The Top Tips to Help You Improve your Libido Levels for Men

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Low libido can be troublesome at all times. As a man, it affected me more, because I had the “men are always in the mood” phrase to live up to. Decreasing stamina in bed can suck away your confidence and your integrity, making you feel helpless and sad. I started noticing that I was losing my virility, as the days passed. It was slow and gradual, but sure. My wife complained that she wasn’t able to enjoy our intercourse anymore, as I couldn’t even last long enough to make her feel good – that was when it struck me. 

Together, we tried to get better. First, we had to find the root of the problem; where I pretty much finalized the answer as my unordered lifestyle and hectic and stressful daily routines. I consulted a couple of doctors in order to get help, and gave me some tips to follow as to get better and to take care of myself. 

Step 1- Schedule and maintain a flexible daily routine: 

This step will help you plan your day ahead and maybe even find some free time or let you save up time for forming a hobby. It will take away a part of your stress and anxiety too.

Step 2- Get a good night’s sleep: 

sound sleep
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Sleep deprivation is the real villain. An average human being has to get at least 8 hours of sleep per day, but the numbers speak that many don’t get to do so. If your body doesn’t get the rest it deserves, it will be difficult for you to function efficiently. This fact explains the lethargic state that most people find themselves in. 

It can also be problematic when it comes to stamina and sex drive. So, it will be better if you made it a habit to get an ample amount of sleep.

Step 3- Exercise regularly: 

You have to physically train your body to be able to maintain stamina, let it be for sports or for sex. Exercising will help to build your libido. There are special exercises that focus exclusively on improving your virility and sensitivity. These exercises, known as Kegel exercises are to train your pelvic muscles to be more compatible with movement. This, in turn, will help you’re your sensitivity and virility.

Step 4- Eating a timed balanced diet: 

You need the energy to keep up with the hectic life of yours; which means you need to eat a balanced diet every day. You can prepare a chart by yourself or consult a dietician for this purpose. 

Step 5- Meditate: 

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Meditation can increase your concentration and patience. It will help in reducing stress and anxiety too. It can have a positive effect on your libido, enhancing your virility and stamina.

Step 6 – Practice intimacy with your partner:

 A direct approach, where you try to rekindle the emotions that are perhaps slowly fading away. Go out on dates, watch erotic movies together, initiate open and heart-to-heart conversations – all of these will help in improving your relationship and understanding of each other. This will increase mutual trust, thus improving your libido.

Step 7- Consume aphrodisiacal foods

There are many fruits, vegetables, and herbs that have aphrodisiac effects, that is, these edibles have substances that can work from inside – ingesting these will help with directly enhancing the hormones and stimuli in your body, unlike the other methods listed here. The results are not instant, but they are gradual. 

Step 8- Experimenting in the bedroom: 

sexual health
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You can try new sexual positions, roleplaying and foreplaying, and even try out adult toys in order to add a little bit of spice to your sex life. This will help to see if you have become slow due to lack of excitement, and this is a good way to find out your types and preferences.

Step 9 – Taking aphrodisiacs as dietary supplements: 

There are many aphrodisiacs available in the market. You can experiment with these drugs (with the prescription of a professional) to see if your troubles can be solved efficiently. 

Step 10 – Consuming aphrodisiacs directly: 

I Love them for its effects!

Feel that the aphrodisiacal eatables are not of enough potential, or that they are not going to work? Don’t Worry. These promote instant vigour and excitement, which you will start feeling within a few minutes after ingesting a few drops of aphrodisiac. The session will last for almost an hour. 

These are some of the basic steps you can take to improve your libido, which are guaranteed to have an effect on you. While most of these will work on gradually increasing your sex drive, the aphrodisiacs are like a quick pass. If you can’t find time to order your life or to focus on the problem at hand, you can use aphrodisiacs to improve yourself.

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There are any fruits, vegetables, and herbs with aphrodisiacal qualities. Some of them might even come off as a surprise. It is mostly the extracts from these items that are made to manufacture the real aphrodisiac, where the reach and potential of the arousing agents have been enhanced and multiplied. These foods can be found being mentioned in the ancient medicine texts, which means that even the people then were interested in trying out new ways to improve their libido. I will now list out the most popular aphrodisiacal food items here, which you can include in your diet for better experience.

  • Pomegranate: 

Pomegranate is often associated with fertility and abundance because of its numerous seeds. It is also used as a symbol of love in many cases, mostly because of its deep red colour. Drinking pomegranate juice is said to decrease anxiety and stress, and this was an assumed knowledge from a long time ago. Recently, it has been found out that pomegranates have components that can help in reducing cortisol level. Cortisol is a chemical that is produced in the body in the case of advent of stress. 

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As we have said before, stress is one of the biggest antagonists that inhibit a good sex drive. If drinking pomegranate juice daily will help will controlling cortisol levels, then it sure is a wonder drug that will help you to get back to your original pace. It was also found that it helped in heightening the testosterone levels, especially in males. