7 Terrific Types of Butt Shapes: Ultimate Guide for You

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Yes, we all have beautiful bodies with amazing features. It doesn’t matter what’s your butt size. Everyone has a unique body. Just like the breast or other body parts, no two butts are the same.

As per the plastic surgeons, butt shapes are categorized into a few different types, but we don’t have average or typical butt shapes. Dr. Schulman, a plastic surgeon in Texas, says that the main butt shapes are square butt, heart-shaped butt, round and inverted V-shape butt.

He has done surgeries for butt lifts, butt implants, and butt shape enhancement. According to Dr. Matthew Schulman, your butt is square if the line between your hip bone outer thigh is perpendicular to the ground.

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Women having square, flat butts can be very comfortable wearing wedgies, boy shorts, bikinis, tangas, and even thongs. Over the last few years, many women in increased number are seeking different techniques and ideas to improve the shape and size of butts.

Some popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicky Minaj, and Rhianna these talented people have attracted us with their bigger butts and good butt shapes.

Like many other surgeries, we have the Brazilian Butt Lift, where plastic surgeons perform fat distribution. They take the extra fat from your body and then define or improve your shape of butts.

What Type of Butt You Have?

Like other body part categorizations, the butt does not have exact categorization. But these butt shapes categories are determined by the ratio between the hip, waist, and thighs.

Still, by knowing your butt shapes, one can easily pick the jeans or underwear, making you feel comfortable. Here are the types of butt shapes categorized by cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

1. Flat Butt Shape

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Flat butt shapes or pancake butts are referred to as ones that have flat surface butts. This is caused by dormant butt syndrome, where the butt muscles, the glutes lack strength. They aren’t so active when you also do certain exercises like lunges and squats.

Flatt butt results in several different factors, which include aging and genetics as well. It’s your genes that manage the normal shape of your butt.

Young women stores fat in their bottom when they are quite young. Some hormonal changes occur as your age increases. This moves away from your stored bottom fat to the rear parts of the stomach.

Besides this downside, dormant butt syndrome can also cause pain in your knees, lower back, and hips.

Why Is Lack of Glutes Bad for Your Body?

The glutes are a part of the posterior chain of muscles in your body. These run down the back of your body. The posterior chains send a force from the lower body up through the core and back.

Weak glutes cause the nearby muscles to work differently, which sometimes even result in pain or injury. So lack of glutes in the body causes flat or pancake butts. But still, you can try out a few exercises, which are listed below:

  • Shoulder bridge lifts
  • Alternating reverse lunges
  • Curtsey lunges
  • Clamshells
  • Drinking birds
  • Squats
  • Fire hydrants

Best Underwear and Bottoms for Flat Butt Shapes

You can try Cotton and lace panties for the flat butt. Skintight bottoms like jeans and pants will give your butt shape and also will make it look bigger. Do not try wearing loose bottoms, as it will make your butt look fatter.

2. Bubble Shaped Butt

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Bubble butt shapes are known due to their round appearance. The round butt shapes are called so because of the fat distribution around the butt’s cheeks. The upper part of the cheeks causes the roundness from behind.

The shape lightens up when the butt is viewed from the side. C or O-shaped butts are also called bubble-shaped butts. The fat widens below the hip bones by giving a volume in the cheeks of the butt. These are almost also called H-shaped butts from below.

The truth of a large bubble butt-shaped is by your gluteus maximus. This is a large muscle in your body, so having enough muscle can help you grow a big butt.

This will make you look hot in various pairs of jeans. The gluteus strength can reduce your hip and knee pain. It will also protect your back from any injury.

How To Get Bubble Shape Butt?

Bubble butts are round and bubbly. This shape grabs a lot of attention. Glute exercises, squats, and lunges are awesome ideas to start the growth of your bubble butt. It will be more successful f you add on weights in your workout.

Work 2-3 times a week by repeating it atleast12-16 of each exercise to get the best results. For instant butt enlargement, then you can wear padded underwear.

Best Underwear and Bottoms for Bubble Butt Shapes

You can go for a low lace rise thong, G- string lace thong panty, and tangas. Skinny tight jeans will make your butt shape curvy and attractive.

3. Heart-Shaped Butt or Pear-Shaped Butt

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A heart-shaped butt or A-shaped butt is characteristic of an hourglass-shaped body. It’s a desired form of shape. The shape is big at the bottom and gets narrowed down the waistline. Women with the tapered waistline and fat stores or distributed in the lower part of the butt or thighs will have an A butt shape.

People having heart-shaped butts also have a disadvantage. The gluteal muscles, which are in shape, will start dropping down as you get older by age. A heart-shaped butt can even cause love handles. Love handles are referred to the sagging of extra fat from your waist. By working out, you can slow down the risk of this disadvantage.

Butt in inverted heart shape is more common in the pear-shaped body. These heart butt shapes are also called upside-down heart butts.

