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Top 10 Amazing Beta Glucan Health Benefits

We are sure you have heard how beta glucan health benefits have been taking the nutritional and medical world by storm. But you may be wondering what the hype is all about and curious to know more? Then continue reading the article.

Beta glucans are sugar compounds found in bacteria, algae, yeast, fungi, and other plants like oats and barley.

Beta glucans are a source of soluble fibers for the body, and according to research, it suggests beta glucans provides a whirlwind of health benefits for the body. It reduces high cholesterol and can aid for a variety of skin ailments ranging from eczema and bed sores to radiation therapy burns.

That is not all about the abundant beta glucan health benefits, and there are more to come. So let us know more about beta glucans then.

Top 10 Beta Glucan health benefits 

Beta glucan health benefits

Before we explore beta glucan health benefits, we should first have some idea about beta glucans.

A. What is beta glucan?

We all know, fibers are essential for our health, and it is indispensable to be consume an ample amount of fiber through our daily diet. But did you know there are only two types of dietary fiber categories: soluble and insoluble?

beta glucan health benefits

As already mentioned, beta glucan is a soluble fiber found naturally in cereal grains, yeast, and certain mushrooms. It is can also be served in the form of dietary supplements. We can also find beta glucan in whole grains, oats, barns, wheat, and barley. Baker’s yeast and some types of fungi like mushrooms and maitake contain beta glucan as well.

Now that we have some basic knowledge about beta glucan, let us now learn about its abundant health benefits.

B. Beta glucan health benefits

Beta glucan can be beneficial for treating a wide range of ailments, and some of the popular beta glucan health benefits are

1.  Support the immune system

Beta glucans from the biological immune support system and are known as immune modifiers.

Wondering why? They can reactivate the immune system and enhance the responses of the body’s immune system against potential threats. This benefit is especially noticed in the beta glucans derived from yeast and medicinal mushrooms.

Beta glucans stimulate the immune system and help you to fight against microbes and pathogens more effectively.

Beta glucans are abundantly found in mushrooms. Mushrooms have been used for healing and immune-boosting properties for thousands of years. When mushrooms are consumed through the diet, beta-glucans enter into the body and increase the host’s immune system and enhance natural killer cells’ actions.

2. Improves cardiac health

beta glucan health benefits

Beta glucans boost heart health by lowering cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the body.

Triglycerides are the most common types of fat found in the body. When triglycerides are combines with bad cholesterol in the body, it increases the risk of heart attack and other cardiac-related ailments. Consuming beta glucan will help you to reduces the risk of heart disorders.

3. Improve gut health

Beta glucans are a good choice of a prebiotic to feed the gut. However, more researchers need to be conducted on the benefits of beta glucans in improving gut health.

A healthy gut has a lot of benefits linked to it. It leads to a strong immune system, good heart and brain health, improves sleep, and alleviates mood. With the help of beta-glucans, you can achieve all these benefits in one go.

4. Ameliorate inflammation

Chronic inflammation is considered to be the generic symptom of the body against any type of infection. It is the body’s natural immune response. However, if inflammation is prolonged, it leads to an aggravation of the situation.

Beta glucans can help you to decrease the body’s inflammatory response. The anti-inflammatory effect of beta glucans will help you to regulate inflammatory markers in the body.

5. Prevention of cancer

One of the biggest beta glucan health benefits is the prevention of cancer.

beta glucan health benefits

Research shows that the anti-cancer properties of beta glucan help the body to fight against cancerous cells. It activates several cancer-fighting cells like natural killer cells and T cells that combat against cancer.

Preliminary studies have also found that beta glucan can reduce the spread of cancer in the body.

6. Regulate blood sugar level

Beta glucans can be an effective method to treat diabetes as it helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels in the body.

By helping in the maintenance of sugar levels in the body, beta glucan reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes in the body. It can also improve blood glucose levels in the affected person.

7.  Lower the risk of obesity

Did you know, according to a study, every two in a three-group are considered to be overweight or obese?

And one of the most unique beta glucan health benefits is to prevent obesity. Anti-obesity properties of beta glucans help in preventing obesity by initiating a specific activity in the gut microbiome.

8. Combats allergies

Allergies are the body’s immune response against any foreign particles that might have entered our body. Some common symptoms of allergies are inflammation, rashes, swells on the skin, or hay fever.

Consuming beta glucans daily for at least a week can help you to reduce the symptoms of allergies naturally.

9. Prevention of infection after surgery

Infections after surgery are a common occurrence.

It has been observed that specific kind of beta-glucans found in some yeasts can lower infection levels after surgeries. It has effectively prevented the formation of sepsis in post-trauma patients.

10. Effective for weight loss

beta glucan health benefits

One of the most effective beta glucan health benefits is that it is extremely beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight.

Beta glucan is a soluble fiber. It slows down the intestine’s food transit, which means more time is taken for indigestion in the food.

Slower digestion helps reduce hunger pangs and control our diet, which helps the weight loss in the long run.

C.  Side effects of beta glucans

Till now, we have been talking about beta glucan health benefits, but we should also look at some side effects of beta glucans.

Beta glucans are considered to be safe to be consumed by young and old alike. However, it lowers blood sugar levels in the body. People with hypoglycemia should avoid taking beta glucans.

People with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or asthma should stay away from beta glucans as beta glucans cause overworking of the already overactive immune system.

beta glucan health benefits

There you go, everything you need to know about the beta glucan health benefits. Beta glucans are naturally found in foods like cereal grains, seaweeds, baker’s yeast, and medicinal mushrooms.

Beta glucans are also found in the form of beta glucan supplements. If you choose to include supplements in your diet, make sure it is from a reliable source. Now go on, including the soluble fiber in your diet, and reap all the beta glucan health benefits.

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