does tattoo removal leaves a scar does tattoo removal leaves a scar

Does Tattoo Removal Leave a Scar?

Ah, made a drunken mistake or a dumb move in love?

Well, flaunting your body with beautiful tattoos sounds very cool. However, it all turns into a question when we think about the other side. Yes, tattoo removal. But does tattoo removal leave a scar?

Does Tattoo Removal Leave a Scar?

Today, inking has become a throughout culture for most individuals. However, sometimes, we end up having an unsatisfied design or the use of bad remaining ink.

To get rid of this, most of us think of treatments that are resulting and painless at the same time. Unfortunately, there are no such treatments except laser tattoo removal.

Reading this, the first question that must have hit most heads is does tattoo removal 1leave a scar? Well, answering this question is our today’s article, we will be exploring an approachable answer to this question, and knowing everything about the tattoo pigment removal process.

tattoo removal
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So, without a delay, let’s get started with today’s super guide!

Factors to be Considered Before a Tattoo Removal

When knowing the types of removal ideas, it is important to consider several factors that help you to choose the best-suited tattoo removal treatment for getting your tattoo removed.

Therefore, one must first look at the following factors before jumping to the types of tattoo removal options. Let’s have a look at some of those concerning factors below:

  • cost
  • keloid scarring risk
  • effectiveness
  • suitability
  • time commitment

Types of Tattoo Removal

Knowingly, there are a total of three tattoo removal processes, that is laser tattoo removal, surgical treatment, and dermabrasion.

Out of these, laser tattoo removal is a highly recommend and trending removal idea these days. All these methods give exceptionally satisfying results to individuals. But, above all, the major question that is asked by several clients is- does tattoo removal leave a scar?

However, it is not always necessary that they suit skin types. So, let’s now know all of them briefly.

1. Laser treatments

As discussed, laser tattoo removal is the most recommended tattoo removal idea, as it is not only successful but also a budget-friendly way to remove tattoos.

Does tattoo removal leave a scar with a laser? Many times, laser removal isn’t that effective to remove a tattoo completely. But they either lighten or the tattoo faded down on your skin.

Does Tattoo removal leave a scar

But, before calling out a session for yourself, let’s find out which type of laser is used on your skin tone.

Generally, most tattoo artists, removal specialists, or medical professionals consider a Q-switched laser for removals.

This kind of laser exhibits strong energy that burns the ink to dissolve in your skin. The ink breaks down and dissolves into the immune system2.

Tattoo removal through a laser treatment may cause 7 to 10 or multiple sessions. However, it entirely depends on the age of your tattoo. The older the tattoo, the less number of sessions. Similarly, a new tattoo asks for more removal sessions.

For each session, you need to follow proper aftercare protocol to avoid any kind of skin problem or side effects. Following are some of the instructions to be followed for at least two weeks after the session to avoid skin scars or problems-

  • Keep the affected area clean and dry to prevent scarring after the laser.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing.
  • Many patients do improper aftercare like exposing the area to sunlight. Avoid exposing the treated area to direct sun exposure.
  • Don’t pick at any scabs or blisters that form.

The Pros

  • Does tattoo removal leave a scar with a laser? A laser tattoo removal procedure is a more effective and permanent solution for erasing inks from the body.
  • Laser sessions are best, regardless of the tattoo size and shape.
  • This treatment is preventive as compared to any other treatment.
  • Laser tattoo removal work has high success rates.

The Cons

  • This can be a painful process.
  • A high number of sessions may cost you expensive.
  • Laser tattoo removal leaves scarring after laser.
  • The healing process takes time.
  • Lasting marks of laser treatment on the inked area.

2. Surgical Treatment

Otherwise known as excision tattoo removal, this removal treatment involves cutting the tattooed skin and covering it with the surrounding skin of your body.

If you are someone who wants a complete tattoo removal guarantee, then this method can be a good buy for you.

Does tattoo removal leave a scar

Compared to the laser treatment, this treatment is cheaper, ensuring 100% removal. But, does tattoo removal leave a scar with surgery?

Surgical treatment is best suited for a small tattoo, as it always leaves scars which won’t be a good idea if you are thinking of taking off a big tattoo.

Surgical treatment is carried out in a plastic surgery office, holding several precautions and care. Moreover, this method can be accomplished in one session, so you don’t have to book a regular appointment with a removal specialist.

Talking about the precautions, your doctors may provide you with ointments or applicable medicines to avoid the risk of infection and minimize scarring.

The Pros

  • In this tattoo removal treatment, you get a 100% off tattoo removal guarantee from the specialist.
  • If you are looking for a painless process, then this can be a great buy for you. As the patient will be in a local anesthetic.
  • Surgical treatment is a one-time treatment. Hence, you don’t need to wait for regular appointments with your consultant.
  • The surgery does not require more than 3 to 4 hours to complete.

The Cons

  • As it is a one-time treatment, so this treatment can be expensive for you.
  • Does tattoo removal leave a scar with surgical treatment? In this process, the inked part of the body is cut and removed, and covered with the other extra skin. This might offer you 100% tattoo removal security but may leave cut marks or tattoo removal scars on the tattooed area.
  • The skin heals in more time.
  • It might occur in skin grafts, or noticeable keloid scars if your tattoo is large. Taking out the skin for a large inked area may cause you bleeding or spilled veins.
  • If you are allergic, then a local anesthetic can develop complications for you.

3. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a less accustomed method of removal, which intakes removing the layers of skin in the inked area. Above all, does tattoo removal leave a scar with this treatment? Knowingly, this method is not as effective amongst individuals, which makes it a less-known treatment.

If you have sensitive skin or any skin condition, then dermabrasion is not for you.

