8 Awesome Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

This article will be very interesting for you because you will get to know the health benefits of Brazil nuts which you would have never imagined.

Brazil nuts come from the Bertholletia excelsa1 tree. The Brazil nut tree is one of the largest and long-lived trees in the Amazon rainforest.

The nutritional value of Brazil nuts is that you can positively fulfil your health and protect yourself from many diseases.

Small things often lead to big benefits, and the Brazil nuts prove this. Let us see how.

1. Interesting History of Brazil Nut

Where Brazil Nuts Come From - Weird Fruit Explorer Ep 207

Brazil nuts grow in the Amazon rainforests. The fruits of the Brazil nut tree are like coconut. Brazil nuts were eaten in the Paleolithic era 2also. A Spanish explorer introduced it in 1569; then, in the 1600s, it was brought from the Dutch to Europe.

The plant is the best source of selenium; if any plant is its best source, it is the Brazil nuts.

Now let me tell you something very interesting about Brazil’s nut tree.

Brazil nut trees can live up to 500 years. It takes 25 years to produce Brazil nuts.

The tree can produce 500 fruits per year. Each fruit has 15 nuts.

2. Brazil Nuts and Species Interdependence: An Interesting Fact

You will find it interesting that the Brazil nut trees depend on some species for survival.

These Amazon rainforest trees depend on Agouti3, which is a ground-dwelling rodent.

Now what I am going to tell you is a very important part of the life cycle of Brazil nuts. Agouti is the only animal whose teeth are so strong that it can open grapefruit-sized seed pods.

The Agouti eats Brazilian nuts, but some seeds are scattered away from the main parent tree. These seeds germinate and form the next-generation Brazil nut tree.

Brazil nuts depend on Euglossine orchid bees for pollination. Due to these reasons, Brazil nut trees grow in the primary rainforest.

3. What is a Tree Nut?

Don’t be confused at all. The most famous tree nut is the Brazil nut, and the least famous is pine nuts.

The tree nuts which grow on trees are so healthy that reading about them adds a lot of knowledge to our health.

What these tree nuts cannot do? They can wipe bad cholesterol from your body. They can give you a healthy heart. There is much more to these tree nuts, which you will know about in this article.

4. Nutrition Facts about Brazil Nuts

The Health benefits of Brazil nuts are uncountable. Brazil nuts contain 28 % proteins, 13 % carbohydrates, and 69 % fat. Let us know more

Brazil nuts have:

  • 3 % water
  • 1 % vitamin c
  • 13 % iron
  • 5 % vitamin B6
  • 94 % magnesium
  • 0 % vitamin D
  • 0 % Cobalamin
  • 16 % Calcium
  • 30 % dietary fibre
  • 18 % potassium
  • 101 % of total fat
  • 75 % saturated fat
  • 0 % cholesterol
  • 0 % sodium
  • 43 % zinc
  • 57 % manganese
  • 104 % phosphorus
  • 38 % Vitamin e
  • 54 % thiamine

5. Brazil Nut Supplementation

Consumption of 2 Brazil nuts has impressive health benefits. It improves overall selenium status4.

Selenium supplementation could avoid fortification. You don’t have to intentionally add a micronutrient to meet the dietary requirements of your body.

The best example is a study done in New Zealand, in which eating just 2 Brazil nuts can avoid fortification.

Just two Brazil nut provide enough selenium and makes your health complete.

Why selenium is important:

  • Healthy heart
  • Improved thyroid function
  • Immunity booster
  • Optimum cholesterol level
  • DNA maker
  • Protect cells from damage
  • Promote cognition. Improve memory
  • Important for nerve cell functioning
  • Reproductive wellness
  • Growth
  • Metabolism

Important sources of selenium:

  • Whole grains like brown rice and oats.
  • Dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, and milk
  • Seafood
  • Mushroom
  • Brazil nuts, almonds, and pistachios

5.1. Selenium Deficiency

Selenium is an important micronutrient whose deficiency imbalances your body.

You may be surprised that selenium deficiency is a big health problem worldwide. There are countries like China, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand where selenium deficiency is prevalent.

Keshan disease and Kachin-beck disease are related to selenium deficiency in China.

There are many sources of selenium, but Brazil nuts are the best. They have a positive impact on the overall health status of the body.

How do you know if you have Selenium deficiency? You may notice changes in your body.

  • Your thyroid health is not good, and your immune system is weak.
  • You may complain of muscle weakness and muscle pain.
  • Women may face infertility problems due to selenium deficiency.

