The Walk App: It’s Time to Be More Active


The Walk App Review

When we were kids, being healthy and staying a shape was never a concern. The wide range of fun activities kids keep themselves busy with keeps their body healthy and gave it much needed regular exercise. But it’s not an amazing fact that the life of an adult has very little place for such activities. The fast-paced lives we live in are rarely a source of fitness. Thus, the average person starts putting on weight while getting little to almost no exercise. And when the average person pushes himself to exercise, it is almost always a chore.

We all could do with a little stimulation is our lives. The problem with doing fitness exercises and working out is that it sounds and feels like work. But when coupled with an element of fun, this is an exercise you might very well look forward to.

The Walk app introduces a very innovative and fun approach to the idea of working out. Created by the NHS and the UK’s Dept. of Health, The Walk motivates you the user through innovative gameplay to use walking as a means of fitness exercise and fun! The application tracks every step you take every day. Every step counts, literally!

Features, Gameplay and Design

The Walk employs gameplay to motivate its users to walk more and more, doing more than just the needful. The goal in this game is to save the world. Following a bomb explosion in a railway station, you (the user) are handed a package that can save the world. And to complete this mission, you would have to walk the entire length of UK. Achieving certain distances by walking is the only way the user can unfold the next piece in the game. Advancing in the game thus, is only through advancing in exercise. An interesting incentive isn’t it!

The app is designed as a top-down view of a map that shows the user the surroundings through which he is virtually walking through. The app tracks and logs every step you take, and every step you take brings you a step closer to accomplishing the mission. The app is designed to also run in the background so the user can keep it on all day if he’d like.

Users receive points for completing task; for instance, completing an entire episode in one day. The gameplay consists of 65 episodes and 800 minutes of audio. The amount of activity it takes the user to complete the game is equal to about three months of activity which would help you shed some big ones.

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