Foods Beneficial for Increasing Blood Circulation

The red blood cells in our body are the most important as they carry oxygen from various parts of the body to the heart through the food we eat. Food helps absorb all the essential nutrients required, ensuring good blood count.

Have you ever felt fatigue, dizziness or extreme tiredness? Well, everyone must have thought it at some point. It is mainly because of low blood circulation in the body, often caused by the condition known as anemia. Anemia results from very little blood protein, called hemoglobin, present in the body, resulting in iron deficiency.

Blood circulation is taking place in body with the help of red blood cells.
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Therefore, food becomes a critical source of fuel and matter that the body cells need to transport among themselves and execute their duties.

 1. The Utmost Effect of Proper Blood Circulation

The function of the circulatory system is to ensure that blood with the required amount of oxygen is sent to our heart and all other parts of the body. Red blood cells function to form a significant part of oxygen–carbon dioxide recycling in the human body, which further helps improve a healthy environment.

Also, this is a vital element in preserving the top-quality performance of the heart, kidneys, and lungs. A whole CBC testation is done to check the blood levels in the body. Eventually, based on the results of this test, the following actions are taken as directed by the doctors.

2. Benefits of Good Blood Circulation

Optimal blood circulation provides various benefits to the body, such as:-

  1. Keeps the body energetic
  2. It makes a person feel fresh and mentally at ease
  3. Increases immune system to fight against infections
  4. Improves digestion as nutrients in the body are fully utilized
  5. Provides glowing skin
  6. Foods that help in good blood circulation

3. Foods that Help in Good Blood Circulation

There are various foods that help in proper  blood circulation.
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There are many alternative ways of normalizing blood flow, like those specified later in this article, but the central role remains to treat the food being consumed. Getting foods containing innumerable vitamins and nutrients increasingly helps you have a healthy body.

The list of the best foods that promote healthier blood flow in the body is presented below.

3.1 Beetroots

Beetroots are a great source of fibre, along with nutrients such as iron, folic acid, and vitamin C, which help increase blood flow. They also contain nitrates, which help improve heart-related diseases and provide more oxygen, making the body energetic and active. Beetroot can be consumed either raw or cooked as a vegetable. People also prefer to have it in smoothies to intake good nutrients for the body.

Beetroots are a part of red fruit family that helps in increasing hemoglobin.
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3.2 Green Vegetables

Iron-rich green vegetables make hemoglobin, which purifies the blood and carries oxygen to the heart for the organic functioning of the organ systems. These vegetables are good for preventing anemia (a condition where the iron level in the blood is too low). Examples include spinach, lettuce, ladyfinger, and kale.

3.3 Eggs 

They are on the list of the most essential superfoods with high levels of iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin B12, and B6 to reach the protein target. B12 is one of the mandatory nutrients for forming red blood cells in the body, which further increases the blood count. 

 3.4 Citrus Fruits

Various citrus fruits are shown which have high amount of vitamin C.
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Why are Citrus fruits considered rich in Vitamin C? These fruits are good at absorbing iron thoroughly and thus maintaining red blood cell levels in the body. These fruits can be eaten- raw, liquid juice, cooked, or extracts, whichever is preferable. For instance, mango curry, blueberry smoothie, lemon tarts, or frozen grapes.

 3.5 Nuts

Almonds, pistachios, and raisins are nuts rich in fibre and healthy fats that interest the body. Their main goal is to ensure that the body’s oxygenated bloodstream is being protected and assisting in the distribution of pure blood.

3.6 Pulses

Pulses such as kidney beans, quinoa, and chickpeas are universally advised to be excellent sources of protein and iron, required for muscle development and the body’s metabolism. To top it off, they are chock-full of the folic, which benefits blood qualitatively. 

Different type of pulses are there that helps in providing essential nutrients to the body.
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3.7 Avocados

An infamous fact about avocados is that even if they are considered a source of fat (fats of omega-3 fatty acids), they are responsible for regulating the circulation of the heart in a healthy manner. It is also a valuable source of folic acid, which enhances the growth of blood cells in the bone marrow, which in turn helps to avoid cancer. 

3.8 Cinnamon

Cinnamon provides great benefits for overall well-being of the health.
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Cinnamon is known for its medical properties and significantly impacts food. It is a good source of antioxidants, helps improve blood levels, and removes harmful components. Moreover, cinnamon is handy in handling female hormones and even laying off unnecessary weight gain.

3.9 Pomegranate

This is one of the most recommended fruits because it has the lowest calories. Being part of the red fruit family, it is suitable for blood circulation. This fruit’s fibre levels give it tough competition with other foods.

4. Other Natural Methods to Improve Blood Count and Circulation

Several risk aspects may arise that can affect blood circulation, causing the heart not to receive sufficient blood. Consequently, there are chances of developing heart disease. This eventually makes the heart beat irregularly and forces it to pump oxygenated blood to all body parts.

These encompass unregulated levels of cholesterols, overweight, high blood pressure, smoking, and alcohol consumption, as well as lack of exercise.

Some ways are given below:-

Woman is jogging to maintain healthy weight and an active lifestyle.
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  1. Work at managing your weight well, which is the key to better bodily functioning.
  2. Try to be mentally free and reduce stress levels. Relaxed muscles allow smooth blood circulation in the body.
  3. Activities such as yoga, aerobics, swimming, and walking build an effective blood-circulating system by getting all the veins and muscles in motion during such active exercises.
  4. Minimize smoking or excessive drinking as they are very harmful to your health.

5. Outlook 

Ensuring good blood circulation is vital for maintaining optimal body health throughout life. As stated above, foods with high nutritional value and essential minerals and vitamins should be eaten for smooth blood flow and to maintain an adequate number of red blood cells in the body.

However, some ways, like being physically active and moving the body, can ensure better circulation, promote good heart health, and reduce the risk of developing potentially life-threatening diseases.

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