30-Day Push-Up Challenge For Fitness Freaks

“Take this 30-day push-up challenge today,” said a poster with inspirational quotes in it. People passing by such posters will think about it for a day and then move on with their regular lifestyle.

But is it how it’s supposed to be? In today’s time, everyone has such a tight work schedule which makes it more necessary to have a healthy lifestyle. But how to have one?

Well, that is what we are here for. In this article, we will introduce you to a way of staying healthy and fit. And do you know what it is?

Of course, it is some exercise routine. It is a 30-day push-up challenge.

From Blabbers to Fitters

The blabbers and silly comparison of ourselves with the bodybuilders are useless when we do nothing and have a mere desire to stay fit. The push should be from our inside to acquire great positions in our life. Stretch your body straight like a floor and push back your pains and worries to the ground.

Such a push is needed for doing body-building practices. The body doesn’t demand us to make a list of hard activities to stay fit. We should try activities that could render great benefits for our body without taking large stress. Workouts play an important role in maintaining men’s health.

A Healthy Lifestyle

The essence of having a healthy lifestyle reflects none other in our eyes when we see ourselves in the mirror every day. The view of bodybuilders doing a better posture of the exercise we think of doing in our imagination. Following a keto diet can make desirable changes.

The spirit of giving time to work out makes us vigilant and focused on our health as well. Let us find the best exercise to reduce the upper body muscles and hip-width.

Push up
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Yes. It is doing PUSH-UPS! Let workouts be your right hand and focus on getting fit.

How Do Push-ups Increase the Upper Body Strength?

Push-ups are the exercise that makes our knees, head, index fingers, lower body, chest, elbows, shoulders, toes do an integrated task. Push-ups are meant to strengthen the upper body and core muscles as well. The hips, knees, right shoulder, the left shoulder should be aligned parallel to the floor.

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The abs structure is also associated with this exercise. It makes the core engaged. The spirit of maintaining our body fit & healthy makes us visualize ourselves doing several reps in a fast-forwarded motion with a background score. Sounds nice, right?

So, take up a 30-day push-up challenge and see great results in everyday life.

Warm-ups Before and At the Time of Doing Workouts

  1. Take a deep breath several times.
  2. Meditate for 15 minutes and focus.
  3. Set a timer to limit the number of planks that are made in the ground.
  4. Make your right hand and left hand to give a hard push to the ground.
  5. Take short rest if you are tired.
  6. Push back and bend elbows and shoulders from one position to another.

The Right Procedure to Do the Push-up and Straight Line Planks

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  1. Stand facing the wall or any object against you in an erect position.
  2. Knee down straight to position your hand at the right angle.
  3. Lie on the floor with palm facing down and bend elbows and stay perpendicular to the floor.
  4. Lifting of the whole body by pushing our arms towards the floor should be done.
  5. Get to the plank position without any disorders.
  6. The shoulder blades should wake up when we rise from the floor.
  7. Repeat for a low number of reps if you are doing it for the first time.
  8. Come back to the start position.

It is possible to take up the 30-day push-up challenge if you get introduced to push-ups correctly.

The muscle strength and core strength increases at the time of doing a push-up. The health conditions will elevate in the right path if we do push-ups at the right pace and procedure.

Push-ups performed daily would encourage us to take up the 30-day push-up challenge. Try doing incline push-ups for competing for the challenge too.

30-day Push-up Challenge Exercise Program


The 30-day push-up challenge maximizes your strength and concentration. Each day your increase your reps in each set, which ultimately builds a strong core.

You will start with simple basic push-ups on day one, and gradually the difficulty level will increase. This will only help you gain more strength and flexibility.

And don’t worry, not each will be a tough day, as there will be quite a few days for rest too in the 30-day push-up challenge.

Let us make a schedule for it

Day 1: 5 Push-Ups | 5-Sec Plank for Twice a Day

Start the day with 5 push-ups as you are new to it. The plank exercise for 5 seconds helps the body strengthen when done supplementarily with a push-up. Try knee push-ups too.

Day 2:  5 Push-Ups | 10-Sec Plank Thrice a Day

Increase the duration and times of plank for inducing speed to your challenge. You might feel tired due to new activities but strive to get out of them.

You can try for elbow plank on day 2.

Day 3: 10 Push-Ups | 5 Squats

Squats are also a better way of making us fit and healthy. They induce our thigh muscle groups to burn fat in them. Practicing squats with push-ups may render great induction to the pace of the challenge. Squats help in strengthening hips as well.

Day 4: 15 Push-Ups | Side Planks Twice a Day

Add 5 push-ups extra and try side planks. Side planks are also helpful for strengthening the muscles and organs of the body.  It helps in refreshing our body from head to toes.

Day 5: 10 Triceps Dips

Triceps dips fall under the category of adding strength to our upper body muscles. The need for a break amidst a heavy schedule of doing push-ups makes our body feel relaxed and reduces strain1.

The best practice that we do next to push-ups and high plank is triceps dips. It makes our arms strong. The triceps are strengthened and make our triceps look good.

The procedure for doing it is given below:

  1. Stand facing in the opposite direction of the table.
  2. Place your elbows perpendicular to the table.
  3. Right elbow, hips, chest, the head should be in a straight line.
  4. Push back the ground with a downward force.
  5. Fold your knees in the start position.
  6. Release the tension created in your knees, hips, and toes.
  7. Repeat for several reps and strengthen your elbows and chest.

Day 6: 15 Push-Ups | 10-Sec Plank Position Twice a Day

Strive to work towards the goal by adding an extra 5 push-ups. The plank position should be practiced twice a day. Make your reps more effective by doing planks along with the push-ups.

Day 7: 20 Push-Ups | 10 Squats

Every second of a five-day chore is made for practicing squats. The push-up count has increased for 5 extra reps.

