17 Amazing Ways of How to Get Motivated When Depressed

how to get motivated when depressed
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Have you ever felt as if your psychological condition was on the verge of collapse, so all of the unforeseen hopelessness and lack of interest overtakes you? Asked yourself how to get motivated when depressed?

It is like getting caught in a maze of negative thoughts and feelings, and despite your best efforts to remain driven, you’re feeling too weak to complete even the daily routine tasks.

Although generally, it’s fine to not “feel motivated” to try and do routine tasks, it happens with everyone. However, once hopelessness and lack of motivation become your constant companions for a long period of time, then you would possibly turn over a bit deeper into realizing that you might have depression.

Causes of Depression

how to feel motivated when depressed
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Research shows that these some medically reviewed reasons that play a heavy role in making a person feel depressed:

  • It might be triggered due to harmful incidents like divorce, sorrow, the loss of a dear one, a major conflict along with your partner some event, or any the opposite major depressive episode for that matter, that had the potential to trigger anxiety.
  • When you have a long-standing physical issue or you sustain an injury, you may suffer depression, as these situations involve significant changes in your lifestyle that may affect your mental state.
  • Sometimes completely different drugs/medicines would possibly cause depression as an unwelcome facet result. 
  • If your family has got a case history of mental disease (depression), you’re a lot of seemingly to suffer from it likewise.
  • One cause may be that you just have seasonal disturbance, which majorly happens in climates wherever daylight is scarce during some periods of the year. It conjointly triggers anxiety.

Symptoms of Depression

Medically reviewed symptoms of depression:

  • Feeling of despair, sadness, loss of interest.
  • Lack of motivation to carry out of routine tasks.
  • Not obtaining enough sleep or sleep disorder.
  • An outburst of tears for no reason.
  • Getting angry, irritated, frustrated, or irritated easily.
  • Feelings of worthlessness and guilt.
  • Frequent unsafe thoughts.
  • Losing concentration.
  • Getting exhausted easily.
  • Losing interest in friends and members of the family.
  • Physical discomfort, declining health, hair loss, inflammatory disease breakouts, sterilization, losing sleep, weight loss or weight gain, and different indications of depression may additionally occur.

How to Get Motivated When Depressed

Here are some tips which will help in treating depression and contribute to your well-being by boosting motivation.

1. How to get motivated by taking a day or two off

One way is to get driven by taking daily, or two off. Depression-stricken individuals generally avoid negativity, avoid people, and remain occupied. They commit to preventing their anxiety and stress on purpose, not realizing that neglected emotions cause you to feel swamped and would possibly result in major health issues within the long run.

So, it’s extremely important to require daily or 2 off and interact in self-care and do things that rejuvenate and inspire you instead of drain you. For instance, you’ll be able to do this stuff when you’re on a break:

  • You can watch movies that lift your mood.
  • Go anti-social because social media can inflict jealousy, sadness, and disparity.
  • Create a cozy environment and do what you like.
  • Binge-watch shows.

how to feel motivated when depressed
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  • Cook new dishes.
  • Go for a spa treatment.
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Write something (poetry, article, etc.)

2. How to get motivated when depressed by moving your body

There continually could be a lack of motivation to exercise; however, our physical health is directly associated with emotional well-being. We have a lot of energy inside our bodies that manifest itself in our muscles as emotional stress and anxiety.

We are able to liberate this energy from our body by doing exercise, for instance, going for a walk, doing yoga, aerobics, dance, etc.

Exercising releases ‘dopamine’, which makes us feel happy, will increase motivation and focus by reducing anxiety. It conjointly boosts our health and confidence.

3. How to get motivated when depressed by hot water showers

how to feel motivated when depressed
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A hot water shower combined with slow music and a bit little bit of dancing never hurt anyone, right?

In addition, it relaxes our muscles, brings freshness, provides a way to calm, improves mood, relieves tension, reduces stress, and prepares us for falling asleep. It’ll play a significant role in your daily functioning.

4. How to get motivated by doing Gratitude journaling

When you lack motivation, attempt to do Gratitude journaling because it can assist you to mirror on and record the positive aspects of your life daily. It’ll lead you towards happiness.

You may do a journaling exercise of writing 3 things that you are grateful for in the morning or at night before sleeping. When you’re unhappy and lack the drive to take action, it encourages your brain to consider the positive aspects of your life and deal effectively with the overwhelming emotions that you just could be experiencing.

5. How to get motivated when depressed by knowing that you are making progress

Acknowledging your achievements arouse motivation and can assist you to maneuver forward, to hold out your everyday tasks, and not stress. It helps you to record and mirror your tiny wins, which helps us to build confidence. Your achievements can be as tiny as:

  • Making your bed yourself in the morning.
  • Eating healthy instead of junk food.
  • Surviving a difficult day at work.
  • Doing something despite low motivation.

how to feel motivated when depressed
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  • Receiving a compliment from someone.
  • Finding the motivation to complete a task.
  • Not letting external factors affect you.

6. How to get motivated when depressed by Journaling

Depression makes us less motivated and less likely to participate in social activities. As you do not need to be pitied or empathized with, it seems preferable not to mention being depressed.

So, if you do not need to speak about it but don’t want to, lighten your heart and mind by transferring all of your thoughts to paper by taking out ten minutes daily and writing regarding the feeling that’s worrying and pushing you towards depression. It’ll assist you with the identification of negative thoughts and deal better with stress and anxiety.

