What to Wear in Wine Testing – The Ultimate Guide

Opening of a wine bottle with corkscrew with wooden barrel on the background.
Opening of a wine bottle with corkscrew with wooden barrel on the background. Source: Depositphotos

How To Dress For A Winery – Your Ultimate Winery Outfit Guide

It’s always a good idea to go wine tasting! Your attire doesn’t matter when you’re surrounded by great food and drink, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on what to wear to a winery. Style suggestions, clothing ideas, and outfit images are included in this guide on what to wear for a wine-tasting occasion.

Let’s start with a quick run-down of available style suggestions for winery attire. No matter where you’re tasting wine or what time of year it is, these suggestions from the best red wine club will help you look your best! 

Man serving red wine for tasting in winery.
Man serving red wine for tasting in winery. Source: Depositphotos
  1. Hands-Free Or A Minimalistic Purse

Walking around holding and reading brochures, sampling cheeses or chocolates, and of course, having various wine glasses are all common occurrences when doing a wine tasting. Because of this, it’s advisable to carry a simple bag. It’s easy to lose track of a purse if it doesn’t have a strap, so always keep an eye on yours. A small crossbody bag is ideal for a winery visit.

  1. Keep Your Feet Comfortable

If you’re going to many vineyards, either on tour or on your own, make sure you bring a good pair of walking shoes with you. It’s not necessary to wear sneakers to be comfortable, and shoes like flat sandals or loafers might be a great alternative to sneakers. Consider the type of terrain you’ll be walking on while visiting vineyards, which could include grass, dirt, gravel, or cobblestone.

  1. Denim Or Blazers Do The Trick

Dressing for a night out at the winery doesn’t have to be boring. Depending on the season, a denim jacket, floral blazer, long cardigan, and coat can all be worn simultaneously. You want to move freely regardless of the season, so make sure this layer isn’t too thick.

  1. Make Prudent Colour Choices

Spills are a possibility unless you’re exclusively drinking white wine all day. Any blunders can be hidden by using black clothing. A spill from the person next to you or a trickle from the wine bottle following a sip from the server can happen despite your best efforts, even if you’re extremely cautious. Make plans for the unexpected, and you’ll be fine.

  1. Avoid Strong Perfumes

You’ll be tasting a lot of wine while attempting to figure out which notes are the strongest, so avoid wearing perfume. You owe it to the people in your wine tasting group and the other guests to refrain from wearing perfume.

When’s your Next Wine Testing Session?

There is a range of fashionable wine-tasting clothes to choose from. It’s due to the activities, weather, and destination that the variation exists. Hence, these costumes must be both chic and comfy for you to get the most out of them.

When it comes to wine tasting, there is a lot of standing and walking involved. The clothing you choose should allow you to participate in these activities with ease. Consider both extremes while putting together an outfit. A look that isn’t very formal but also not too casual. We recommend you choose an attire that can go from wine tasting to supper if you don’t plan on returning home.

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