How to Detox Your Liver in 3 Days

This article will help you in knowing how to detox your liver in 3 days.

Well, you know that organs play a vital role in our productivity. The way our body responds highly depends on the food we intake. The better the digestive system, the more our productivity will be.

Now our digestive process depends upon the health of our organs. And every organ promotes our well-being in one way or another. So here are some of the key organs whose efficient working contributes to our survival to the fullest.

  • So, 1st one is Heart. It helps in delivering blood to the body.
  • The second one is the Brain, also known as the body’s nervous system. It considers nerve impulses.
  • 3rd one is kidneys. It helps remove toxins from the body.
  • 4th one is the Lungs. It filters the air we breathe.
  • 5th one is the Liver. It helps filter the blood and keep the digestive structure on track. 

So, it’s highly important to keep the organs in a healthy state with proper care, as healthy organs lead to a healthy and wealthy life.

As the liver is the most important organ in the human body, proper care is necessary so that our body behaves in the best possible manner. For this, it is necessary to cleanse your liver in a timely manner.

Healthy liver= healthy body=wealthy individual.

Detoxification 1is a process of releasing toxins out of the body to improve your overall health.  If detoxification is not done in a timely manner, it can become the root cause of several diseases. Therefore, there are numerous ways to support liver health.

So, let’s discuss the quick ones that work like a miracle.

How to Detox Your Liver in 3 Days: 

So, let’s have a quick look and get started with the liver detox journey. There are a number of ways to help detoxify the liver.

Healthy Diet

how to detox your liver in 3 days?
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A healthy diet always tops the list. It simply means having a wholesome diet that consists of leafy vegetables and avoiding junk and processed foods, as they can worsen liver health.

Because most processed foods include preservatives, artificial flavors2, and unhealthy fats, which can ultimately lead to bloating, hence leading to gut problems.

Processed foods are processed through concentration. It hampers liver function. Nutrient-dense foods like raw vegetables, juice green leafy vegetables, and anti-inflammatory foods are quite helpful in eliminating toxins.

There are certain foods that must be avoided that we were consuming from long ago for the sake of taste, such as fried foods and frozen foods.

Enough Water

Sufficient water is necessary for the body as it helps flush out the toxins present inside it. 

So it’s highly vital to have sufficient liquid intake. And it’s not compulsory to have plain water only. Instead, it’s recommended to have certain concoctions that work like magic. Some of those drinks are :

Lemon Ginger Tea:

This drink is simply advisable by experts. Lemon is a major source of vitamin C, which helps digestion and cleanses fats, which in turn leads to a healthy liver

The combination of the two in boiling water helps boost metabolism and eliminate bloating. Its anti-inflammatory properties help keep our digestive system on track.

Golden Drink:

It means turmeric drink. Ancient Ayurveda3 highly advises this drink. We all are completely aware of the benefits that can be derived from turmeric.

So a pinch of turmeric in boiling water and honey which is optional, but honey helps in better digestion. This combination is pretty soothing for the body to behave healthily.

Green Tea:

It is also known as herbal tea because it is made from herbal materials. It quickly helps to make our liver healthy and boosts metabolism.

No matter what but don’t forget to have your morning detox tea be it lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar, drink raw vegetable juice.

Having only blended juices, even for a few days regularly, will flush toxins and remove harmful substances from the body.

There are always some fruits and veggies for the particular disease. The first thing is that having sufficient amounts of fruits and veggies is not only recommended but mandatory for the body.

So here are some must-haves if you are looking for liver detoxification. Fish and blueberries are considered good for the liver. More food products are considered quite necessary for the natural verification of the body. Those will be discussed shortly.

Fruits and Veggies

A good daily diet must include a good amount of fruits and vegetables. By including some must-have fruits and vegetables that help in optimal liver function, you can naturally cleanse your liver health. Some fruits and vegetables help cleanse the liver and remove harmful toxins from the body.

Fish, cranberry juice, blueberries, lemon juice, and beetroot help stimulate bile flow, as bile production is necessary to protect the liver. Green tea, whole grains, potassium-rich foods, whole grains.

Cruciferous vegetables4 include Brussels sprouts and mustard greens. Sunflower seeds as it is a medium of healthy fats. Sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, blended juices, and garlic helps in activating liver enzymes.

These help in protecting liver cells. With these, a liver cleanse is done naturally without any allopathic medication and will also protect the liver from liver disease or fatty liver disease.

These consist of cleansing compounds that help in the liver’s detoxification and also improve the lymphatic system5.


Eating healthy always has good consequences. It makes our liver healthy, and it starts performing some essential functions. A healthy liver releases essential proteins that are necessary for the body.

how to detox liver
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Limiting Refined Products

The use of refined products, such as refined oil and sugar, should be restricted to some extent. They not only affect our heart health but also have a direct impact on our liver.

Because refined products create unhealthy fat and make us feel tired or restless for short durations. If oil use cannot be skipped, you can use mustard, olive, or flaxseed. But this, too, should be used within limits only.


It means keeping a check on medications. Sometimes, if the doctor prescribes medication, it has a bad impact on the liver. So, it’s better to double-check things before committing to a habit.

Avoiding Environmental Toxins

It means the toxins lying in the environment. These mainly include the pollutants which are degrading our health daily.

The chemicals in the air we breathe have a huge impact on our body, mind, and soul. Installing air purifiers is not helping much because the pollution is soaring. Our lifespan gets shorter with every single inhale.

Big reason:

So timely liver cleanses are necessary as the environment is toxic. It also helps improve overall health and boost the immune system. Healthy foods flush out the toxic foods and reduce the risk factors. Liver detox is something that should not be ignored as it has a deep impact on our overall health.


This is very strange as coffee contains high amounts of caffeine, but according to scientific theories, it lowers the risk of liver diseases, mainly liver cancer. The liver functions quite well when we intake good food.


Regular exercise is the most important activity for keeping the entire body healthy and fit. For the liver, a simple brisk walk will do wonders.

And according to experts, ‘Surya namaskar6‘ is considered the ultimate asana. That helps us in keeping our entire body on track.

Why a healthy Lifestyle:

With a healthy lifestyle, the liver naturally cleanses itself. Healthy habits lead to a healthy lifestyle. With regular exercise, the body, mind, and soul work in the best manner.


To sum up, keeping organs on track is crucial to getting the most out of our bodies. Bad liver health is the root cause of most diseases.

If the liver is suffering, there are several ways to fix it, such as a healthy diet accompanied by regular exercise. This will not only fix the liver but also impact the entire body.

As the saying goes, ‘ We are what we eat’. This means our bodies start to react based on what we eat. Eating healthy also calms our minds down. And you know what? Fixing any disease naturally may take longer if it’s quite severe, but it won’t leave any negative impacts on our bodies.

In ancient times, there were no doctors, and people used to get fine by just eating healthy. It is quite rare that natural medication doesn’t work, only in severe cases.

There, natural products will take a long time to behave according to their properties. So, it’s better if we maintain a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning. A healthy lifestyle promotes the body’s natural detox processes.

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