Canada is the Best Place to have a healthy lifestyle

If you are here, it is because you like a healthy lifestyle. However, you want to know much more about this lifestyle. So here we will tell you that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries with a healthy lifestyle1. So let’s learn a lot about this country that makes people more conscientious and energetic. 

##How did Canada become a healthy country?

The Canadian government has been working on improving the health condition of Canadians2 for many years. They have changed their policies and laws to ensure they can provide better services to their citizens. The government has also worked hard to improve the quality of life of Canadians b3y providing them with superior healthcare facilities and other amenities.

This is with a mixture of good food habits and the ease of buying fresh vegetables, fruits, and more to have an excellent diet. In addition, Canadians love sports, and since childhood, they are involved in them and enjoy outdoor activities. We must remember that nature in Canada is exceptional, with mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls that allow people to take walks and swim in these natural environments.

To make it more clear, here will tell you some keys to their healthy lifestyle:

  1. The Canadian food culture: A Healthy Choice for Everyone

In addition to eating healthy foods, Canadians also love to cook. They use fresh ingredients when cooking. They make sure that everything they eat is nutritious. Furthermore, they try to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

  1. The Canadian fitness culture: An Exercise Habit for Everyone

Canadians love to exercise. They go to the gym regularly so that they can keep fit. They also play sports such as hockey, football, basketball, etc. Likewise, they believe that exercising is beneficial4 for them. It helps them stay active all day long.

  1. The Canadian social life: Friendships That Last Forever

Canadians are friendly and social. They always help each other out. They spend time with friends and family members. Not only that, but they also get together on special occasions. For example, if someone needs help, they can ask their friends for assistance.

  1. The Canadian Environment: Clean air and water

If you live in Canada, you will never be affected by air pollution. This is because there are strict laws to protect the environment. Therefore, there is no need to worry about breathing polluted air.

Is that enough, right? Canadian people enjoy life.

##Now, let’s talk about facts; Canada is on the list of healthy nations!

According to the report from, Canada has been ranked 13th on its list of the healthiest countries in 2022. 

The complete list of the world’s healthiest countries includes:

  1. Japan
  2. Switzerland
  3. Cuba
  4. Slovenia
  5. Armenia
  6. Croatia
  7. Finland
  8. Poland
  9. Belgium
  10. Italy
  11. Israel
  12. France
  13. Canada
  14. Costa Rica
  15. Greece
  16. Australia
  17. Hungary
  18. Bulgaria
  19. Serbia
  20. Montenegro

This research used obesity rates, life expectancy, crime, air pollution, healthcare, safety, and access to mental health care 

##What a healthy lifestyle entails: Mental and physical care.

Lastly, mental care is essential because this helps to increase the quality of life, not only physical care. Therefore, both concerns need to be combined to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  

Body and mind must be connected in order to have a healthy lifestyle5. Exercise helps connect these factors, but it’s up to each person to make it possible. In this case, Canada has many incentives for the population to be active in activities that exercise their dynamism, such as sharing with people in natural environments, playing sports, or going to the gym.

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