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What is Wellbutrin Weight Loss? A Quick 2022 Guide

Wellbutrin weight loss is observed in people who are taking Bupropion on a daily basis.

Wellbutrin (also better known as Bupropion SR) is an antidepressant prescribed in order to treat Major Depressive Disorder.

In this day and age, it’s important to take care of your mental wellbeing along with your body. Commonly prescribed antidepressants fall in the class SSRI which helps boost the serotonin levels of your brain, which helps with anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Many studies have observed that antidepressant and antipsychotic use often cause weight changes, weight gain is a common side effect in most of these medications along with headaches and fatigue. People often avoid antidepressants because they can cause low libido as well.

Now, unlike most of the other anti-depressant medications that cause weight gain, taking Wellbutrin had the opposite effect as people began losing weight.

Antidepressants vs. Weight Gain

wellbutrin weight loss
By: Andres Ayrton/Pexels

Gaining weight is one of the most common side effects of antidepressants especially if you have a long-term relationship with them.

Although there isn’t a clear-cut medical explanation or study that offers insight on how and why people on antidepressants may experience weight gain, numerous theories have been offered by clinical trials to date.

People who suffer from eating disorders often suffer from major depressive disorder as well. The fact that weight gain is a common side effect in many antidepressants often makes them avoid medication.

Many people in general end up avoiding seeking clinical medicine for their mental health because of their weight management concerns. This isn’t a problem amongst people with eating disorders only but other individuals as well as it becomes harder to lose weight while you’re on the medication.

Now unlike the other antidepressants, people on Wellbutrin have reported that they’ve been losing weight while on the drug.

What Is Wellbutrin Weight Loss?

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By: stevepb/Pixabay

Wellbutrin weight loss became widely popular as a ‘miracle weight loss pill’ after many people on it reported experiencing a surprising amount of weight drop. They used it as weight loss medication.

Wellbutrin is a brand of the antidepressant Bupropion. There are different forms of this drug available in the market, such as Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL.

Some studies show that average weight loss on Wellbutrin occurs only when 300mg is consumed on daily basis. Some people want to know do wellbutrin tremors go away by the use of medications. With the use of bupropion hcl xl weight loss can be achievable.

If you’re thinking about taking Bupropion to trigger the Wellbutrin weight loss effect that everybody talks about, then you can try either the Sustained Release formula or the Bupropion Hydrochloride Extended-Release formula. The effects were noted to be mostly similar.

It is used to treat seasonal affective disorder as well. This disorder occurs during seasonal changes which often results in depressive symptoms in numerous individuals.

Wellbutrin For Smoking Cessation

This drug can also aid in helping an individual quit smoking. In the beginning, it was marketed to be sold solely as an antidepressant but it later proved its efficiency in smoking cessation.

The FDA approved Bupropion to be sold under the brand names ‘Zyban’ and ‘Wellbutrin’ to aid smoking urges in addicts.

The brand name Zyban is mostly sold to help aid addicts to quit smoking. There are some side effects to look out for since people have complained that it worsened their mental health instead and caused weight gain.

Some of the bupropion sr 100mg reviews, gives positive results for depression and sadness. Even some people use it as a bupropion appetite suppressant.

Does Wellbutrin Weight Loss Actually Work?

To study whether this Wellbutrin Bupropion treatment could aid in improving your mental health while making you lose weight simultaneously, many clinical trials have been conducted on this specific discussion.

A popular study on this topic was conducted in 2012 where one group of obese adults were put on Bupropion SR and the other obese adults were in the placebo group.

During the span of 48 weeks of this double-blind placebo-controlled trial, it was noted that people on Bupropion lost double the amount of weight than people on placebo. Their body mass index dropped more than the ones on placebo.

They also managed to maintain the lost weight after the end of the study, thus providing more evidence towards the Wellbutrin weight loss hype.

Another study at Duke University found out that taking Bupropion caused significant weight loss in obese women. It has proven to be an effective drug for the fight against obesity.

How Does Wellbutrin Weight Loss Work?

By now you might have figured that Wellbutrin works in a different way from other antidepressants. It doesn’t fall under the common antidepressant categories that usually boost serotonin levels in your brain.

Wellbutrin is an atypical antidepressant that can treat depression by boosting your body’s norepinephrine and dopamine levels. The best one is Wellbutrin xl 150 mg weight loss purpose. Unlike other medications, this drug won’t disrupt your sex drive or cause weight gain.

Wellbutrin SR is usually prescribed to patients suffering from depression as well as bad eating habits simultaneously. You could also be prescribed Wellbutrin if none of the other medications are working for you.

A lot of times depression is interlinked with loss of enthusiasm and excessive boredom which causes people to eat even if they don’t actually want to. Wellbutrin helps curb these urges and cease the weight gain that usually occurs in depressed individuals.

Wellbutrin SR For Appetite Suppression

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By: Artem Podrez/Pexels

The way Wellbutrin weight loss works is by suppressing your desire to eat more than necessary and diminishing the food cravings that you may get throughout the day.

You should know that Wellbutrin SR isn’t designed specifically to lose weight and sometimes people gain weight while on it. Taking Wellbutrin in the long term can have many benefits if your body reacts well to the treatment.

There can be a downside to taking this medication if you’re someone who struggles with anxiety as well. One of the side effects of taking Bupropion SR is that it can trigger restlessness in patients. On the other side, it’s also seen that it has positive effects on some types of anxiety triggered by depression.

Most people who are on Wellbutrin SR take it twice a day on an empty stomach. This way it helps their craving for food later as the day progresses and helps in decreasing your body weight.

Wellbutrin XL For Weight Loss

There isn’t a big difference in your weight loss journey whether you take Wellbutrin SR or Wellbutrin XL.

The key difference between the two is that while both of them treat major depressive disorder and help to lose weight, the Wellbutrin XL formula can help treat seasonal depression.

While you have to take Wellbutrin SR twice a day, you can take Wellbutrin XL only once every morning. It can take a while for the effects of the medication to start kicking in. It is normal to feel agitation in the initial weeks of beginning the treatment before the effects start off.

However, like every other medication, Wellbutrin has its own side effects. Before delving into the Wellbutrin weight loss hype, it’s important to seek professional medical advice from your healthcare provider on whether it would be a good fit for you.

Wellbutrin Weight Loss In Obese Patients

pexels andres ayrton 6551063
By: Andres Ayrton/Pexels

Obesity has been a major health concern in the USA for years now and as of 2022, there are about 213 million obese Americans in the country.

Wellbutrin weight loss has been an effective form of treatment for obese patients suffering from depression. Many patients on Bupropion SR have reported that their sugar cravings subsided about two weeks after taking the medication.

Obesity reviews have noted that patients who have been taking Bupropion for more than a year have reported losing almost 95 pounds. Patients with a high body mass index have noted that ever since they began Bupropion, their body mass has been getting closer to a healthier number.

It’s not the same for every obese patient. Some of them have complained that Bupropion worsened their depression although it still helped curb their food cravings. Some people have also said that this treatment had them gaining weight instead of losing it.

Sometimes people get confused between Wellbutrin and Lexapro, but you don’t need to search about Wellbutrin vs Lexapro weight gain. Both of them have similar effects on depression or mental disorders. Lexapro drugs belong to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Side Effects Of Wellbutrin

No matter how good a medication may sound, there are always some side effects to be wary about. Bupropion may cause weight loss and help you quit smoking, but it’s not for everyone.

Some of the common side effects can be seen in many patients when they first begin their medication but it gradually improves with time. Usually the drug interactions cuases side effects. This can’t be said for everybody since some people might experience serious side effects and should avoid this medication.

It is important to share with your healthcare provider about what prescriptions you’re on currently, what vitamins you’re taking, and even which dietary supplements you’re taking before going on Bupropion.

Who should stay away from Wellbutrin?

Individuals Prone To Epilepsy And Seizure Disorder

According to the prescribing information, one of the most dangerous side effects that Wellbutrin can cause is seizures. This usually happens when you overdose on it but on rare occasions, it can happen on a normal dosage as well if your body has a certain medical condition that you’re unaware of.

So it is important to have a thorough medical checkup to see if your body can handle this medication in order to eliminate the risk of having a seizure because of it.

This is why it’s important to consult a doctor to get trustworthy health information about the medication and whether it would be compatible with your body.

Individuals Suffering From Hypertension

Some patients on Wellbutrin XL have reported having blurred vision and headaches, which were caused due to sudden high blood pressure in their system.

Although some other patients have only suffered mild consequences, it is better to be careful if you’ve been suffering from high blood pressure for a long time.

If you’re someone who is suffering from Hypertension, then it’s better to look for alternative options or consult your healthcare provider over whether your body can tolerate the medication.

Individuals Suffering From Anorexia And Other Eating Disorders

Wellbutrin is an antidepressant and the weight loss that accompanies the process is simply one of its side effects. Obesity research has shown that this medication has helped patients suffering from obesity to drop weight efficiently and also aid in chronic weight management in the future.

On the other side, while this research has shown how helpful it can be for overweight and obese women especially, there could be dangerous side effects for people suffering from eating disorders.

People with eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are always looking for ways to lose weight in an effective and quick manner. They often indulge in unhealthy ways to lose weight, especially by fasting for long hours and excessive exercising while on a low restriction diet.

Wellbutrin XL may control your appetite, there could be a certain price to pay for it.

While people with eating disorders might want to try this ‘weight loss drug’, it should be noted that seizures were often seen in people with a history of eating disorders, especially anorexic and bulimic patients.

Other Side Effects

Some of the other side effects of this drug use are insomnia, dry mouth, tremors, severe allergic reactions on rare occasions, nausea, and constipation.

Wellbutrin Weight Loss Works, But Not For Everybody

1975565 pills scaled
By: BDS/UnlimPhotos

Many bad eating habits are interconnected to depression and often one of its symptoms. Wellbutrin works in harmony with the body to suppress these bad eating habits which medical professionals believe to be connected to low dopamine levels.

Since many studies have shown the results of Wellbutrin weight loss, a new medication was created solely to help with chronic obesity. Bupropion works in various ways and under multiple brand names, so another medication was created after combining it with Naltrexone called ‘Contrave’.

If you’re looking to try Wellbutrin simply for the weight loss effects, it might work for you but it’s not designed for that sole purpose. Many people who were on Wellbutrin Bupropion often end up gaining some of the weight back after going off it.

Although this treatment can help curb binge cravings and steer towards healthy food intake, it is not a ‘miracle weight loss drug’ that you should rely on. It is important to discuss with your doctor the best treatment for your body if you’re suffering from obesity.

If you’re someone who finds it hard to resist midnight food cravings and looking to lose weight while adopting a healthier lifestyle, this article might help you out.

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