How to Take Sexy Feet Pics?

Selling feet pictures online has turned into a bonafide 1income source. And you can earn thousands of dollars selling some beautiful feet pics. However, to achieve such success, you need to be innovative. 

Taking sexy feet pics is critical to this. Learning how to position our feet makes your content more appealing. Using different viewpoints and photographic techniques makes your feet pictures more exciting. To excite your buyers, you can also incorporate props like the following

  • Socks/Stockings
  • Shoes, or stiletto heels

 For further inspiration, browse publications and social media posts. Let’s examine the best foot picture poses: Some clients choose natural or unedited foot pictures. Others will want specific postures, and you can charge more in these precise stances.

8 Best Poses for Sexy Feet Pictures 

A bad pose will make even the most attractive feet look unappealing. To generate interest, you must learn how to capture the shots in the proper position. For example, taking your photos from the ground level produces better results than those from above. 

Experimenting with poses is crucial as it helps you discover your best angles. Once you find a position that suits you best, you can curate a flattering portfolio. However, not all foot shapes and sizes are the same. 

Even though it is great to have a diverse portfolio, it is always essential to determine which poses and angles are most effective for your foot structure and size. Trying various angles like the following will help you produce the most appealing content. 

Foot Arch

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Perfect legs. Source: Shutterstock

If your foot arch is your best feature, this pose is for you. This style emphasizes the curve of the foot and its elegance. The arch pose is delicate and can be used to model footwear too. You may need to keep your leg taunt when taking pictures to emphasize the slant. 

Feet in the Air 

One of the most accessible positions, this pose requires your feet in the air. For this reason, it is the best option for new sellers. This is an easy pose, intended to be casual and fun. If a leg raise is difficult, you can dangle your feet from a tall chair.

Additionally, adding jewelry to the mix may make your picture more exciting. Try incorporating eye-catching rings to stand out from the competition. 

Candid Shot 

A favorite for lovers of casual feet shots is the candid pose. Simply put, this type of foot shots are captured in natural settings. For example, you can have a candid picture of your feet on a railing, lounging on the grass, or playing in the sand.

However, candid does not mean unedited. Even if the setting is casual, your feet images should not be oversaturated. You also may have to take care of the exposure levels if you are using direct lighting. 

Female legs
Source: Shutterstock

Tops of the Feet 

Another simple pose, images of the top of your feet can be taken from a regular height. Whether seated or standing, you only need to point the lens to your feet to achieve this pose. 

However, the image should be faltering and emphasize your feet’ shape. Some buyers may be into close shots, so you should have some ready. While taking your picture, take your camera closer to your feet to get a close shot.

However, images taken so near the subject may contain more details. For close shots, you should ensure that your feet’ hygiene 2is up-to-date. For this, you may have to get a treatment or a spa 3day. Even an at-home moisturizing routine can make your feet shine like a million bucks. 

Toes Spread

Women legs
Source: Shutterstock

The toe-spread feet pose4 is a classic for feet lovers. This position emphasizes the toes, which are often the most enticing parts for feet enthusiasts. Additionally, it highlights the shape of your features. 

To take this shot, you must spread your toes naturally and hold the pose. Though a top photo is acceptable, an image shot from the bottom is preferred. This is because a level shot better emphasizes and highlights your toe shape.

Ankle Shot 

A variation on the arch-shot, the ankle pose5 is at once strong and elegant. It highlights the shape of your feet by playing on the arches and curves. For this pose, you need to keep your lens at ground level. Next, find a position that showcases your feet’ arch. Now, you take the photo.

When editing, you can play with the settings to add depth to the details. It may help the ankle stand out more. 


Unexpectedly, sole pictures are a mainstay in feet-based sites. To have a solid buyer base, you must learn to cater to this demographic. Compared to ankle shots, sole images are somewhat tricky. First, you need to set the camera lens in place. 

When positioning your phone/camera, the focus should be at the bottom of your feet. You can also include part of the lower legs in the frame. However, the attention should be on the soles. Now, extend your legs while maintaining this focus. The bottom of your feet must be facing the lens during this time. This pose makes the sole the focal point of your feet picture. 

High Heels 

One of the most sensual and in-demand poses is the high heels shot. This pose is more sophisticated and formal compared to a candid shot. You will also not be exposing your whole leg in high heels shot. Not baring your leg adds a sensual touch to your photos. Such an appeal may drive up your sales. 

When taking a heel picture, all you need to wear is your high heels. You can be imaginative and try an unbuckled pose or a half-on or a half-off position. Experiment with the position and placement of the shoes. 

Heels are a perennial favorite6 among feet enthusiasts. To tease your buyers more, you can dangle the heels from your feet instead of entirely wearing them. Another trick to make your feet pictures sexier is to opt for eye-catching colors. Instead of the typical black, choose a bright red or a hot pink pair to add appeal. 

When in your high heels, try to take as many pictures as possible. These options will allow you to target multiple niches at once. 

How to Make More Money Selling Foot Pics

Getting the angles right is vital to taking good foot pictures. Fortunately, there are several ways to learn more about positioning your camera. Getting basic photography lessons can help you improve your content. From choosing the correct filters to adjusting the saturation, these classes provide several essential pieces of information. 

Another step is by watching photography tutorials. These clips are readily available online and offer essential lessons on taking photos. Additionally, some buyers prefer polished, edited content. In these cases, using a professional editing tool can crease your chances of attracting regulars. 

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