10 Facts About Slime Sponge That Are Fascinating

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Have you seen ASMR slime sponge videos on YouTube? If yes, this article will interest you as it provides ten intriguing facts on slime sponges. 

What is a Slime Sponge?

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Scientifically – Slime is a ‘Non-Newtonian fluid’ – fluids that don’t fall under newton’s law of viscosity, as its flow is between solid and liquid particles that change with any stress or force.

Generally – Slime is used as a play material for children and is made of polyvinyl alcohol solutions, cross-linked polymer, and borate ions.

Slimes can have a foul odor, are green in color, and slimy if touched. As it’s quite flexible and fun to play with, it is a popular DIY theme. 

1) What are the Different Kinds of Slimes?

Slime sponge can be made in many ways like:

1.1) Glitter or unicorn slime sponge

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Slime ingredients mixed with glitter. Some examples include glow-in-the-dark slime and rainbow glitter slime.

These can be made in different colors like pink, green, blue, yellow, and other shapes like the ‘Unicorn poop.’ Click here for a small tutorial that you can save for making later.

1.2) Cleaning slime sponge

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A thicker slime is used for cleaning things like electronic items. Click here for a tutorial video.

1.3) Fluffy sponge slime

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Soft, these also are edible, thus safe for children to use. They are light and squishy.

Just add a little bit of shaving cream, foam mixture, cornstarch, and hand lotion to the classic slime recipe. You can adjust the colors by using primary food colors.

Here is the link to make one, save it and watch it later.

1.4) Borax free slime sponge

Slimes are also made without borax, a cleaning agent harmful to the skin.

1.5) Glue Slime sponge

Smiles made of clear glue are also prevalent, like polka dots, stretchy Christmas trees, and fall leaves slimes.

1.6) Magnetic Slime sponge

In your original recipe of slimes, add iron oxide powder and get the instant magnetic effect.

Although making these are to be done under adult supervision due to iron powder and magnets involved.

2) Ten fascinating facts about slime

2.1) Slime was initially a toy product!

Slimes came into being in 1976, with the invention of Mattel Toys, as an oozing and gross substance loved by children in the U.S.

These green slimes grew in popularity and were popularly used in board games like the ‘Slime Monster.’

In present times, slimes are no longer ugly substances but can come in all forms and fragrances of one’s liking.

2.2) Slimes reduce stress

Did you know Slimes, more than being playthings, can also offer health benefits?

These stress relievers are quite popular among adults because they offer a relaxing break from everyday problems. The sponges help focus by providing a calming and content effect.

2.3) Slimes help develop motor skills in kids

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Slimes awaken many senses in kids: touching, looking, sounding, and smell. This increases general awareness.

Awakening one’s senses also help in the overall growth of children, boosting their cognitive abilities.

2.4) Animals produce Natural slimes 

Mucus, a slimy substance created in our lungs and digestive system, is also made by animals to defend themselves against predators.

2.5) Homemade slimes only need simple Slime Supplies

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By Franklin Park Library/Flickr. Copyright 2021.

As seen above, slime sponges can be made of different types and items, so the homemade ones require only the basic ones like:

1) Baking soda

2) Elmer’s glue

3) Contact lens solution (with boric acid)

4) Glitter (as per your choice)

2.6) Residents of the U.S. love slimes, but a different country bans the product

Did you know some countries have a ban against some slimes?

Germany bans a popular ingredient used to make them – Borax, because of its role in infertility. They aren’t even available in online stores.

2.7) Google dedicated a year to Slime

2016 was a popular year for slimes – when Thai teenagers started the slime sensation.

It grew so popular that a simple search of the product would lead to hundreds of videos and ads related to these sponges, mostly on social media sites.

Some influencers started making money with their annual subscription rates of slime videos, watched by people of all ages like Karina Garcia.

So, 2017 became the trendiest search year for slimes making google mark it as the ‘Year of Slime.’

Did you know one video almost reached 26 million views? Click here to check it out. You can also subscribe to the account to check out more interesting content on the compilation of DIY and ASMR videos.

2.8) Slimes have been part of a NASA Experiment

In 2019, the ISS U.S. National Laboratory, in collaboration with Nickelodeon, launched multiple packs of green slime to the orbiting laboratory.

NASA has been known to test out fluids in space, but this substance allowed them to test out a rare viscous fluid.

This was also adopted in a fun and educational version by Nickelodeon’s – ‘Slime in Space: A virtual field trip,’ featured on the Kids’ Choice awards.

2.9) Vinegar dissolves slime

Yes, we can destroy slimes quickly. Vinegar breaks up the cross-linking bonds of standard slimes made of glue, an essential activator, and polymer, dissolving it into a liquid.

You can keep it handy when kids get it stuck somewhere with a home slimes recipe gone wrong or even to remove a mold.

2.10) Slimes are therapeutic

One of the reasons for the popularity of slimes is that they provide an excellent offline source of relaxation, opposed to online screen time.

Art therapists explain that slimes help people of all ages, as they combine process-oriented therapy while making it and product orient therapy while finishing and playing with the product.

3) Online World and Slimes


Slimes are still a popular source of collection and entertainment, from the DIY good quality videos with a step-by-step tutorial to ASMR YouTube videos (also in the form of ads).

There are also many tutorials on how to make these videos:

1) Make the slimes

2) Film and edit the video

3) Publish and share the video

Specific sites like the kapwing give detailed tutorials on making a slime sponge, with even features like saving the draft through settings for later publishing.

Online shops of these slimes are also quite famous, like the – ‘Login – Aki’s Slime shop,’ where you have to sign in or log in and can find and order slimes of your preference. Check out the reviews and try it for yourself.

So, it isn’t surprising to note why slime sponge is still popular with these many attractive features.

If you are still wondering why slime sponge making and watching are on-demand, check out this article on the psychology behind them.

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