7. How to get motivated when depressed by doing something you enjoy

How to get motivated when depressed? It is medically reviewed that when you engage in something you like, it increases your chances of having lower stress levels, better mood, improved mental health, and increased motivation.

A task or activity such as painting, playing instruments, gardening, solving puzzles induces creativity. Creativity elevates our mood and distracts us from negative thoughts, and it gives us the motivation to carry out our everyday tasks.

8. Discussing your depression can motivate you when you’re depressed

It is extremely difficult for a person who is depressed to communicate with others due to the symptoms of depression. But talking is medically reviewed to lighten your heart and reduce stress levels.

Suppose you step outside of your comfort zone and make an effort to talk it out. In that case, you might be surprised at how people can create a support network and a healthy environment simply by guiding, supporting, and making you aware of your own strengths, which can help you improve your mental health and become motivated to carry out your tasks again.

Explain how you have been overwhelmed with low motivation, bad sleep, and other depression-related symptoms.

Don’t spare any single detail. Speak your heart out and tell them how they can help you battle your depression.

9. The key to getting motivated when depressed is to get enough sleep

It is medically reviewed that one of the depression symptoms is loss of sleep or insomnia, and sleep deprivation leads to depression and anxiety, and it minimizes productivity and concentration, causes lack of motivation to complete our task, and delays our treatment.

But it becomes difficult to fall asleep while you’re battling depression, so here are some ways which can help you fall asleep and induce motivation:

How to get motivated when depressed?

  • Listen to music that helps you relax
  • Avoid taking caffeine before sleeping
  • Avoid surfing social sites before sleeping
  • Create a dimly lit space
  • Try to read a bit before sleeping

10. Going out in nature can motivate you when you’re depressed

How to get motivated when depressed? Going out and exposing yourself to nature is considered to be the best treatment for any disease.

Nature has magical healing power, and green spaces are scientifically proven to enhance mental health, create an aura of positivity and help you deal better with your depression symptoms by increasing motivation.

There are many ways in which you can expose yourself to nature. For example:

  • Going for walk in a garden.
  • Camping
  • Hiking.
  • Mountain and Road Biking

how to feel motivated when depressed
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  • Kayaking and Canoeing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing
  • Gardening.
  • You can also go trekking if you have enough time.

11. How to get motivated when depressed by reading a self-help book

How to get motivated when depressed? While it may seem like a task, when you battle with depression, you can always light up some scented candles, put on some lo-fi music, grab a bestselling book, and easily rely on the AUTHOR for pulling you out of low motivation.

Books have a phenomenal power to induce inspiration, motivation, and hence a speedy treatment.

12. Focus on the things in your control

Not getting a job on which you worked really hard, experiencing the death of close ones, getting diagnosed with a serious illness, etc., are some uncontrollable factors that contribute to low motivation and depression.

There will always be something over which you have no control, so rather than agonizing over these external forces, focus on things that you have control over, like your relationships, your thoughts and emotions, your actions, and your attitude. It is a huge task to undertake, but it speeds up the treatment and increases motivation.

13. You can get motivated when you’re depressed by reminding yourself that it won’t last forever

How to get motivated when depressed?

Keep reminding yourself that nothing in life is permanent, and don’t stress yourself out too much because whatever you’re dealing with right now will pass someday. Just have faith because even after a long night, the sun never fails to shine brightly. This experience will push you towards being a stronger person in the future.

14. Being kind to yourself can motivate you when you’re depressed

How to get motivated when depressed? Self-compassion is very important because while you are suffering from depression, you tend to beat yourself up for having a lack of motivation and become frustrated for committing the smallest of mistakes.

But this is precisely the time when you need to be kind and patient with yourself and try to engage yourself in positive self-talk that will motivate you and push you to complete your task.

15. When you’re depressed, set your minimum expectations to get motivated

How to get motivated when depressed?

We tend to burden ourselves with a lot of things at once to combat depression. But instead of working on a large project, focus on working towards the small, doable tasks and set realistic goals for yourself. When you accomplish your goals, your confidence starts reviving, and you start feeling motivated yet again.

16. How to get motivated by avoiding Negativity

The brain is structured in a very complex manner where one thought is linked to another, so as soon as we put a single negative thought in our brain, we are bound to be caught up by these cycles of negative thoughts, which create chaos in our inner world.

Depression leads a person into a web of negative feelings, which distracts them from focusing on the bigger picture, finding the root cause, and working towards its treatment. So it is better to avoid negative thoughts and events, which may further lead to deteriorating mental health.

17. Consult a mental health professional when you’re depressed to get motivated

How to get motivated when depressed?

You can consider seeking counseling from a trained mental health professional if you are frequently thinking about suicide due to your depression. They will help you to delve deep and question your soul; their rhetorical questions will trigger you to question and challenge your beliefs.

Professionals in mental health focus on motivating their patients when they are depressed and help them build confidence by showing them how much they are worthy and helping them to realize that worth

You can also contact the national suicide prevention lifeline on 9152987821

These are some of the probable answers to “How to get motivated when depressed?”

In the end, I would want to tell you that life is not a bed of flowers; you are bound to fall, face disappointments and setbacks but what is important is that you face it head-on and come back stronger. Life is a bumpy ride, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a very rough yet adventurous journey, which will help you grow in numerous ways.

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While at times contributed by guest authors, our content is medically reviewed periodically by professionals for accuracy and relevance. We pride ourselves on our high-quality content and strive towards offering expertise while being authoritative. Our reviewers include doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and even medical students. -----------------------------------

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