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Essential AC Benefits For Skin: 5 Health Benefits

Air Conditioners amount to 12% of the total power consumption in the USA. It has brought a few benefits for health, and many limitations with its existence. So, are air conditioners (AC) good for you? Do you need an AC in your home?

Air Conditioner Benefits for Skin

1. Protects Skin From Sweating

Unlike fans and coolers, the AC benefits for skin are pretty good. We sweat a lot in summers; blame the summers for getting us addicted to staying in the air-conditioned room!

The heat produced by the sun makes us tired and sweaty, and this sweat is mainly composed of substances the body does not need anymore.

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Too much sweating leads to dehydration or the loss of water content in our body which automatically makes us weak.

So when the air conditioner is switched on, the cool breeze soothes the body and relaxes the entire sweat-causing cells. This calming down the sweat glands brings down the risk factor of dehydration.

When there is a water deficiency in the body, the parts that require water for their functioning tend to slow down and can even stop often. This is one of the AC benefits for the skin.

2. Improvement in Skin Tone

A statement says that living in an air-conditioned room will make your skin tone brighter or fairer.

Many factors brighten your tone, a particular time of exposure to the sunlight, the act of some vitamins and minerals on your body, and the genes that you inherit from your family.

On the other side, although there are AC benefits for skin, staying in an air-conditioned room makes your skin dry, and that dried-out skin results in making your skin tone lighter. And this fair tone is not permanent and is naturally temporary.

Health Benefits of AC

1. Avoids Heart Strokes

We tend to experience a lot of discomfort on overly sunny days, and intense exposure to heat may lead to irritation. The hot temperature results in heat strokes and also causes a person to faint.

In this case, the air conditioner does its job to the finest. The relaxing breeze cools down the body and gives a comfortable environment to the other organs.

The cool breeze lessens the temperature present in the air, making the atmosphere calm and cooler.

These cold surroundings can relax a suffocated and irritated body. Finally, the regulation of heat will gradually set everything right.

2. Sets You in Your Comfort Zone

These days’ work pressure has touched its peak, and people have no time to relax the way they want.

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The hot air flowing from all directions will cause discomfort amongst people with hectic business schedules. The cool air from the air conditioner enhances the comfort level of the person.

3. Prevents Dehydration

Dehydration is the loss of water in the body. Dehydration in the human body most commonly takes place due to excessive sweating. This can happen due to intense physical activity or exposure to the sun.

As the air conditioner provides a more comfortable temperature, the pores that release sweat get closed and relaxed.

4. Reduces Allergies Due to Bacteria and Dust

When the dust or the bacteria settles on your skin for so long, the harmful contents in it act on the skin, causing allergies and asthma.

Using an air conditioner can reduce sweat which can automatically keep bacteria far off. So, living in an air-conditioned place makes these get out of our reach.

5. Quality of Air

A regular and basic air conditioner is manufactured to have two to three tiers of filtering sheets inside to purify the air. So due to these filtering mats, we get good air quality, with no pollen, dust, or dirt.

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Disadvantages of AC

Apart from all other AC benefits for the skin, health benefits of AC, many disadvantages ruin the nature of your skin. Let us now see some of the disadvantages of AC.

1. Dries Out the Skin Nature

As far as this part, we know that the air conditioner’s cool breeze makes us get out of irritation and sweat.

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But at the same time, it causes dryness in the skin naturally. The moisture in the skin slowly dries out with the cold nature. This dryness within the skin makes it sensitive and irritated.

If you have a lot of suffocation and badly want to stay in an air-conditioned place, make sure you apply some skin moisturizers so that your skin feels nourished and healthy.

2. Affects the Respiratory System

Our respiratory system has a fixed process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. This process takes place in a certain order.

Suppose this order or the daily activity is being disturbed by the sudden change in the temperature and humidity of the in-taking air. In that case, it causes a fluctuation in the working of the respiratory tract, which can create breathing issues.

3. Allergies with the Improper Cleaning of the AC

The air conditioner consists of two to three filtering mats manufactured in it. They are generally used to provide bacteria and dust-free chilled air.

If these filtering sheets are not cleaned regularly, they are prone to allowing pollen and bacteria through the air.

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This can importantly increase the severity of breathing issues, asthma, and some other respiratory infections.

4. Premature Aging

Water acts as an essential requirement for the nourishment of the skin. The air conditioner lowers the temperature and removes humidity due to which our skin loses moisture.

When the skin loses the moisture in it, it fails to maintain elasticity and starts shrinking. The gradual loss and no replacement of water results in drying the skin, leading to wrinkles and making a path to premature aging.

Tips to Take Care of your Skin in an Air-Conditioned Room

1. Hydrate your Skin

As we know, an air conditioner makes our skin dry and reduces elasticity gradually. We need to hydrate our skin to maintain healthy skin and moisture balance.

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  • Using non-fragranced moisturizing creams on the exposed parts of the body like the face, eyes, and lips, soon after the shower.
  • You can either use water spray for instant dampening of the skin.
  • You can also use a face mask or a lotion mask to keep skin fresh and hydrated.
  • Frequent use of wet wipes can also give better results.
  • In addition, you can use a humidifier to spray in regular intervals on your skin to reduce dryness.
  • To increase the water quantity, you can intake some foods that will automatically raise the fluid contents. Consume cucumber, tomatoes, and grapes as they are rich sources of fluids.

2. Take Intervals from the Conditioned Room

The place where the air conditioner is turned on, the cool air makes that place chilled and relaxing. Staying in such an air-conditioned environment will not allow humidity to enter.

So make sure you take breaks in regular periods from the conditioned room so that you get exposed to the outer environment and replenish humidity. In addition to that, you even feel refreshed, and your mood gets much better.

3. Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Living in an air-conditioned room is said to lower moisture, and skin gets dried out quickly. The human body lacks the basic required water content as the water in the body dries up.

To replenish the water supply in your body, make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Consuming a high quantity of water makes your body work much better and regularly flushes out toxins from your system.

4. Change the Filtering Mats Once Every Month

An air conditioner has a lot of equipment in it. There are two to three filtering sheets in it to filter the air.

Once the air is filtered, we get the best quality of it. These filtering mats do a lot of work. They take in the dust into them.

Once the dust in the sheets is exceeded, the quality of air gets depleted. So, clean these sheets every month for better working.

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