How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Overnight

Were you indulging in some steamy romance lately? Ever thought of that unintended result of a steamy sexual romp1? One minute it was just you and your partner, and the next thing you know, the frightening situation of seeing your parents with red-purple marks on your neck. This post is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of a hickey overnight. We’ve got you covered on the topic of how to get rid of a hickey overnight.

Hickeys are the love language of many, especially people from the modern gen-z era. If you are kissing your “someone” and enjoying the intimate space between you two, it would end with a cute red mark on your neck. Feels good? Definitely, but embarrassing in public? Hell yes!

The Internet is stuffed with infinite resources and blogs mentioning the best ways how to get rid of a hickey overnight, but this post discusses all the tried and tested methods that would most definitely work!

Now you don’t have to ask your friends the tips and tricks on how to get rid of a hickey overnight and put yourself in an awkward position. Consider this post as your best friend, and let’s get started with it.

1. Hickey

how to get rid of a hickey overnight
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A hickey, also known as a love bite, results from aggressive kissing or intense suction on someone’s skin. It results in broken blood vessels responsible for red, green, and purple marks beneath your skin. The blood that oozes out of broken blood vessels beneath your skin leaves a purple-red mark that others may enjoy looking upon.

In other words, the pressure of sucking against someone’s skin can cause blood vessels to break. Result? Petechiae.

Petechiae are tiny spots of blood that form a larger dark mark. It can change in color depending on intensity, the sensitivity of the skin, and the degree of suction. Initially, the mark would be red, and then it may change over time from red to purple to green to yellow and then fade eventually.

Hickeys heal over time automatically. Without doing anything, the mark would disappear in a week or two. To speed up the process, one can resort to home remedies, tips, and tricks.

It takes time to disappear completely, but one can use different strategies to minimize the appearance and then resort to basic makeup skills to cover the purple markup. You don’t have to be good as Bobbi Brown and Richard Taylor. You are good to go with a hint of foundation, concealer, and color correction! Hide the hickey faster by using your basic makeup skills.

2. Avoiding Hickey Display

It doesn’t matter if it is Valentine’s week, your birthday, or your anniversary, a hickey mark signifies a lot in a relationship. It signifies love, affection, and passion. Gone are the times when celebrities got body piercings and tattoos as accessories. Now is the era of love bites left on your body displaying passion.

There’s nothing wrong with flaunting your hickeys. However, flaunting them in a corporate workspace, at a family dinner, or niece’s birthday party can make other people uncomfortable. After all, your love life is a private matter! Imagine having an act of passion today and people staring at you in your math class tomorrow.

In such cases, you have two options: Either stop the make-out session before it goes too far or resort to the techniques to hide your love bites. The first option is impossible to achieve, especially when the sexual tension between you and your significant other is significantly high. This post discusses all the second options and how to get rid of a hickey overnight.

3. How to Get Rid of a Hickey Overnight

Thanks to the internet, tons of online resources offer everyone how to get rid of hickeys easily and quickly. Tried and tested methods work efficiently, and this post is one spot solution for all your hickey problems. From how to get rid of them to how to conceal and cover up that hickey fast, this post discusses them all.

The first step in getting rid of your hickey is to see the degree of cover-up required. Analyze your love bite and see if it resulted in any swelling. If yes, put an ice pack over it for at least 1-2 hours. Applying ice on the spot where you have your hickey will help reduce inflammation and redness.

One important thing to remember here is to keep your dirty hands off the hickey. Massaging the hickey is a good idea after the swelling is dealt with. However, overly massaging, scraping, rubbing a coin against the surface excessively, and poking your hickey can worsen the situation.

Now that you are well equipped with dos and don’ts, it is the right time to dive into the answer to a most searched question on the web- how to get rid of a hickey overnight?

3.1. Cold Spoon or A Jade Roller

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Any brand-new bruise on the skin? A cold compress is the most practical and realistic technique to avoid that hickey mark2. Therefore, before grabbing and applying anything else, get a clean spoon, freeze it for 10-15 minutes in your freezer, and apply it at the spot of the mark. The cold compress will never disappoint you.

Let’s dive into science now; the cold spoon or a jade roller can help you stop the blood coming from the vessels beneath your skin. Repeating it for a few hours can help the mark to diminish quickly. The blood flow will slow down, the broken capillaries beneath the skin will heal, and the size of the bruise will minimize.

3.2. Arnica Gel

Arnica cream is a magic product used for reducing inflammation, healing bruises, and treating muscle aches for thousands of years now. It is a flowering herb found in Europe extensively. Today, arnica is sold in the market in various forms.

Arnica gels and arnica creams sound like a better alternative to arnica tablets. From tablets to arnica gels and creams, one can get their hands on this medical solution to treat hickey marks and bruises. However, consuming high doses of arnica tablets can cause severe consequences. Thus, it is always advised to consult a medical professional before starting on arnica supplements.3

3.3. Aloe Vera

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The benefits of aloe vera are not hidden from anyone. From anti-inflammatory properties to bioactive compounds, aloe vera is known for treating skin swelling, pain, and redness of the skin. Applying aloe vera on the bruise and massaging it very gently with clean hands will minimize the hickey drastically. Using an aloe vera-based moisturizer to moisturize the hickey will help speed up the healing time.

Use a thick layer of natural aloe vera pulp, or get your hands on products like aloe vera gel or aloe vera moisturizing cream onto your hickey and see the difference. Later, use a tissue to wipe away the excess aloe vera and then cold compress again for quicker results.

