy digesting them if large bites are consumed. Eating slowly also supports the gut.

6.19. Sitting Straight:

This method is very often suggested: After eating, sit straight for some time. Laying in bed is never an option. This will not only protect your gut but also keep your spinal cord healthy.

7. Conclusion

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Bloating is the deposition of gas in the stomach. There are different kinds of bloating such as post-pregnancy bloating, menopausal bloating, common weight gain, and so on. It means bloating also comes with different reasons behind it. It also shows some signs, which include gas and stomach aches.

But if the signs are quite severe, you should immediately consult a doctor because they can be a sign of severe disease. Some severe signs include nausea, vomiting, and fever. There are also reasons for bloating. For eg. Swallowing air, dairy products, beans, constipation, overeating, bladder blockage, and mental health. So these reasons should be considered wisely. Bloating is not serious until or unless it’s showing severe symptoms or not going for a long time.

If you notice that you are always bloated, you must visit a doctor. However, some get-away techniques are also available to eliminate bloating.

Regular exercise, abdominal massage, essential oils, warm baths, replacing sodas, smaller gaps between meals, lesser sodium intake, a healthy diet, medical conditions, probiotics, and many more can fetch you good results in no time.

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