Best Underwear and Bottoms for Heart Shape Butt;

Heart butt shapes have large butts and hips; because of it, high cut leg holes will not cover up your butt cheeks. It would help if you tried boy shorts, hipsters, or even bikinis with low-cut leg openings.

You can probably wear high-cut panties, tangas, and bikinis. Wear curvy jeans to minimize the sharp waistline.

4. Shelf Butt Shape

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The shelf butt is one of the latest butt shapes that celebrities aim for. Stars like Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Chloe ferry, Carol Vorderman flaunt their curvaceous butt and posteriors.

A self butt is known for the large voluptuous rear, which is out of proportion compared to the rest of the body. This butt shape has its name as ‘shelf’ because of the shelf-like quality the butt provides.

Very few in all the women in the world are gifted naturally with this shelf shape butt. Stars often do many workouts and work hard to get a shelf shape butt.

The muscle present in the bottom of your body has a large amount of gluteus maximus, by which these stars and celebrities do workouts to achieve perfect curvy shelf butt shape.

Best Underwear and Bottoms for Shelf Shape Butts

Skin-fit jeans will make your butt look more in shape and curvy. Wear thongs and semi-covered lingerie.

5. Square Shape Butt

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The square shape butt is the most common shape in all women. This shape is more often found in younger women. Women having square shaped butts will have a masculine look. These butts also look flat.

 This butt shape has an equal size from the waist to the hips in the bottom. This shape is most common in people having high hip bones or excess love handles.

Simply people having excessive fat in the rear part of the body have a square shape butt.

If you have a square butt shape, the fat is distributed around the upper part of the glutes, and the lower part is heavier. This is why we should have a deficiency in glutes, and it should be of high strength. To maintain the high strength of glutes, maintain a considerable diet.

Having this square shape butt means being stress-resistant and having a balanced or stable immune system. The square butt shape is the most butt shape, where women go under plastic surgery.

These butt shapes are complicated to reshape with the help of exercise and consuming the right diet.

Best Underwear and Bottoms for Square Shape Butts

Wear high waist pants or jeans. You can try boy shorts, thongs, and also bikinis for square butts.

6. V-Shaped or Inverted Butt Shapes

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People having an inverted butt shape or a V shape butt have a larger waist and a small butt. Patients with shape have full hips. Their buttocks are larger at the top when compared to the bottom of the buttocks.

These V or inverted butt shapes are often seen in older women. When estrogen levels reduce a V shape but are observed. The reduction in estrogen level van also affects the location of fat storage areas in the body.

In older women, the butt fat disappears, and abdominal fat grows up. This drastic change in fat distribution will lead to a V or inverted butt shape. Here we can observe that the base of the butt will be much smaller than the top side of the butt.

Inverted butt shape is a probe to drop because of the loss of fat and volume.

 V or inverted butt shapes are larger at the top near the waistline and lesser when it comes to the lower part of the butt. This creates a line between your pelvis and hip which angles inward, just like V shape.

Best underwear and bottoms for V shape butt or inverted shape

You can wear underwear without the highest leg holes like briefs, boy shorts, hipsters. These will be much more comfortable as they provide more coverage to your butt cheeks. Also, wear a stretch for jeans which will also be an awesome choice for your butt.

7. Round Butt Shapes

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The round butt shape is the result of larger hips and fat distribution around the cheeks. This also includes the upper parts of the butt. This created a round, curvy butt from behind.

Men usually get attracted to this butt shape. Even the women with this pelvis shape have an easier time during the delivery.

In this butt shape, the upper part of the gluteal muscles has fat stored, not on the sides, just like the square butt shape. With a few exercises, you can get a round shape butt.

Best Underwear and Bottoms for Round Butt Shapes

Wear wedges, tangas, and also thongs; these go well with a round shape butt. Also, wear high-rise, cut boots, but denim jeans will look great on this butt shape.

What Are the Factors That Affect Butt Shapes?

Some factors affect your butt shapes. Skeletal and muscle structure plays an important role. This includes the hip bones and pelvis position, how the butt muscle is attached to the thigh bones, and the gluteal muscles’ size.

Genetics defines your bone structure and determines how the fat gets distributed in the entire body.

People have fat stored in different areas of their bodies as per genetics. According to Bachilo, some people hold their body fats in their glutes and hips, whereas some in their thighs and others a lot around their midsections.

She says that hormones, age, and weight are also factors that affect the shape of butts.

As a person starts becoming older, there are many changes in women’s hormones, especially after menopause, the fat distribution to different areas in the body changes. Here more of the fat gets stored around the midsections but not the hips and butts.

There are a few sites that will provide you with underwear for all kinds of butt shapes. 

Butt Shapes

As you got to know the most basic 7 types of butt shapes, we hope you now know about your butt shape, which contributes to the knowledge of your own body type and shape.

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