Wearable Technology For Seniors—A Basic Guide

When it’s about providing an extra layer of security and freedom to our older adults, what can be better than using wearable technology, right? 

These days, as this Telus review will tell you, technology is not limited to energetic young adults but also for seniors to live healthier and happier life. From fall detection to emergency monitoring—plenty of wearable devices are available on the market. And the benefits? Give peace of mind to the family member and caregivers while bringing flexibility and freedom to the older adults. 

So, let’s check out some of the best wearable technologies1 for seniors and how they can provide a self-dependent and healthy lifestyle.

1. MobileHelp Smart

The MobileHelp Smart is an easy-to-use and efficient medical alert watch for tech-loving seniors and older adults. It will help monitor their health conditions and encourage them to stay fit. And its advanced technology will help in medical emergencies as well. 

This smartwatch has come into the market in the collaboration between MobileHelp and Samsung. It features a help button, built-in microphone, speaker and GPS 2location monitoring, nutrition, blood pressure, heart rate monitor, and other fitness applications.

So, if you are looking for the safety of your loved ones, this smartwatch will satisfy all your needs. With a small monthly fee, this single-button health watch is the best tool to stay fit and live confidently.

2. Freedom Guardian

Freedom Guardian is an innovative and wearable medical alert device that looks like any high-tech smartwatch. With GPS location tracking, it will be easy to monitor the location of your loved ones in case of any emergency. 

It comes with a weather app, text messaging, and a calendar with customized alerts or reminders. So, you can schedule a doctor’s visit or never forget to take medicine with its automated alarm system. Moreover, its high-resolution touch screen and large icons are satisfying for poor eyesight people.

3. Apple Watch 4

Apple watches are famous for tracking steps and activity levels or giving feedback about your daily goals. But, what does it has for the seniors? 

Well, Apple Watch 4 has an ECG monitor. Yes, it will generate ECG 3just like a single-lead electrocardiogram. It is beneficial for people suffering from AFib or other heart rhythm-related issues. You can store the ECG result on the iPhone Health app to share it with the doctor for further consultation.

It has been approved by the FDA to use as a health device to monitor health conditions. Moreover, it also comes with fall detection. It means if the watch recognizes a user fall, it will send notifications to the emergency contacts or automatically call emergency services.

4. Fitbit Charge 3

Voted as the best fitness tracker in 2018—this device is specially designed for the active senior. It offers an automated sleeping tracker to monitor sleeping habits. It, in turn, helps older adults analyze how to get proper rest to stay fit and active.

It also features long battery life, easy-to-read backlit, and some other applications that seniors love to use, like weather and calendar.

5. Garmin Vivosmart 3

This fitness device is efficient, intelligent, and impressive. It is useful for fitness monitoring, such as calories burnt, steps taken, or stairs climbed. Besides that, it also features recording heart rate variability, which means it can calculate and display your stress level. 

With its built-in guided breathing tools, it is helpful for stress 4relief and relaxation. Undoubtedly, it is a must-use for older adults to live happier and healthier life.

6. Reemo Health Smartwatch

For older adults who are tech savvy and health conscious, Reemo Health Smartwatch will be the right choice for them. This smartwatch will help you monitor health data and share that with your family members or health care professionals.

It offers 24/7 concierge help, which gives access to a live operator that will provide product support or emergency service.

Benefits of using wearable technologies for seniors

So, let’s take a quick look at the top 3 benefits of using wearable devices in recent times,

  • Connected help—help older adults to stay connected 24/7 with their caretakers or family member.
  • Personalized data—can monitor your sleeping patterns, habits, and daily goals.
  • Living independently—with its innovative features, allow one to live an independent life without depending upon others.

Wrapping up

Seniors, lone workers, or people with disabilities have started to show interest in wearable devices. These medical alert tools are the must-try items who want to retain their independence while ensuring their safety when they need help in an emergency.

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