Bong vs. Pipe: Understanding the Key Differences

What is a bong?

During the past couple of years, people have started to enjoy smoking different types of herbs and weed. Smoking these herbs provides people with many benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety1, relieving their nerves, and others. However, smoking these herbs requires people to use specific products that will allow them to get the best out of their smoking experience.

As of lately, companies have produced bongs – also known as water pipes – as a method of smoking these herbs. Bongs come in different shapes and forms; for instance, people will be able to purchase bongs made out of different materials, large or small bongs, bongs with different components, etc. The increase in the different types of bongs was due to the fact that the demand for different types had increased, and to meet the target audiences’ demand, companies started to respond to the customers’ needs.

On the other hand, the usage of bongs started to become popular since people enjoyed the preparation process of the smoking product. In other words, to smoke herbs using a bong, people are required to fill every compartment with the necessary supplies – such as filling the water chamber with water, grinding the herbs, storing the ground herbs in the bowl piece, etc.

What is a pipe?

Compared to a bong, a pipe is considered to be an older tool that is used for smoking. However, the complexity level associated with smoking a pipe compared to a bong is considered to be higher since people need to know the right methods of inhaling through the mouthpiece.

On the other hand, the design of a pipe is considered much smaller when compared to a bong. Even though both products are used to provide the same thing – and are considered to be substitute products – pipes are much easier to carry, unlike bongs.

Additionally, to smoke a pipe, people do not need to have a large amount of substances, such as water or a grinder. So, to smoke a pipe, only the pipe, some herbs, and a lighter are needed.

When looking for a pipe similar to a bong, people will be able to find pipes made with different types of materials such as glass, wood, plastic, etc. However, there are not many types of pipes that have different features for smokers.

To better distinguish the difference between a pipe and a bong, here are some of the key differences between both of the products.

Key Differences Between Bongs and Pipes:

1- Price of bongs and pipes

When it comes to pricing, bongs tend to lean towards the expensive side compared to pipes. Since the size of a bong is much larger compared to a pipe, the costs to manufacture and produce a bong are higher – making the final product more expensive.

Nevertheless, the prices of small bongs and pipes might be close to one another as both aim to accomplish the same task.

2- Size and different types

As mentioned before, the size of a bong is larger compared to a pipe. However, there are numerous sizes for bongs, and people might be able to find bongs with sizes close to a pipe.

Additionally, when it comes to pipes, people will not be able to find many types they can choose from, which is not the case for bongs – where people have the opportunity to choose from the numerous types offered in the market.

3- Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility between different types of herbs and whether they are compatible with being used to smoke a certain herb, bongs are considered to be more compatible.

In other words, people who purchase a bong to smoke herbs will have the opportunity to try many different types of herbs and weed since the bowl piece of the bong can be used to store most types of smoking herbs2.

4- Smoking experience

When using a bong to smoke, people will be able to get cooler hits due to the fact that bongs operate with the help of water and sometimes even ice cubes – depending on the type of bong. The water will allow the smoke from the burning herbs to cool off, which provides people with a cooler hit.

However, when using a pipe, since there is no water involved in the operating process, people will not be able to enjoy cooler hits.

How to choose between a bong and a pipe

So, after learning the key differences between both types, it is important to distinguish which one is the most suitable for your preferences.

If you prefer to smoke a variety of herbs, enjoy cooler hits, and have the option to choose from numerous types of products, you will have to go with a bong.

However, when you prefer to stick to certain types of herbs, prefer a smaller smoking product, and want to carry it with you wherever you go, then choosing a pipe will be the logical solution.


To conclude, both the bong and the pipe are created to provide similar results for smokers; however, before making a purchase, it is essential to understand which products’ advantages will be more beneficial for a user.

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  1. Here’s the ultimate showdown: Bong vs. Pipe! It’s like choosing between a luxury sedan (bong) and a compact car (pipe) for your smoke-filled road trip. The choice is yours, but remember, it’s all about the journey and the destination!

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