Well, the complete recovery of the skin can be expected in two to three weeks. Your doctor may advise following the proper aftercare procedures-

  • Does tattoo removal leave a scar with dermabrasion? To prevent the scars, one needs to apply ointment as per the doctor’s instructions.
  • Always apply sunscreen while going outside.
  • Avoid wearing fitted clothes around the treated area.
  • Avoid water on the treated area.

The Pros

  • The procedure is effective if you want to remove tattoos with keloid scarring3.
  • This is a painless treatment as the inked area is numbed while the surgery.

The Cons

  • The treatment causes high redness which may take time to recover.
  • Does tattoo removal leave a scar? Is it effective? Dermabrasion 4may not be suitable for dark-tone individuals.
  • The process might damage the tissue.
  • After treatment, the patient may find sensitivity to sunlight.
Does tattoo removal leave a scar

Does Tattoo Removal Leave a Scar?

Does tattoo removal leave a scar after any of the treatments? Does tattoo removal work as we think? Well, the clear answer is NO.

As mentioned, there are three different types of removal treatments. Somewhere or another, they result in a scar at the end of the sessions.

Tattoo removal generally works, but some tattoos are much harder that require a good amount of sessions, and laser treatment which might give you unwanted marks.

Another very important factor while removing a tattoo is the side effects you may face. It can be tricky to remove tattoos if there exist-

  • a preexisting skin condition
  • a health condition that affects the skin.

How long does it take to heal a tattoo? Let’s explore!

Other Hassle-Free Ways to Remove a Tattoo

Is there a home treatment?

Besides surgeries and lasers, there are also some tattoo removal creams and chemical peels that promise complete ink removal from your skin. Does tattoo removal leave a scar at home?

They are not only widely available but also a pocket-friendly deal for those who prevent surgeries. However, there is no such guarantee or proven evidence that they work.

Most of all, they can either lighten or fade your tattoo, however, continuous use of such chemical creams may harm your skin if you are a sensitive skin person. Does tattoo removal leave a scar?

People generally follow some DIY tattoo removal cream ideas to avoid painful treatments. However, these treatments may not be 100% reliable in that they completely merge with your skin type.

Does tattoo removal leave a scar

What about Covering it?

Does tattoo removal leave a scar through a cover-up? Well, not at all! Other than laser treatment, nowadays, people are bending more towards covering up tattoos.

Amongst all, a cover-up tattoo can be a great option. Not only, it’s cost-effective, but also a quick and hassle-free idea to get rid of unwanted tattoos without thinking of scars.

A cover-up tattoo involves heavy designs including different shades that help in covering the original tattoo completely.

Finding a Specialist

If safety and effective results, is your priority, then finding a reliable specialist can be a great deal for you.

A licensed doctor or dermatologist can guide you more efficiently, than anyway other. Does tattoo removal leave a scar? Well, you can find the best answer from a professional specialist.

They usually recommend you the best, based on determining your skin texture, and other medical aspects. Hence, looking for a specialist around you may help you lead a risk-free tattoo removal process.

5 Best-Kept Facts About Removing a Tattoo

Before you head for surgery or treatment, let’s know some of the unknown facts, you must be aware of about tattoo removal.

As it is always essential to have complete knowledge about any subject before leading any step in the procedure. So, does tattoo removal leave a scar? Let’s analyze this and some more interesting facts!

#1 Laser Burns Your Skin?

Laser majorly targets the pigment particles on your skin. It is heated to thousands of degrees to remove the ink from the skin, regardless of affecting your skin.

#2 Exercise Effects in Fading the Tattoo.

Cardio 5or gyming is highly effective in fading your tattoo. Does tattoo removal leave a scar with gyming? Such exercises which trigger high blood circulation can help you fade the tattoo naturally.

It increases more white blood cells in the body, as your skin broadens and stretches when you work out for a long time.

#3 Laser Does Not Remove Inks from the Skin.

It is a common myth that a laser removes the ink particles from your skin. When ink is applied to your skin, it is injected into the middle layer of your skin.

Those ink particles are big for your tissues, which enables them to absorb into the body. The laser breaks down the ink into tiny particles, which makes it easy for your body to absorb the ink in seconds and further digest it by the body’s immune system.

#4 Different Colors, Different Laser Settings

As discussed, there are some colors like black which breaks down easily at a low laser rate. However, some pigments like green, pink, and red take a high range of laser sets to split the colour. Know more!

#5 Cold is Used After Removal Treatment.

Does tattoo removal leave a scar after applying cold treatment? Whether you are experimenting with laser treatment, dermabrasion6, or surgery, the patient aftercare instructions require cold air treatment to cure the effects of the surgery.

Heat, especially sunlight can produce high discomfort in the treated area.

Does tattoo removal leave a scar

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do tattoo removal marks go away?

The ink will be completely removed from the area after the tattoo removal procedure is finished, but any residual scarring from the tattoo is probable to still be present.

2. How much time till tattoo scars are healed?

As the scabs break from the skin, your skin may probably seem pale or pink. It typically takes between six and eight weeks for a full recovery.

3. Does the skin go back to normal after tattoo removal?

Yes. After having a tattoo removed using a laser, your skin should return to normal.


Well, these days tattoos are a common attraction for individuals. However, it majorly hurts when we have to remove it. Thankfully, there are different ways to do so, that are cheap, effective, and time-saving for us.

However, choosing one treatment may take a lot of discussion as your skin asks for something easy!

As far as it is concerned of the scars, there is no such method that does not leave scar tissue on your body. In some or another way, it gets noticeable, which might not be worth it for you.

So, does tattoo removal leave a scar? Conclusively, covering up unwanted tattoos can be the best choice, not only for one but for all. As it does not acquire any risk of scars or marks.

For any more advice, please consult your medical practitioner.

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