6. Eating Brazil Nuts

The question is not what you get from eating Brazil nuts but what you do not get from eating Brazil nuts. Let us clear this up.

One Brazil nut can give 96 micrograms of the mineral selenium. Not only selenium, but it also gives much more. It gives Vitamin B1, B6, and E.

When one Brazil nut can give so many vitamins, then how can it hold back in giving minerals?

Brazil nuts give us important minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, niacin, thiamine, iron, zinc, and phosphorus, making our bodies fit and fine.

Other nuts are peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts5. All these nuts improve cholesterol profiles.

The special thing about all these nuts is that they are so rich in monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fatty acids that they load our bodies with many health benefits.

7. Benefits of Brazil Nut

9 Proven Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts | ( Brazil Nuts Benefits )

The benefits of Brazil nuts are due to selenium. Selenium is a very vital trace element mineral of our body. It is very important for keeping the thyroid gland healthy.

Selenium also increases our immunity. Apart from this, Selenium also prevents other complications like cancer risk, heart problems, infections, and infertility. Eating Brazil nuts daily can maintain our selenium level.

Brazil nut consumption should be adequate. You should not eat too many Brazil nuts. Just one Brazil nut gives you enough selenium.

7.1.  Thyroid Gland

The benefits of Brazil nuts are magical regarding the thyroid gland. It reduces the risk of thyroid gland cancer, Hashimoto6‘s, and Graves’s disease.

7.2. Brazil Nuts and Heart Health

Brazil nuts play a major role in maintaining heart health as it has healthy fats. It lowers cholesterol levels, thereby avoiding the risk of diseases like heart attack and stroke.

Good heart health is the biggest gift these Brazil nuts can give our health.

A guideline for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease includes the replacement of meat, processed meat, refined carbohydrates, and sweetened beverages with nuts.

One Brazil nut for 8 weeks increases HDL cholesterol in obese women.

These properties are due to monosaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, arginine, magnesium, and selenium in Brazil nuts.

These nuts also protect from atherosclerosis. This is because these nuts protect LDL from peroxidation.

Being anti-inflammatory, brazil nuts reduce the inflammatory marker and bring down inflammation. This is very important when it comes to the maintenance of heart health.

7.3. Benefits of Brazil Nuts in Diabetes

Brazil nuts are also very useful for diabetic patients because they reduce insulin levels and manage insulin sensitivity.

As a rich source of Vitamin E, brazil nuts have great antioxidant properties, reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes.

7.4. Friendship of Brazil Nuts with Bone Health

Our bone health needs only two elements for maintenance. One is calcium, and the other is magnesium.

We can obtain magnesium from Brazil nuts in very good quantities, which can also maintain our bone density.

7.5. Brazil Nuts for Brain Health and Brain Function

Brazil Nut = Brain Nut, 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Brazil nuts contain a polyphenol called Ellagic acid. This is rich in antioxidant properties. Studies have proved that this ellagic acid does not allow depression in our brains.

Here is the proof…

In one study, it has been reported that if adults who have a mental impairment start eating 1 Brazil nut per day for 6 months, their selenium level reaches an optimum level. Their verbal fluency and mental status are greatly improved.

7.6. Brazil Nuts are Neuroprotective

Brazil nuts offer neuroprotection when it comes to brain health. They help in dopamine signalling also.

Brazil nuts also keep our brains healthy. These Brazil nuts can improve our mood and protect us from diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

These are neurodegenerative diseases that completely imbalance the balance of our bodies.

So the lesson here is that selenium intake gives your body balance. The benefits of Brazil nuts to brain function are numerous.

7.7. Brazil Nuts and Cancer

Eating Brazil nuts reduces the chances of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

7.8. Brazil Nuts Benefits Asthmatics

Brazil nuts make your lungs strong. It fights your breathing problems.

8. How to Eat Brazil Nuts?

There are many ways to eat Brazil nuts. You can eat them raw, roast them or even use them in salad toppings.

9. Brazil Nuts Oil

Brazil nut oil has 48 % of unsaturated fatty acids

10. Nut Allergies

Allergy to tree nuts begins in childhood. Allergy rarely fades away and persists throughout life. Nut allergies are regional-oriented.

Hazelnut allergy is common in Northern Europe. In the USA, peanut allergy is common.

10.1. Learning Symptoms of Nut Allergies

When you get this problem, you begin to feel:

  • Pain and cramps in the stomach
  • You may feel like vomiting
  • Your tummy is not well, and you tend to get diarrhoea
  • You get a runny nose
  • Your skin and throat are just so itchy
  • You may find it difficult to breathe.

