12 Interesting Eucalyptus Oil Benefits

Traditional medicine culture is completely based on the use of plants, herbs, and their extract. Without any doubt, herbal plants are an excellent remedy for the treatment of various diseases or illnesses. That’s why eucalyptus also plays an important role in health benefits.

Eucalyptus tree extract1 has amazing components that give it healthy and beneficial properties. As a result, its use has been increasing for various medicinal purposes. In this way, the oil extracted from this plant is also essential from the point of view of health benefits.

Eucalyptus oil is useful in cold symptoms, inflammation, skin, and more. Hence, it is going to be essential to know about eucalyptus oil benefits. So, go through this article for all the information regarding eucalyptus oil and its amazing benefits.

Let’s dive into the 12 amazing eucalyptus oil benefits.2

Eucalyptus oil
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Eucalyptus Oil: An Amazing Essential Oil

Eucalyptus cinerea is a medicinally used species for the purpose of oil extraction. Leaves are mainly used for the extraction of essential oil from this tree. The chemical composition of this extraction has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. That raises the importance of this essential oil.

The importance of this Australian tree for its essential oil is not limited to the medical field but also spread to the perfume and food industries.

Even the United States Food and Drug Authority approved this essential oil as safe to use as an additive in foods, as it reduces the risk of foodborne diseases.

The use of eucalyptus extract as food addictive is common in Japan just because of its antioxidant properties. Hence, it is clear that this oil has amazing benefits.

The extracted oil from the leaves of eucalyptus is not directly used. First, it goes through the dilution process then the diluted eucalyptus oil is used for various health benefits.Vecchio, Maria Gabriella, Claudia Loganes, and Clara Minto. “Beneficial and healthy properties of Eucalyptus plants: A great potential use.” The Open Agriculture Journal 10.1 (2016).

Before going to know about its benefits, first, see its properties which make it a medically beneficial essential oil.

Properties of Eucalyptus Oil

This evergreen tree has a variety of essential properties that give you tremendous health benefits. These properties are such:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-fungal
  • Antioxidant-rich
  • Astringent
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anxiety reliever
  • Disinfectant
  • Healing and therapeutic

12 Interesting Eucalyptus Oil Benefits: Did You Know?

There are amazing eucalyptus oil benefits that will help you in many ways. The eucalyptus oil benefits range from relieving pain to preventing bacterial or other infections. The anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oil increase its use in medicinal the field.

Eucalyptus oil is not only used for health benefits but also used in aroma therapy. The fresh aroma of eucalyptus oil is the reason to use it as an essential oil. Besides this, there are other important benefits of eucalyptus essential oil.

Let’s see 12 interesting eucalyptus oil benefits.

1. Cure for Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections are quite a common and serious problem. The most affected areas of respiratory infections are the throat, lungs, and bronchitis. The major cause of respiratory infections is bacteria or viruses.

It has been found that eucalyptus oil helps in preventing respiratory infections. Not only this but it also helps to cure sinusitis and asthma. The steam inhalation of eucalyptus oil benefits asthma patients and also reduces symptoms.

The anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus oil are due to the presence of a compound, cineole. Hence, it destroys all the bacteria or microbes that enter the respiratory tract. In this way, it protects you from any respiratory infections.

Steam baths and devices are the ways through which you can inhale the diffused essential oil. Through these different ways, you can use eucalyptus essential oil the cure your respiratory infection.

2. Give Relief in Pain

For pain relief, eucalyptus oil is an excellent remedy. It shows a positive result on muscle and joint pain. The anti-inflammatory properties are the reason that makes it effective for pain, swelling, or soreness in muscles.

Many ointments or pain-relieving cremes contain eucalyptus oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory benefits of eucalyptus oil are not restricted to curing small pain but are also very effective in chronic pain as well.

It has been found that eucalyptus oil along with other essential oils gives relief to pain due to sports injuries or workouts. Hence, there is no doubt that using eucalyptus oil, when you have pain or swelling in muscles or joints, even for arthritis is very effective.

3. Effective for Sore Throat

Wherever you catch a cold, its symptoms start with coughing and sore throat. In some people, the problem of the sore throat also called Pharyngitis is common during winter. And they feel pain when swallowing, just because of sore throat.

This problem is generally caused by viral infections and eucalyptus oil is the best remedy to fight viral infections. In this condition, steam inhalation of eucalyptus oil will be beneficial to ease soreness.

You can also try a different method to use eucalyptus oil which is to gargle a cup of warm water with eucalyptus essential oil. This will also help you with coughing and sore throat.

4. Good for Oral Heath

Most of the time we forget about oral health which is not a good thing. Because oral health is as important as your body’s health. Generally, issues regarding the mouth or oral cavity occur due to bacteria.

Bacteria are the reason for tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases, bad breath, and other dental issues. Hence, it is important to keep these bacteria away from your mouth. And for this, using eucalyptus oil is the best solution. Eucalyptus extracts from chewing gum are also helpful to prevent gum disease or tooth decay problems.

The antibacterial properties will be the reason for the use of eucalyptus oil in many dental health care products. Despite using eucalyptus oil-containing dental products, you can use it directly on your toothpaste before brushing.

Eucalyptus oil benefits
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5. Help in Controlling Blood Sugar

For diabetic patients, the benefits of eucalyptus oil are inconceivable pieces of information. But without getting confused, try out eucalyptus oil to control your blood sugar.

