How to Get Rid of Strong Urine Odor: 6 Best Ways

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Here’s your guide on how to get rid of strong urine odor.

Water is one of the most crucial components to survive in the world. Our body needs water, which constitutes about 90% of our body.

But, water or other superfluous elements deems to find a way to get out of the body. The most common way is through urine. Along with this, internal wastes can also be discharged through vomiting, sweating, sneezing, and defecation.

Urine is simply liquid with semi-solid waste released by the kidneys and is a slightly yellowish, slightly acidic, and watery fluid.

Some people might have observed, felt, or experienced a smell in their urine. This is possible to become a severe issue if continued to be avoided for a long time. This is not a mild problem if this remains for long.

You have to beware of such conditions. The first and foremost thing is that you should know the distinction between the natural odor and the infectious tone of urine.

So this article will help to know how to get rid of strong urine odor and also the causes of odor in urine.

Reasons for Odor

There are several reasons responsible for the odor in our urine.

According to Healthline, dehydration is one of the common reasons for strong-smelling pee. The very reason for dehydration would be the lower concentration of intake of water in your body. Ammonia is present in some amount in our body but proper hydration reduces the probability of dehydration and thus denudes the smell in urine as well.

Second, the urine smell could be due to ‘medications’. Suppose you are taking heavy medicines to cure any issue in your body, this could eventually ascend your urine smell.

Third, Adam Ramin, an MD, a urologist plus a medical director of Urology Cancer Specialists noticed that people peeing have a putrid smell after taking coffee.

Fourth, Vitamin B6 which is also called pyridoxine. Its intake might reduce the urinary excretion of oxalate, which in turn becomes one of the determinants of calcium oxalate kidney stones and can cause smell in the urine as well. So, this vitamin is proven to be detrimental as it enhances the chances of urinary infections.

Fifth, the UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. One of the symptoms of Urinary tract infections is a strong smell while peeing, bladder irritation, and a burning sensation in the urinary tract.

A Brief Overview of UTIs

As per the reports, UTIs or urinary tract infections are more common in women. Because, women have a shorter urethra than men and hence, women’s urethras deem to be more vulnerable to bacteria that find their way to the urinary tract, kidney, or bladder and cause infection and sometimes severe pain to either females or males which comes and goes.

Women are known to be more prone to UTIs. This is because of the anatomy of women. In women, the urethra is close to the anus, thus they are more vulnerable to bacteria.

The urinary infection UTIs usually occur in the bladder which is also called cystitis (typically caused by the development of bacteria, urethra or kidney. There are several symptoms of UTIs such as itching, redness, swelling of the vagina and vulva, and thick white discharge. If it is in the urethra, though you need not be scared much of this, don’t delay in approaching a concerned specialist.

If you are having UTIs, antibiotics are usually given initially but try not to get infected by infections in the first place so that you are not falling into the process of medications which too have impacts on your other body organs as well eg. Heart, kidneys, respiration and digestive system.

Reason for Odor in Urine

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1. Organ Failure: The Possible Cause

A smelly pee can be due to organ failure. As per a 2012 study, some people with kidney failure face bad smells. Similarly, an article published in 2021 suggested that the smell can be due to liver damage as well.

But, it is in extreme cases and not quite common. There are other symptoms concerning the aforementioned diseases like kidney and liver failure. Such as pain while urinating, bloody urine, and the pale color of skin and eyes.

2. Pregnancy: Another Cause

Pregnancy can also result in a strong smell in urine. The very cause of this would be the instant change in living patterns eg. Diets, vitamins, and UTI i.e. urinary tract infection is quite common among pregnant women.

3. The Diabetic Scale Determines the Urinary Issue

A sweet smell in urine may be due to diabetes and the small could be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes or a rare disease of metabolism.

4. Other reasons

Other causes that can also lead to smell in the urine are Bladder problems i.e. bladder fistula, ammonia can also become a reason for a smell in urine eg. fatigue, yellow skin or eyes i.e. jaundice, weight loss, bloating, and its also common feeling of getting thirsty and tired very often.

How to Get Rid of Strong Urine Odor: The Way Out

Once beautifully said by Eric Sevareid

“The chief cause of problems is solutions”

Similarly, the reason for the smell in the urine is generally the way out by reversing the causes and drawing out the solutions.

1. Staying Hydrated: The Major Resistant Wall

First and foremost, stay hydrated. The more you drink, the healthier you will be. Usually, we should intake 6-8 cups or glasses of water in a day. This reduces the chances of urine smell and color of urine all the same.

2. Several Mitigating Beverages

Second, to reduce a mild smell, drinking a small amount of baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, mixed with water is an important household way of mitigating UTIs.

Try to avoid such vegetables and beverages which go through the roof the chances of urine smell such as garlic(but, in some cases it is beneficial), eating asparagus, coffee, brussels sprouts, onions, curry, salmon, and alcohol.

3. Don’t Delay

If the smell is frequent or not stopping, go and approach a GP or general practitioner and follow his/her direction accordingly. Usually, guidance is required when a person has a chronic condition so in such a state a person should reach a doctor. So, do not procrastinate to approach a doctor.

4. Keep a Check on Your Eating Habits

Sometimes, the smell in urine is not due to infection or disease but could be due to a slight transition in eating habits. So in such conditions, you can take anti-junk Ayurvedic tablets. Generally, Ayurvedic things do not have any side effects but rather balance your body. Along with this, cranberry juice is recommended if the problem is not big.

Don’t control urine and visit the bathroom as soon as you need to pee because this could create a blockage and waste will not find its way out and emit a foul smell.

5. Consumption of Probiotics

When you consume prebiotics, it is natural to feel relieved with the same. Prebiotics has the potential to reduce the probability of smelly urine. Probiotics are simply living microorganisms that are present in some food for eg. yogurt and tofu. So, consuming aforesaid items reduces the pungent smell in urine.

If you feel that, you are having a smell in your urine but not often, so, in such situations, you can have green tea and other related beverages which are light.

The implements like bed pads, odor-eliminator items, disposable wipes, air fresheners, waterproof pads, and enzymatic cleaners can be applied. The mentioned things will help you to reduce the smell in your ambient i.e. your house.

6. Odor-reducing Incontinence Products

You can also apply odor-reducing incontinence products for eg. internal deodorant tablets ‘Derifil’ or ‘Nullo’ and incontinence adult diapers or pads etc. However, wearing urinary incontinence pads at times proves to be accidental. But it is proven to be good to protect oneself from urine stains.


In the end, two possibilities are always ahead. The first either the foul urinary smell is no matter of concern i.e., it can be ridden by taking certain beverages and ayurvedic tablets, or, this smell could be alarming on the other side of a frame.

Whatsoever the case, the foremost thing is you need to have your medical test done as soon as you observe the concerning problem. Urinalysis is a test that will help you to find a proper track to know your problem. Thenceforth, this becomes your sole duty to approach a doctor for the same.

The urinary problem can be detrimental if ignored even slightly. In simple terms, you must be cautious of your body for it is imperative to live a quality life.




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