Day 8: 20 Push-Ups | High Plank for 5 SEC Twice a Day

Try doing the same count of push-ups as the preceding day. The high plank position is also a sign of the hard practice that we do every day. Shoulders, in turn, get transformed into firm shoulders. This activity is recommended for better shoulders and strengthened hips.

Day 9: 25 Push-Ups | Side Plank Twice a Day

Try extra 5 reps and side plank two times a day.

Day 10: 15 Triceps Dips

It’s time for triceps dips again. Triceps dips help strengthen your elbows. This is a rest day for push-ups.

Day 11: 30 Push-Ups | 15-Sec Plank Twice a Day

Add 5 reps extra and do 15 seconds of plank twice a day.

Day 12: 35 Push-Ups | 15 Squats

Do 15 squats and 5 extra push-ups. If you are exhausted, lie on the floor and get deep breaths.

Day 13: 35 Push-Ups | 5-Sec Side Plank Twice a Day

Do the same count of push-ups and do side planks twice a day for 5 seconds.

Day 14: 40 Push-Ups | 10-Sec High Plank Position

Add 5 extra reps and try a high plank position for 10 seconds twice a day.

Day 15: 10 Triceps Dips

As this rest day has no push-ups, try 10 triceps dips to compensate for the blank space.

Day 16: 40 Push-Ups | 10-Sec Side Plank Twice a Day

Get into the pace by doing 40 push-ups and 10 seconds of side plank two times a day.

Day 17: 45 Push-Ups | 10 Squats

Add extra 5 reps and 10 squats to your workout regime. If you feel weak or dreary due to body pain, don’t stop the pace. Pain is a sign of getting it right. It engages your core as hard as possible.

Day 18: 45 Push-Ups | 10-Sec Side Planks Twice a Day

Do the same count of reps and practice 10 seconds of side planks two times a day.

Day 19: 50 Push-Ups | 10 SEC High Planks

Add 5 more reps and stay in a high plank position for 10 sec in two times a day to make your core tight.

Day 20: 15 Triceps Dips

Try 15 triceps dips to compensate for push-up reps. Quite hard, but try to attain the best results for your muscle groups.

Day 21: 50 Push-Ups | 10-Sec Side Planks Twice a Day

Do the same count of reps that you have done the last time. Do try to hold the side plank position for 10 seconds two times a day.

Day 22: 55 Push-Ups | 15 Squats

Add 5 reps extra with the reps count, and the turn for squats came with 15 counts.

Day 23: 60 Push-Ups | 10-Sec Side Planks Twice a Day

Add 5 reps more and hold the side plank for 10 seconds. Side plank pressurizes our elbows more than triceps2 dips.

Day 24: 65 Push-Ups | 10 SEC High Planks

Add 5 reps more to push-ups. Hold the stamina for high planks.

Day 25: 10 Triceps Dips

The rest day, accompanied by 10 triceps dips for making our upper body sturdy, has been scheduled for this day.

Day 26: 65 Push-Ups | 10-Sec Side Planks Twice a Day

Do the same count of push-ups with side planks in a proper form twice a day for 10 seconds.

Day 27: 65 Push-Ups | 10 Squats

The last turn for doing squats 3has come with 10 counts. Try the same number of push-ups for this day too.

Day 28: 70 Push-Ups | 10-Sec Side Planks Twice a Day

Add 5 push-ups extra and hold side planks for 10 seconds.

Day 29: 75 Push-Ups | 10-Sec High Planks

The last day for doing the high number of push-ups in this 30-day push-up challenge has come accompanied by high planks4.

Day 30: Rest Day

Since this is the last day, it is a rest day, and you can do a 10-sec plank thrice a day.

By following this schedule, you can get a better structure and practice to work hard for a healthy lifestyle.

For this 30-day push-up challenge, you can try out different push-up variations on different days. You can start with scapular wall push-ups and basic push-ups, and move on to incline push-ups, floor push-ups, diamond push-ups gradually as you pick the pace.

Variations will help you get a better hold of the exercise.

30-day push-up challenge
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Doing push-ups is a risk-taking effort that requires good concentration to practice. The push-ups make the core tight. The push that we give to the ground should be firm to make a better posture.

This is a core engaging activity that makes our arms strengthened. The wrong posture could lead to injuries, so we should make a concentrated effort while doing push-ups.

Doing this workout makes a drop in fat level and makes you look fit. It can also maintain your chest and core. The combined practice of push-ups, high plank at the right position gives exclusive access to a fit and healthy life.

Take up a 30-day push-up challenge and high plank workout for getting the best results. The rest day after this activity could make you stay active.

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Final Words

The person interested in body-building can afford an ace certified personal trainer for better guidance. You can speak with bragging rights in due course of better practicing. There are paid commissions too for managing such core engaging activities and increasing chest and knees strength.

Increase the pace of doing workouts by following exercise plans like a 30-day push-up challenge. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” suits any activity. Still, here it can be modified as every action has an equal and beneficial reaction in case it is in proper form.

So, take up the 30-day push-up challenge now and get fit.

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1. How would it affect me if I practice push-ups for 30 days?

You will grow stronger and feel better with practice. In contrast to the 1000 pushup challenge, you perform 100 pushups every day for 30 days, resulting in daily muscle growth and strength improvement.

2. How many pushups should you perform each day to get in shape?

The ideal daily workout would involve 3 sets of 12 repetitions. You will develop muscle strength as a result. Make sure to exercise correctly if you want to gain from this type of exercise. You won’t get anything from exercising incorrectly anyway.

3. What drawbacks are there to push-ups?

Daily pushup practice does carry certain disadvantages and these include elbow injury, wrist pain, and lower back pain. By mastering the correct form for the pushup variations they wish to use, people can lessen these risks.

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