Sudarshan Kriya: 5 Undeniable Benefits

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Breathing is the key to life as you die and survive because of breathing. Have you ever thought of the benefits of practicing Sudarshan Kriya yoga (SKY) in your life?

Grow fit by learning one of the best yogic kriyas for deep breathing. A package or combination of perfect breathing technique and pranayama to uplift your breathing and boost your health benefits.

Give this article a read to learn Sudarshan Kriya yoga techniques and benefits.

A Little About Sudarshan Kriya

A perfect combination of positive outlook or appearance with purification, Sudarshan kriya will build your health and bring well-being to your life. In this kriya, you will learn breathing techniques that include slow inhalation and exhalation process.

The main goal behind doing Sudarshan kriya is to learn breathing by holding control over your mind which will ultimately help in positive life goals and wellness overall. Sudharshan kriya will help your mind, body, and soul. It also has spiritual benefits for building your life in a better way.

There are some elements of Sudarshan Kriya that you must know before getting started with this kriya. These are:

1. Posture-

Posture plays an essential role in ascertaining the effects of any yogic asanas or exercises. While doing Sudarshan Kriya, you must do it in Vajrasana (diamond pose).

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Make sure you close your eyes while doing Sudarshan Kriya yoga breathing practice. You could achieve the health benefits of Sudarshan Kriya by performing the whole process that lasts up to 20-30 minutes.

2. Ujjayi-

Ocean breath is a process of inhaling that should be slow and deep because of the contraction of the diaphragm for expanding your belly and lungs by the movement of inhalation.

3. Kanishtha, Madhyama, and Jyeshtha Pranayam–

In this process, though, breathing out the toxins would clear out from the lobes of your lungs. Here You should focus your hand’s placement along with breathing.

4. Om Chanting-

Om should be chanted while practicing Sudarshan kriya is a set of 3 each time.

5. Sudarshan Kriya-

Here, you will have to do three paces of breathing technique. Each type would be different in speed and intensity. Make sure you do it properly for claiming the benefits.

6. Meditation and Relaxation-

The ultimate and final stage of this kriya includes meditation and relaxation. These would improve the overall functioning of organs in your body. And will also help your body to get back to a neutral state.

Benefits Of Sudarshan Kriya

  • Reduces Stress

Sudarshan Kriya is a great breathing exercise for your mental health. It will help reduce stress by improving mental illness and disorders.

Different types of breathing paces and techniques would have a positive effect on your stressed muscles by reducing tension and stress hormones.

Sudarshan Kriya will help your cortisol level go down, which is extremely important for reducing or managing stress hormones. Sudarshan Kriya yoga (SKY) will help you bring your energy levels high and hence reduce stress.

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  • For Maintaining Cholesterol Level

An increase in bad cholesterol levels is a warning for everyone. Sudarshan Kriya can help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) to maintain your cholesterol level and prevent heart diseases associated with an increase in bad cholesterol.

Pranayam will help in improving your breathing and cleaning the toxins that are very harmful to your body. It would help if you learned Sudarshan yogic kriya by following the art of living to get the benefits.

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  • For Immune System

Many reports found the link between Sudarshan Kriya and the immune system as is outstanding for strengthening your immune system as they increase the number of antioxidants in your body.

People suffering from low immunity or fewer antioxidants should try out this amazing breathing yoga for strong immunity.

  • For Depression

Depression can be one of the outcomes of long-lasting stress and disturbed mental health. Sudarshan Kriya yoga will do wonders for improving your concentration and inner peace. After practicing this kriya for a long time, you will feel more confident and patient.

The controlled breathing process will work as psychological therapy for your physical and mental health.

  • For Brain Health

Your brain health is one of the most important factors that determine your life span. Maintaining brain health is vital to avoid mental disorders and illnesses. Breathing exercises such as Sudarshan yogic kriya that includes pranayam are great for your mental health.

Sudarshan Kriyas will help to calm and relax your mind by reducing stress and depression. Vajrayana (posture of the kriya) will improve your circulation (blood) and increase blood supply to the upper part of your body.

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Other Benefits

Sudarshan Kriya yoga will help improve your sleeping schedule by clarifying your mind for better performance and decisions. It will also make your mind enter into a creative zone that can enhance your brain functioning.

This breathing yoga will also affect your self-esteem and personality by making you more positive.

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Sudarshan Kriya

Sudarshan kriya will change your life and help you pave a positive lifestyle to lead a happy life. It would help if you tried out this yogic kriya for improving your emotional, physical and mental health at once.

Start your day with this tremendous Sudarshan kriya for a healthy life and body.

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