How to Reduce Blurry Vision: 5 Effective Remedies

Blurry vision is the condition in which a person cannot see objects and people around him. They find it difficult to focus properly on things.

Blurred vision shouldn’t be neglected because any minute negligence can lead to serious effects. It may be a symptom of other diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy and low blood pressure.

Blurred vision even indicates that a person might have suffered a head injury in the past, and as a result, he is experiencing blurred vision.

Is blurry vision dangerous?

People might experience blurry vision once or twice due to weakness. However, experiencing blurry vision frequently shouldn’t be ignored, and one should find out how to reduce blurry vision.1

Lack of clear vision can lead to accidents, which can be fatal. Blurred vision is often a symptom of problems like migraines or strokes. If the symptoms of blurred vision persist for longer, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist for the best advice.

Causes of blurred vision

Before you find out how to get rid of blurry vision, you should know the exact reasons for your blurred vision. If you know the exact reason, you can only find out how to reduce blurry vision.

One should get eye tests done to know the exact cause of blurred vision. As per the National Eye Institute, here are a few causes that can lead to blurred vision.

1) Prolonged exposure to the computer screen

blurred vision
By Jud Mackrill // Unsplash // Copyright 2023

Working on the computer or laptop or playing games on mobile phones for long hours strains the eye muscles, which might lead to sudden blurred vision and digital eye strain.

2) Dry eyes

 Dry eyes occur when eye lubrication is reduced. This usually happens when a person’s screen time is too high or when they are in the habit of sleeping without removing contact lenses.

3) Cataracts

Cataracts among elderly people can also result in blurred vision. Elderly people might also experience blurry vision due to age-related macular degeneration2.

4) Refractive errors

Refractive errors include vision problems such as myopia, hypermetropia, and presbyopia. These aren’t severe and can be corrected using suitable glasses.

5) Detached Retina

In this case, the retina is either completely detached or some part of the retina is only attached to the back of the eye, leading to blurred vision or loss of vision.

6) Other Reasons

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, other reasons that might cause blurry vision are high blood pressure, any injury that has caused optic nerve damage, eye infection such as pink eye, high blood sugar, corneal abrasion3, sudden exposure to bright light, etc.

How to reduce blurry vision

Sometimes, blurry vision is experienced due to something that isn’t too serious, and your vision gets corrected on its own. But it isn’t possible that it happens in every case. If the symptoms of blurry vision persist for a long time, you should immediately look for ways to get rid of blurry vision.

In some cases, blurred vision can be reduced using the appropriate medicines, but in a few cases, you may even need surgery to correct your blurred vision.

Many people don’t want to go for artificial ways to eliminate blurry vision; hence, they search for natural ways to overcome cloudy vision.4

Treating blurry vision is not something that should be taken lightly. One should never be careless regarding health, especially eye health. It is always advisable to seek medical advice to avoid any further complications.

How to reduce blurry vision naturally

Don’t want to go for medical treatment and are wondering how to reduce blurry vision naturally? In that case, you can try switching to the following natural remedies to treat blurry vision. These include:

1. Taking enough rest

blurred vision
By Claudio Scott // Pixabay // Copyright 2023

If you experience blurred vision due to constant eye strain, you should first take a break from your mobile or computer screens and rest before taking any medical treatment.

If taking a break from your screens completely is impossible, reduce your screen time. This will be helpful as you will feel better. If you are in a job where you have to spend a lot of time facing the screens, then you should wear eye protection such as anti-glare spectacles or anti-glare screens to prevent your eyes from getting damaged.

2. Try doing the eye exercises

Almost every disease in the world can be treated with the correct exercises. Similar is the case with blurry vision.

Always consult an eye doctor before you start any exercises. Avoid doing any exercises or taking any medical treatment on your own.

Exercises mainly include activities that enable eye movements such as rolling, blinking eyes, pen pushups, or palming. These eye exercises help to tone the eye muscles, keep the eyes healthy and improve vision.

If you still find no improvement in your eye health, consult an eye doctor as soon as possible to avoid complications. Carelessness can lead to serious impacts such as permanent vision loss.

How to reduce blurry vision using medical treatment

Medical treatments that can be given to a person depend upon the vision problems a person is facing. Sometimes, blurry vision can be treated using medicines or eyedrops, and in the worst cases, a person might require surgery to get the blurred vision treated.

If you are wondering how to get rid of blurry vision and seek medical help, you should consult an eye doctor to clear all your doubts.

However, a few ways to treat blurry vision are mentioned below using medical assistance.

1. Eye drops 

blurred vision
By Karolina Grabowska// Pexels// Copyright 2023

Eye drops are the best solution to treat blurry vision caused by infections, itchy eyes, allergies, etc. They are suitable for symptoms that aren’t permanent, and many cases are enough to treat blurred vision.

But don’t take any eye drops without consulting a doctor.

2. Wearing corrective lenses

To prevent blurred vision that is caused by refractive errors such as myopia or hypermetropia, one should wear glasses of the exact number as suggested by the doctor.

3. Surgeries 

While thinking of reducing blurry vision, one option that comes in a person’s mind is “surgery”. When the symptoms are too severe, the last option is to get the surgery done. In the case of cataracts, the only way to get rid of blurry vision is surgery.

Surgeries to treat cataracts are very common and less complicated. In these surgeries, the lens is replaced by the artificial one.

blurred vision
By Paul Diaconu // Pixabay // Copyright 2023

The discharged retina can also be corrected using surgeries only. Many people who don’t like to wear specs even opt for refractive surgery to completely avoid wearing specs.

Tips to maintain vision health

  1. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is always advised. We all know a healthy diet is essential to avoid disease, including eye infections. A vitamin A-rich diet is very good for preventing all sorts of eye problems.
  2. For people who experience blurred vision after coming inside should always wear sunglasses when they are outside.
  3. Wearing sunglasses prevents the eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.
  4. People with specs should visit their ophthalmologist to stay updated about their eye health. Always wear prescription lenses and not any fancy lenses to look cool. You might look cool for some time, but you will risk your own eyes in the long run.
  5. Avoid working in the dark, as it will harm your eyes. Always work in a place where there is enough light.
  6. Wear protective glasses or lenses while dealing with harmful chemicals while swimming or in any such activity with a risk of eye injuries.
  7. Don’t smoke.


Eyes are precious and delicate and require care and attention. Eat right and take care of your eyes properly. If you find anything unusual, don’t hesitate to seek immediate medical attention.

Remember, don’t take any steps that can harm your eyes, and always be cautious about all your actions. Prevention is always better than cure; therefore, you should care for your eyes in advance rather than wondering how to reduce blurry vision later.

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