7 Best Food Blogs To Explore

Best Food Blogs
Lily Banse

In this article, you will find the best food blogs to check out for some delicious dishes for you and your loved ones. As you may have noticed, food bloggers have made life so much easier regarding accessibility to recipes. But it is equally confusing to choose the right one.
It can be said food blogs are the innovated version of recipe books with a pinch of personal touch.

You will find a range of people indulging as food bloggers, from home cooks to professional chefs just wishing to share their tips and experiences virtually with everyone.
From the abundance of options, it would not be easy to select some best food blogs, and we will try our best. So without any further delay, let’s get into it.

1. Naturally Ella

As the name suggests naturally Ella is the best food blog when looking for vegetarian healthy recipes and natural cooking. This blog was founded in 2007 by Eric Alderson when he was starting his journey to make his health better.

Naturally Ella
Jimmy Dean

The best thing about this bog is that it answers your every question from substituting ingredients to other meal plans like what to make for dinner? And much more. And to fulfil this, the site has three guides.

First being recipe search which includes step-by-step delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, second being a guide that can help you with buying, using, and storing fresh produce including vegetables, fruits, and green. The third being, build a pantry to stock your pantry and use the remaining ingredients of the pantry.

2. Budget Bytes

This is one of the best food blogs you can find if you are looking to save some bucks through food. This blog is by a self-taught cook and budget lover, Beth Moncel. She started this blog in 2009 wishing to track her expenses related to food and food products.

Gradually this platform attracted lots of views for those who don’t want to save some money and still get to eat scrumptious food. This platform will provide you with great recipes with ample nutrition in them and of course mentioning the price for each item brought.

Also, the design of the website is so simple and easy with each category clearly marked that a newcomer could easily navigate through it. You can also download the mobile app called “budget-friendly recipes at your fingertips”.

So go check out her site – budget bytes because who doesn’t love tasty and healthy food without burning their pockets.

3. Sprouted Kitchen

Who says best food blogs only have to have recipes in them. Sprouted kitchen created by Sara and Hugh fortes proves the common notion about food blogs. Sara included everything from food to exercise, relationships, mindfulness, and mental health in her blog.

Thereby creating a food cum personal blog. Cooking for her is not just about food but also a king of mental therapy to feel good. Hugh’s work on the other hand is like the icing on the cake. He is responsible for photographs and presentations being a self-taught photographer.

Sprouted Kitchen
Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

Like many other best food blogs you must take a look at the sprouted kitchen because throughout their journey they have designed two cookbooks comprising mouth-watering dishes and a weekly meal planner.

Through their cooking club, you won’t only be updated on different recipes but also on the kitchen equipment Sarah uses, while exploring some photography and beautiful aesthetics giving new wings of life to the overall page.

And to keep yourself motivated and feel great while entering your kitchen you can always visit the shop section.

4. Minimalist Baker

Owing to its name minimalist baker is among the best food blogs if you are planning to enter a minimal lifestyle. This particular blog was started by dana Shultz with her husband in 2010. Guess the best thing about this blog?

The ingredients required for this recipe are not more than 10 which can be prepared in only 30 minutes and that too in a single pot or bowl, making almost all the recipes your comfort food. And with that, all the recipes are vegan and gluten-free. What can be better than this?

Such time and resource management of Dana through her innovation has earned her many followers. People following this blog through YouTube are 17k, Twitter has around 25k, Facebook with 216-page likes, and Instagram’s go as high as 823k followers.

Alongside recipe developer, dana is also a food photographer and content creator. She has created two cookbooks, a food photography course, and a blogging course. These are right there on the website and if you are looking to start your blog or make it a successful business check out her “blogger Resource” section.

5. Pinch Of Yum

If you are looking for a teacher for cooking then the best food blogs will be of Lindsey. Being a teacher before being a full-time blogger, her passion for inspiring and engaging can also be seen in her blog – pinch of yum.

For that purpose, this foodie from Minnesota keeps the content fresh and interesting through high-quality videos and photography, also allowing her views to rate and comment on her recipes for better feedback.

pinch of yum
Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist

Creating this blog as their source of income, she and her husband started to teach everything they have learned in the industry through food blogger pro – a community build by them for the sake of giving out their experience.

A pinch of yum started as a platform to share recipes and experiences of Lindsey regarding motherhood, traveling, family, and more has turned into a whole team dedicated to developing recipes, media scheduling, and video production.

So if you want to go into the field of food blogging you must check out the pinch of yum’ resource page. There you will find lots of free tips from Lindsey along with her paid courses. People love her and it’s evident from her Facebook and Instagram followers which are 276K and 477K respectively.

6. Sally’s Baking Addiction

You have to agree with us that the best food blogs are the ones that satisfy our sweet tooth by teaching us to bake treats for ourselves and the ones we love. Sally does just that along with some of her pro tips when it comes to baking in her blog – sally’s baking addiction.

Sally Mckenney is a self-taught baker and found this amazing blog in 2011. “behind the scenes” sally also likes to share something about her family and recipe development to keep the audience engaged. You can also learn in detail from her about blogging – growing and monetizing it.

To make everything, even more, sweeter you can find some recipes for delicious meals that would go perfectly with your dessert. She also understands that too much sweet can be harmful to health. So she provides me with some healthy options.

This talented baker has made her baking addiction a well-established business by publishing three cookbooks which are followed by a US book tour. she has also hired two assistants to help her with work and spread all the yumminess more widely and effectively.

7. Food 52

All the best food blogs we saw earlier were started by one or two bloggers but food 52 is a community blog. This place brings many foodies together on a common platform and they share their love and passion for food among themselves along with their viewers.

They cook 52 weeks a year from which their name comes and this continuous journey as old as a decade has connected millions of eaters and cooks with each other. You can find a huge number of recipes by the food 52 community present on this blog.

Food 52
Rachel Park

Like many other best food blogs the fame of food 52 has crossed clouds. Their cookbooks being presented as new york times bestsellers can be their best blogging award and their Instagram reach are as large as 13 million.

If you would like you can also take part in the contests presented by the community of food 252 or even contribute by adding your own recipe. They also have a separate hotline just for you to answer any questions you may have regarding anything related to food.

You can also visit their shop launched in 2013 that includes a wide range of home goods and crafts that you may need in your kitchen to help you cook more efficiently and make you fall in love with food ten times over.

Best Food Blogs

Searching for the best food blogs over the internet is difficult. Apart from these seven, there are numerous other blogs that you may find and want to put in the list of best food blogs, if so please share with us too.

And if you are a dedicated foodie and have a passion for cooking, then there are chances that they may find you. So without any delay wear your armour and collect your weapons (you know, apron and cooking equipment), and start making yourself and your loved ones some spectacular dishes.

Till then happy eating!

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