10 Effective Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises You Should Know

The hamstring is a vital part of our body, located at the back of our thigh. They are tendons of the muscles which straighten our hip and bend our knee. Hamstrings are primarily prone to injury, especially for athletes. Hence, keeping it healthy is a must. Here, we will figure out the best bodyweight hamstring exercises.

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Significance of Hamstrings

Implementing a hamstring workout is primarily not a big deal. Start a workout regime from today, consisting of bodyweight hamstring exercises. It consists of an array of exercises to choose from and perform at home. What’s more, you can do them without any guide as well.

There is little difference between bodyweight hamstring exercises and normal hamstring exercises: the only difference is that bodyweight movement creates comparatively more impact on your hamstring than normal hamstring workouts. So, you can reap the benefits faster.

Did you know that bodyweight hamstring exercises are not only beneficial for your hamstring but overall health as well? It improves body flexibility, along with your body balance. As it tightens your glutes, apart from doing it as a workout routine, you can apply these movements for warm-up.

It goes without saying that these movements are extremely beneficial for your legs as well.

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Let’s now discuss the 10 best bodyweight hamstring exercises.

Best 10 Bodyweight Hamstring Workouts

1. Good Morning

You may have heard of the exercise named Good Morning. It is one of the most effective bodyweight hamstring workouts. All you have to do is stand still and remember to keep your legs hip-width apart from each other. Rest your fingertips on your ears.

The Good Morning

Start by slightly bending your knee and driving your hips backward. Remember to descend your torso till it is almost parallel to the floor. Then hold this state for some seconds. Now you can come back to the starting position.

This exercise will keep your core engaged and your back flat.

2. Knee Hugs

Another significant bodyweight workout to train your hamstrings is called the knee hug. This workout is quite simple as well.

Start the exercise by lifting your right knee close to your chest, and grabbing it with your hands. Try to pull your right knee as close as possible and squeeze your left glute. Hold for a few seconds, then release and return to the starting point. Do the same on the other side. Continue the exercise by repeating the sides alternatively. Take 30 seconds of rest between the sets.

Knee Hugs

Here, you stretch both your hamstrings and glutes to the back and front leg, as well as the hip flexor.

3. Glute Bridge

One of the most popular, as well as efficient bodyweight hamstring exercises, is the glute bridge. Firstly, adopt the position of lying on your back at first, with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Rest your arms on either side of your body, along with the palms.

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Squeeze your glutes while pushing your body upwards. Continue to ascend your butt off the floor until your body adopts the position of a straight line from your shoulder to your knees. Hold this position and gradually lower yourself back to your initial point.

It is also used as a cool-down exercise after belly-burning exercises.

4. Hand Walk

Another great workout from the list of top 10 bodyweight hamstring exercises is the hand walk exercise. It gives you multiple benefits, such as lengthening your hamstring, building strength in your shoulder and core, and working on your lower back muscles.

Start this workout by keeping your hands on the floor and your legs straight. Try to come to this position by starting with the standing position, and then walk your hands out slowly and get to the floor.

Next, walk your feet back up to your hands, but remember that your legs should be still. Now, in this position, take some baby steps with the help of your ankles only. Remember not to use your hips, quads, or knees.

Have 2 sets of this workout, and take at least 30 seconds to rest in between them.

5. Jump Squat

Jumping squats are not only one of the best bodyweight hamstring exercises but also an incredible workout to increase your energy and lung capacity. Stand, and keep the width of your shoulder apart from your arms at either side. Keep your core engaged and your chest up and back flat. Drive your hips back, and start lowering your body till your thighs don’t seem parallel to the floor.

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With full energy, push yourself back, and jump straight. Land with your knees feel the burn and immediately do the same again, without wasting a second.

6. Inverted Hamstring

Inverted hamstring workouts are one of the best when it comes to the best bodyweight hamstring exercises. It works your hamstrings to a great extent and improves your core strength and body balance as well. Apply this workout every day, and experience the benefits soon.

Inverted Hamstring

Keep your tummy tight, and stand by giving balance on your right foot. Have your shoulders down. Bend down at your waist level, and have both your hands stretched out. Extend back your left leg, which will work on your left glute. Move your heel and shoulder together within a straight line. Complete the workout, return to your initial position, and repeat the same on the other side.

Have 10 reps overall per day and 30 seconds rest in between the sets.

7. Lateral Lunge

Another famous workout from the list of best bodyweight hamstring exercises is the Lateral lunge. To athletes, this workout is essential, as players often suffer from hamstring problems. Apart from firing the hamstring, this workout works on the glutes and quads as well.

How to Perform Lateral Lunges

Start with keeping your feet flat, and step out with your right toe, keeping it straight. Keep your left leg straight, and squat down as much as possible. Give a pause, return to your former position, and repeat the same on the other side. Have 10 reps every day, and rest for 30 seconds in between the sets.

8. Crab Walk

Crab walk is a “must be done” workout when it comes to initiating bodyweight hamstring exercises. Sit on the floor, with knees bent and legs apart. Keep your hands behind your waist level on either side and lift your hips with the help of your glutes and core muscles. You will gradually form a tabletop position with the assistance of your thighs and torso. The only two parts of your body which will touch the floor are your palms and the soles of your feet.

Crab Walk

Maintain this position and move forward with your left hand, right foot, right hand, and left foot. Continue this walking for a specific number of steps, reverse your walk in the same way, and come to the starting position.

9. Lateral Bound

Lateral bound is one of the best options from the top bodyweight hamstring exercises. Have your left leg off the ground, stand on your right leg, and squat slightly. Take the help of your glute and leg to jump laterally to the left. Maintain your balance, and land softly on the adjacent leg. Maintain this for three seconds, and do the same on the other side. Have 10 reps overall, the rest 30 seconds in between sets.

Lateral Bound

10. Unweighted Romanian Deadlift

This workout belongs to the best and most popular bodyweight hamstring exercises, which will strengthen both your hamstring and your back. Hinge at your hips, bend forward, ensuring that your hands touch the ground, but stand straight. Hold the position, have a minimum of 10 reps, and rest for 30 seconds between the sets.

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The above-mentioned are the best 10 bodyweight hamstring exercises. Apply this to build strength in your hamstring, as well as activate your glute as well. Besides, these workouts are beneficial for your overall health as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Frequently Should I Perform These Workouts?

Your current level of fitness and fitness goals will determine this. Usually speaking, it is advised to include these exercises in your weekly training regimen two to three times.

2. Is It Possible to Strengthen My Hamstrings only Using Bodyweight Exercises?

Certainly, especially if you regularly push yourself through progressive overload and with good form. But, incorporating weights or resistance bands into the workouts can aid in up the intensity and further promote muscular building.

3. Are Hamstring Exercises with Your Body Weight Appropriate for Beginners?

Sure, however, it’s crucial, to begin with, easier versions and go on to harder exercises as your strength increases. In order to prevent damage, it’s also crucial to put appropriate form and technique first at all times.

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