3.4. Vitamin-K Rich Foods and Vitamin E

Vitamin K2 Food List | Vitamin k2 Rich Foods | Vitamin K2 | Vitamin K | Vitamin k2 Food Sources

Apply vitamin E to your hickey and speed the healing process. One can use concealers rich in vitamin e. This way, you will be able to conceal the mark while treating the hickey effectively with the help of a cream.

Also, vitamin K is another alternative you can bring into play. Foods like spinach, brown rice, kale, spinach, and broccoli are stuffed with vitamin K. Consuming such foods will help your body absorb the clotted blood, i.e., heal your hickey. Grab a bowl of salad at night, maybe? Or, apply vitamin K cream directly on your skin’s surface.

3.5. Banana Peel Mask

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The banana peel works wonders when it comes to reducing a bruise mark. Being rich in vitamins and nutrients, it circulates blood flow and helps one in the process of fading a hickey.

Gently rubbing and massaging the area with a ripe banana peel will help the hickey lighten its color and effect. One can repeat this process twice or thrice in a day for a speedy recovery.

3.6. Peppermint Oil

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Peppermint oil has gained prodigious attention over recent years after its benefits of the same were known to the world. Applying the diluted essential oil will relax the pain, if there’s any, and help reduce the severity of the bruise.

Applying a dab to your bruise once or twice a day can speed up the healing time of your hickey. One can also use cocoa butter or shea butter to replace the essential oil. Another alternative is eye drops.

3.7. Vitamin C Cream

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The favorite and most effective ingredient in our skincare is Vitamin C. It helps boost your skin’s collagen production, makes your skin soft, eases blood flow, and helps heal. It will help strengthen the skin tissues around your hickeys and would boost blood flow around your blood vessels.

Gently massaging your vitamin C serum or moisturizing cream rich in vitamin c on the spot could show drastic results. Moreover, you can incorporate more plant-based foods and citrus items into your diet.

4. Makeup Edition

Camouflaging your small reddish bruise can be an arduous task, but it’s not impossible. By dint of the pandemic, everyone craved intimacy. Now that things are returning to normal, the season of romance is back with dates and whatnot.

While a turtleneck can save you from public embarrassment, you need much more than a cover-up when you are in a workspace. If still the thought of how to get rid of a hickey overnight haunt you, don’t worry! This post lists effective cover-up techniques to get rid of the purple hue on your neck.

Under-eye Concealer

How to Cover Up a Bruise

The best solution is to reduce the hickey and disguise it as under-eye concealers. Grab your girlfriend’s concealer if you don’t own one. This product holds immense power to hide dark purple hues gracing your neck.

Under-eye cream can seem like a weird solution to the doubt of how to get rid of a hickey overnight. Under-eye creams can efficiently blur the spots and make them appear natural no matter how wild last night was. Do give it a try and see the varied results in minutes.

4.1. Anti-redness Corrector

How to Cover up a Hickey with Makeup. Covering a Hickey with Makeup

For experienced makeup artists out here, you must be acquainted with the fact that anti-redness makeup cream serves best; it doesn’t matter if it’s a red acne mark, pimple, or hickey.

For inexperienced readers, red and green are two opposite sides of the color spectrum. Taking the help of green correctors, aka magic wands for hickeys, will counteract the purple and red hues in the skin.

For red marks, using a green color-correcting concealer will work like a magic wand and hide the redness inflicted because of a hickey. One can also go ahead and apply a hint of foundation over the green color corrector as it offers a smooth base to disguise red and purple bruises.

4.2. Bandage: Harness your Lying Skills

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One can come up with at least hundreds of excuses for a wounded neck. The best solution how to get rid of a hickey overnight is to lie about it. Allergic reaction? Rash due to harsh clothing collars? Spider Bite Wound? A Shaving accident? Make a credible storyline and cover up the hickey mark with a wide bandage to hide all the hickey spots.

5. Conclusion

Hickeys don’t go away overnight and take up to two weeks to heal completely. But a night is all you need to camouflage its appearance and make it more convincing that it honestly is a rash scar or a mosquito bite.

Nonetheless, trying the above-listed methods will help your hickey mark to fade away quickly. In other words, how to get rid of a hickey overnight? Use a coin to massage the area, and resort to vitamin and aloe vera to help the bruise and broken capillaries heal quickly. Then a bit of makeup will do the job!

If not, turtlenecks and scarves are in trend. You can cover the hickey up with your clothing pieces. Now it doesn’t matter if you are in a difficult position or a friend texts you on how to get rid of a hickey overnight. All-stated remedies can help you avoid uncomfortable situations.


1. How long does a hickey last?

The duration of a hickey can vary depending on several factors, such as the intensity of the suction or kissing, individual skin sensitivity, and the location of the hickey. Typically, a hickey can last anywhere from a few days to about two weeks before it fades away completely.

2. Can hickeys be dangerous?

In most cases, hickeys are harmless and heal on their own. However, there are some rare instances where severe sucking or biting can lead to more significant injuries or complications, such as blood clots or infections. If you experience excessive pain, swelling, or unusual symptoms, it’s essential to seek medical attention.

3. How can I get rid of a hickey?

While there’s no instant cure for a hickey, you can try some home remedies to help it heal faster. Applying a cold compress in the first 24 hours can reduce swelling and bruising. After the first day, warm compresses may promote blood circulation and aid healing. Some people use topical creams with Vitamin K or arnica to reduce bruising, but their effectiveness varies from person to person.

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