7 Amazing Coconut Water Benefits To Know About

Replacing other healthy beverages, coconut water has become a staple among young and old alike. Containing a plethora of nutrients, there are numerous coconut water benefits. It not only helps in regulating blood pressure but can prevent several mild ailments as well. And since it contains a lower sugar percentage, it can be even included in your daily diet.

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1. Is Coconut Water Good for You?

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside young coconuts. Often the water is confused with coconut milk, however, it is important to acknowledge both are two different types of beverages1. One occurs naturally inside the coconut and has no aroma or flavor while the latter is a processed beverage.

Coconut Water Benefits
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And a cup of coconut water provides a calorie count ranging between 80-100. Coconut water acts as an electrolyte and contains minerals like potassium, sodium, and manganese

Carbonated water may be the current trend in the market, offering an alternative to regular water or sugary beverages. Well, having little to no calorie content, carbonated water does make an attractive alternative compared to traditional soda. However, regular consumption of carbonated water might not be deemed as healthy for your overall health.

On the other hand, natural coconut water can be considered the best alternative. Coconut water comes at an affordable price and can be treated as an effective sports drink as well. And not to forget the numerous health benefits that coconut water provides2!

Bestowed with natural vitamins and minerals, coconut water helps in hydration and also helps in treating a host of other ailments. You can consume coconut water on its own or even use it in smoothies or as a base for nature salad bowls. If consumed regularly, coconut water can work as an elixir for you!

A 500-ml serving of pure coconut water contains about 60 calories with only 11 grams of sugar. A glass of coconut water can be incorporated into your daily diet, however, it should not act as a substitute for water. If you don’t drink enough water and consume coconut water regularly, it can cause you to gain weight fast.

2. Coconut Water Benefits

Coconut water is a wonderful source of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. An average green coconut can produce approximately 1/4 cup of coconut water.

An ounce of coconut water contains the following nutritional value:

  • 5.45 calories
  • 1.3 grams of sugar
  • 61 milligrams of potassium
  • 5.45 milligrams of sodium

2.1 Aids in Hydration

Potassium, sodium, and magnesium present in coconut water help in aiding hydration. A recent study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that coconut water can replenish body fluids as well as act as a sports drink. For each pound of weight, you lose during exercise, drink about 20 ounces of coconut water to replenish. A research report suggested that coconut water causes less nausea and stomach troubles caused due to dehydration.

2.2 Contains Electrolytes

The coconut water contains calcium, salt, and potassium which acts as electrolytes for the body. An electrolyte or charged mineral is vital for many body functions. You should maintain your electrolyte level at an optimal level to remain healthy. Making yourself a coconut-based nature bowl in the morning can help in maintaining your electrolyte levels 3throughout the day.

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2.3 Prevents the Formation of Kidney Stone

Did you know almost 1 out of every 11 US people has kidney stones by age 30?

Kidney stones occur when oxalate and other molecules combine to form crystals in urine. This can occur due to the lack of proper hydration as well. Keeping yourself hydrated is the only cure for kidney stones and drinking coconut water can aid the process and allow your organs to flush the toxins easily. Regular consumption of coconut water had shown to prevent the formation of crystals in the body.4

A 2018 report from the National Institutes of Diabetes shows that coconut water increases tamoxifen removal from the bile of the kidney and liver. This is considered one of the most coconut water benefits according to medical professionals.

2.4 Helps in Fueling Workouts and Recovery

Another potential coconut water benefit is aiding in the recovery process post-workout. Following exercise, coconut water helps athletes recover body’s electrolytes and water lost in sweat. Coconut is rich in energy from carbohydrates and a 2007 experiment showed that coconut water enhanced sodium levels in the body which helped in retaining water after exercise and also improved fluid absorption.5

The calories come largely from sugar which helps the body refuel energy and helps in the healing process. Coconut water helps in avoiding fatigue and dehydration and also helps in reducing oxidative stress when it comes to coconut water benefits.

However, if you are exercising for long periods, dieticians suggest eating salty pretzels and raisins or other energy-boosting products to fuel your energy. You can even eat a bagel with peanut butter after exercising and drink plenty of water.

2.5 Contains Less Sugar

Plain coconut water can be a good choice for adults and children looking for a less sweet beverage or an unflavored drink. Coconut water is naturally sweet and contains fewer calories than most of the processed beverages found in the market.

For example, a cup of orange juice has 112 calories and 21 grams of sugar whereas a cup of coconut water contains 46 calories and 6 grams of sugar.

Also, coconut water contains 2 grams of protein, 0.7 grams of fat and 2.5 grams of fiber that slow digestion and help to prevent spiking blood sugar levels.

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2.6 High in Potassium

Another one of the most important coconut water benefits is the abundance of minerals. Coconut water is abundant in potassium. It helps in maintaining blood pressure levels and can also help people suffering from hypertension. Drinking coconut water decreases the risk of heart failure. Potassium can improve high blood pressure in people having high or normal blood pressure.

However, if you are taking blood pressure medication it may be best to avoid drinking coconut water as it can lower your blood pressure as well.

It is also advisable to avoid coconut water for 2 weeks when due for an operation.

2.7 Healthier Skin

Evidence from a previous study shows that consumption of coconut water increases your overall antioxidant system by neutralizing the effect of free radicals. It’s known that water possesses antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can also help in combating acne.

(To know more about the benefit of coconut for beauty, click here)

Now there you go, hopefully, the article was able to shed some light on some of the numerous coconut water benefits.

Regular consumption of coconut water can prove to be extremely beneficial for your overall health. However, if you are under medication for treating any chronic ailment, consult your medical advisor before including coconut water in your daily diet.

3. FAQs

3.1 Can You Drink Coconut Water while Working Out?

Yes, drinking coconut water is an excellent way to stay hydrated while doing out. It is a common option among athletes since it is a natural electrolyte-rich beverage that may replenish fluids depleted during workout and avoid dehydration.

3.2 Does Coconut Water Work to Cure Hangovers?

Yes, because it is so hydrating, coconut water can assist with hangovers. It functions as a natural cure for the unpleasant side effects of alcohol use since it can replenish fluids and electrolytes lost during drinking and lessen nausea.

3.3 Is Daily Consumption of Coconut Water Safe?

As long as you don’t have any reactions to it, drinking coconut water on a daily basis is harmless. It is an organic beverage that is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals, which makes it an appropriate beverage option and a beneficial complement to your regular diet.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Milk
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