Foot Pressure Points: What You Need to Know

This article is a guide on how foot pressure points work. Keep reading to know the full benefits.

What is the need for undergoing a therapy that induces especially the foot pressure points from the total 361 points in the body? Words do not bind the stress-free feel that we acquire due to massage.

After a therapeutic massage session, the immediate sleep would be heavenly, and we tend to forget about tragic things for a while.

foot pressure points
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A therapeutic massage does magic to the internal organs and mental health in a few minutes compared to the medical aid we need for certain months.

What is the relation between foot pressure points and chronic pain in other organs of our body? How does massaging specific pressure points in our feet give us get many health benefits? Or, is this therapeutic massage beneficial for healthy feet and taking perfect feet pics?

These are some of the questions that arise when we think of a massage trial to relieve stress. The foot pressure points and hand pressure points are more concentrated to heal ailments.

As we like the feel of massage, we get into that strange world of medication. The questions arising in the minds should be answered before believing them blindly.  Let us find the answers to many questions that arise when we feel weird about reflexology therapy.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the method of inducing the acupressure points of hands and feet to free an individual from stress and other aches of different organs. Persons who require a peaceful and stress-free mind would prefer a deep massage on their foot pressure points.

Foot reflexology chart

Reflexology and Internal Organs

A foot reflexology chart is the one you see with many diagrams; and a lot of organs from your body. It shows you which part of your feet is connected to which organ of your body. It is a chart of your body organs, and parts mapped out on your feet.

The foot reflexology chart shows us a clear view of the organs connected to our feet and hands. Referring to the foot reflexology chart helps find the remedy for the organs we need to care about.

Normal people who know hardly about it would tend to locate those organs in the feet and hands. The next step would be giving a massage–like a thing and testing the efficiency. The activity induces the peripheral nerves, works with the central nervous system, and clears cases of diabetic nerve damage.

The pressure points are acupressure points selected to apply pressure more concentrated in the feet and hands. The foot pressure points and hand pressure points would be highlighted for making a clear understanding and idea of their location.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yes. Reflexology has its origin in China as a part of their medical sciences. It is a procedure followed by Chinese medicine practitioners for curing patients with chronic1 pain.

Putting pressure on the points on the feet is believed to have a reasonable effect on the well-being of internal organs and the intake of medicines. This traditional Chinese medicine helps to manage pain but fails if we have a bias against it.

This is currently one of the ancient practices with strict sourcing guidelines that a mass of people follow to reduce pain and stress 2in their bodies.

The foot pressure points are inevitable in reducing pain intensity by applying pressure on it. It is great to feel relaxed when a therapist does a foot massage for us, right?

Magical foot massage on foot pressure points

foot pressure points
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The peer-reviewed studies show that the effective means of getting cured of a disease can demand reflexology. The ailments that occur in our body could affect our mental health as we experience a disability due to the effects of the ailment.

Such disability and dependence on others for indispensable help could make us think about the causes of disability. Such thinking reduces our stability, and we go ill mentally too!

This is because there is somewhat of a magical bonding between the mind and the body. The sustained pressure could ease when we get reflex therapy in hands and foot pressure points.

It is rightly said that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and vice-versa.

Significance of foot massage at the foot pressure points

The points on the feet, i.e., foot pressure points, help in refreshing our mind and body that are stressed due to problems we face in our daily lives. According to reflexology, the feet have many effective nerve endings and play a vital role in relaxation.

The foot pressure points in different regions of the foot have the power of healing it. Self-treatment can be followed.

Self-treatment for foot pressure points

The foot pressure points can be induced by self-treatment methods too. Pressing the foot pressure points could make a great difference.

Self-help is the best option in pressurizing foot pressure points too! Take a golf or tennis ball, rotate it under your foot, and stress the specific pressure points.

The tennis ball gives a good feel if we induce the foot pressure points in the right way.

Myofascial release therapy

Myofascial Release - this powerful new therapy for pain

Another alternative therapy technique is associated with the massage procedure that makes us feel stress-free and helps us get a refreshed mindset.

It is myofascial release therapy. The myofascial release therapy 3relaxes the thin tissue connecting the bones and muscles in our body.

It is often recommended along with foot massage on account of its goodness and ability to relieve aches. A  skilled massage therapist excels in practitioner training and performs myofascial release therapy. Be vigilant while getting into this process.

Let us get into our questioning session to get rid of every question in our minds.

What is the relation between points on your feet and body ailments?

It is believed that foot pressure points or any other points in the body are sensitive parts that can establish a balance in the body. The reflexology trial makes people reduce stress and pain due to hits and hurts.

Even though reflexology remains unclear, they heal conditions affecting the mental health of our body. The physiological anxiety signs can be made invisible by attaining a relaxation feel out of the strain and stress of our body. The feet’ pressure points are more effective than the hands.

Are there any medically proven results for defending reflexology methods?

There are no pieces of evidence that reflexology steals the show of curing ailments without any medical aid. Being biased on reflexology4 could lead to unfortunate situations like increasing the seriousness of the disease and weakening the immune system.

It should be followed like the icing on the cake to heal ailments. It should be, but it should not be the only thing in curing the body.

Mounting evidence of reflexology sessions

From the persons who underwent Coronary angiography

The reflexology session has worked in relieving muscle aches, especially for patients undergoing coronary angiography. The reflex therapy was made to undergo medical testing to prove its judiciousness. The deep massage in foot pressure points worked for reducing pain due to the coronary angiography method.

From the persons who underwent Breast cancer surgery

The results of breast surgery patients who had advanced-stage breast cancer and who took reflexology sessions for hand and foot pressure points were also fine.

The postoperative pain due to breast surgery was reduced due to the massage given to foot pressure points and other body parts. It was ideal for inducing relaxation for them.

From the persons who try to relieve people from blind beliefs

Medical research on the existence of reflexology remains as long as people believe in it. The mindset of people who blindly believe in the procedure should be changed by looking at the results of medical testing.

The acupuncturist and massage therapist can only relieve the body pains, but it is impossible to get a complete cure by simply following the reflexology methods without any strengthening intake.

Role of educated ones

foot pressure points
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The awareness of academic research institutions is inevitably needed for publishing genuine results. Such placement of the finest results could make a large difference in society.

Medical practitioners should provide enough information and results on reflexology so that people do not blindly follow the concept.

Like a pressure suit safeguards the life of a pilot, triggering reflex points of our body safeguards the mental health of our body. The hurting pain softens in an effective foot massage session.

The trigger points reduce the pain intensity of the body parts too. The pressure point softens the ailment, and the induction could separate them as effective acupressure points if we trigger them in the right way.

Reflexology also works only when you are completely putting yourself up for the process. Massages have always been a way of healing stress and anxiety, and now they can aid in other major ailments too if backed up by scientific pieces of evidence.

Well, if you have stress and pain in life, then do try massaging the foot pressure points and see for yourself if the magic does work for you.


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