The benefits of the eucalyptus tree are amazing which is why its leaves are used in traditional medicines to cure diabetes. Through a research study on diabetic rats, it has been estimated that eucalyptus oil is effective for the treatment of diabetes.3

It not only helps in reducing blood sugar but also helps in weight loss. The positive results of the use of eucalyptus oil will be the reason for its medicinal properties.

6. Act as Insects Repellent

Insects are the most common carriers of various diseases. Due to health concerns, it is going to be important for every house to keep it fly-free. If you want to keep away all types of insects or bugs, use eucalyptus essential oil-based insect-killing sprays.4

Eucalyptus oil works efficiently against all kinds of insects, bugs, or mosquitos. It also soothes insect bites. A variety of eucalyptus oils are available on the market, the most popular essential oil against insects is lemon eucalyptus oil.

So, use it or you can also make it a spray bottle by adding water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it. Your insect’s insect-repellent solution of eucalyptus oil is ready for use.

7. Prevent Wound Infections

Eucalyptus oil benefits you in wound healing. The antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oil are due to the presence of abundant lipid nanoparticles in it. These nanoparticles tend to fight against microbial infections and also health wounds and burns.

The application of eucalyptus essential oil5 on the wounded or injured part will be effective and give a positive result. Not only this, but it also helps to prevent any kind of infection in the wounded area.

So, when you get cut or wound then apply eucalyptus oil or you can use it in the form of a spray. The spray bottle of eucalyptus oil has diluted eucalyptus oil with water. Due to this reason, it is considered a natural antiseptic. It also prevents fungal infections. Hence, there are lot of eucalyptus oil benefits against infections.

8. Boosts Immunity

Whenever any foreign entity or microorganism enters your body, your immune system starts functioning and kills them. This functioning of the immune system is known as immunity. If your body functions less or is negligible against foreign particles, you will get the infection.

Therefore, it is going to be important to keep the immune system strong that ultimately results in good immunity. Eucalyptus oil acts like an immune-boosting oil, which boosts your immunity to fight infection or disease.

Eucalyptus oil benefits from disease or infection by increasing white blood cells which has defensive properties against foreign particles.

9. Relaxes Mind

Most essential oils have the potential to calm and relax the mind. That’s why their use in aromatherapy is quite prevalent. Similarly, eucalyptus oil benefits you in keeping your mind relaxed and tension-free by calming your nervous system.

Researchers suggested using essential oils before surgery helps in creating balance in the mind and also reduces anxiety. A good massage with this oil is also helpful with mental stress. Inhaling eucalyptus oil is also an excellent way to use it for mental peace.

Although there are various ways to use it for mind relaxation or calmness, eucalyptus oil inhalation is the best way to boost mental clarity.

10. Protects Skin from Sunburn

The active ingredients of essential oils have the potential to protect the skin from sunburn. This is the reason they are widely used in therapeutic medicines. The use of eucalyptus oil is effective in reducing the harmful effects of harsh chemicals on the skin.

The extract of eucalyptus has antioxidants that are essential to remove harmful free radicals from the skin. It is also very effective against the radiation effect of the sun on skin or skin cancer.

If you want these eucalyptus oil benefits then simply apply it with pure aloe vera gel to that affected part and you will get amazing results. So, try out it to protect your skin from sunburn.6

11. Good for Healthy Hairs

A healthy scalp promotes healthy hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny then make sure your scalp is healthy. Normally fungal infections in the scalp are common that ultimately damage your hair.

Eucalyptus oil helps you to keep your hair healthy due to its antimicrobial properties and antifungal properties. Various studies suggested that it is effective for dandruff, scalp infection, and itchy scalp, and even reduces lice as well.

It is used with tea tree oil to kill head lice. Using it in shampoo or carrier oil is also a good way to use it for your hair health.

12. Effective Cure for Sinus

Last on the list of eucalyptus oil benefits but the most familiar one is to cure sinus pressure. The cause of sinus pressure and nasal congestion are cold, flu, or any infection. Sinus is associated with symptoms like running nose, sore throat, nasal stuffiness, and swelling in the tissues lining your sinuses.

During sinus, you feel uncomfortable while sleeping and breathing. The healing properties of eucalyptus are well known. That’s why it is also helpful to reduce inflammation and pain in sinus cavities.

The active ingredient, cineole found in eucalyptus extract shows amazing results against the sinus. It gives relief to nasal congestion and the sinus.

Key Takeaways

So, these are the 12 amazing eucalyptus oil benefits. Hope this piece of information is going to be helpful for you. And you will be getting these eucalyptus oil benefits7 by using them in your daily routine.

But keep in mind that eucalyptus oil is not for oral intake so use it by inhaling or may apply it along with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. So, try out this oil with coconut oil and see the beneficial results. It is going to be worth using oil for health benefits.

Hope now you understand about eucalyptus oil benefits, so let us know in the comments which benefits you find new and more interesting.


1. How does Eucalyptus Oil help us?

Ans. Eucalyptus oil helps to cure cough and cold and also gives us relief from congestion. This oil also helps in soothing our muscle and joint pain.

2. Can I use Eucalyptus oil directly on the skin?

Ans. No. It is recommended to use eucalyptus oil with another carrier oil or the best thing is you can apply this oil with cream on your face.

3. How do I use eucalyptus oil with coconut oil?

Ans. Take a few drops of eucalyptus oil and blend it nicely with another few drops of coconut oil, and then you can apply the mixture to your skin.

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