10.2. Selenium Toxicity

Signs of Selenium Toxicity: Only Take THIS Much

Selenium is an essential micronutrient, but it causes selenium toxicity if consumed excessively. Those consuming it should know that overconsuming high selenium nuts like Brazil nuts leads to toxicity.

Add Brazil nuts to your diet and enjoy the benefits of healthy living. There is an advantage of a healthy heart and healthy thyroid function at the cost of just two Brazil nuts.

Fortification is done so that micronutrient deficiency can be fought. Brazil nuts are so complete in themselves that they provide so many nutrients we do not need fortification.

11. Important Caution But Not Always

Now we come to the most important line. Brazil nuts should not be eaten more than once or two, especially for those people who are very cautious about their weight.

If you are following a weight loss strategy, then Brazil nuts are not for you. The nutritional value is high, no doubt, but they are calorie-rich. If you eat more than recommended, you are increasing your daily calorie intake.

You will face unwanted weight gain.

There may be some confusion, but one more fact is important. Brazil nuts are very high in fibre and proteins, so they can be of good help when it comes to phase 1 of the weight loss strategy.

We get so much from Brazil nuts. We get selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, and thiamine. All these help lose weight.

L-arginine is also present in Brazil nuts, which is very helpful in fat-burning.

You should know all the symptoms of allergy-related to Brazil nuts. It is very good for you to know if you are eating Brazil nuts.

It is good for others also as you can guide someone to the awareness of Brazil nut allergy when you see the symptoms and timely advise them to visit the nearest hospital

12. Brazil Nuts Facts

  • Brazil nut tree is loaded with numerous health benefits.
  • Brazil nuts are saviours of thyroid disease. They maintain proper thyroid function.
  • A single Brazil nut may keep heart disease at bay.
  • One Brazil nut per day keeps diseases away.
  • These nuts flush out toxins and clean your body.
  • Raise glutathione peroxidase and provide good heart health.
  • Brazil nuts are important for growth and metabolism.
  • Improve fertility in both men and women.
  • Important for the functioning of nerve cells.
  • Improve your memory, concentration, and thinking power.

For those who eat Brazil nuts, it is important to maintain a balance between selenium deficiency, selenium intake, and selenium toxicity.

13. Environmental Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are the best examples of sustainable food production.

  • Brazil nuts require little water.
  • Support rainforest
  • Reduce deforestation

14. Collection of Brazil Nuts

How 40,000 Tons Of Brazil Nuts Are Collected Deep In The Amazon Rainforest | Big Business

In this process of health and knowledge, how can we forget about those people who risk their lives to provide us with Brazil nuts?

Brazil nuts are very sustainable. They are not produced by farming. Tribal people collect them after they fall from the wild trees. The collection of Brazil nuts is a difficult task.

Tribal people must go to the dense forests, escape wildlife and collect nuts.

The challenging task of these tribal people is at risk. They are paid a low price for their collection, and the illegal cutting of rainforests is also a big issue.

Apiaka tribe in Mato Grosso, Brazil, is one such tribe.

We should respect these tribal people because they are risking their lives and giving us the easiest way to impress our health: brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts are incredible. There is no doubt that Brazil nuts are so sustainable that they are also protecting our nature, sustaining the lives of many tribals, and prioritizing our health.

15. Key Takeaways

Brazil nut is a tree of benefits. There are many benefits of Brazil nuts.

These improve our body vitals and challenge all bad body problems like high cholesterol levels, Thyroid imbalance, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinsonism disease.

But the best and healthy nutrition advice is that, given its benefits, do not get greedy and do not eat more than one or two.

The most simple conclusion is that people deficient in selenium will benefit greatly from Brazil nuts.

In people who already have adequate selenium levels, Brazil nuts could prove harmful in the form of selenium toxicity.

This article completes your knowledge about selenium and Brazil nuts. Read the article and spread health awareness.

It is rare to have a healthy life in today’s time due to drastic lifestyle changes. So make an initiative. Learn and spread health and enlighten your life.

Also, check out Amazing Fun Facts About The Nervous System.

16. FAQs

1. How Many Brazil Nuts Can You Eat in a Single Day?

Ans. One to three Brazil nuts can be eaten in a single day.

2. Do Brazil Nuts Increase Testosterone Levels?

Ans. Yes, Brazil nuts increase testosterone levels and fertility in males.

3. What Are Some of the Side Effects of Brazil Nuts?

Ans. Some of the side effects of Brazil nuts are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhoea
  • Irritability
  • Garlic-like breath odour
  • Hair loss
  • Nail abnormalities
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