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Choosing a New Mattress – Know the Basics to Find One

Experts suggest that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to help your body rejuvenate. But, sound sleep doesn’t come like that if you are not comfortable with your mattress. A mattress has a significant role in your ability to sleep well and be undisturbed. Regardless, many still overlook its importance by using a worn-out mattress or buying a new one without any research.

If you are planning to buy a new mattress, the first thing to do is find a trustworthy company. Cloudtech mattresses are one of the many names that have garnered a lot of attention and appreciation lately for their firm and plush mattresses. You can find these mattresses from third-party online resellers easily. 

But, finding the right mattress doesn’t end with knowing where to buy from. There are certainly some factors that need to be considered. Keep reading this article to dig into that.


What is your usual Sleeping Position?

You need to find out what your usual sleeping position is. You will figure out that you do one from the following –

Sleeping on the Back

Back sleepers do not need a too firm or too soft mattress. They need a mattress of medium firmness that makes the body feel perfectly comfortable while lying down. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 denotes the softest mattress and 10 the hardest, back sleepers need a 5.5 firmness level. Such a mattress will help your spine stay in a neutral alignment. It will help in avoiding pains in fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Sleeping on the Sides

In contrast to back sleepers, those who sleep on their sides need pressure relief at their shoulders and hips. So, side sleepers won’t find comfort in a mattress with medium or high firmness. Instead, they need a soft, cushioned mattress that contours their body shape and curves. It will help avoid uncomfortable jamming at midnight. 

Well, mattress softness is a relative term compared to the industry standard of 6.5, which is considered a medium-firm mattress. Side sleepers need a mattress that is 4 on the firmness level.

Sleeping on the Stomach

Stomach sleepers need an ultra-firm mattress that keeps their hips in a straight alignment with their shoulders. However, you wouldn’t want to sleep on a rock-like mattress. So, a 7-9 firmness level might be a good choice if you tend to sleep most of the time on the stomach.

What is your Average Budget?

The budget factor has become a top priority for a lot of buyers. Buying a mattress is indeed a relatively expensive investment, but you should know that there is a mattress in every budget range. Although you won’t find one at two hundred or five hundred dollars, the most decent one might cost around $1,200. If you have a bigger budget and want a more comfortable option, you can try a plush mattress for more than $2,500. 

The Bottom Line

Popular options like Cloudtech mattresses have different options for buyers looking for mattresses online. You need to find a company like theirs and then decide what to buy. If you are searching for more details on the product you want to buy, do connect with the company’s experts. They will guide you through in more detail.


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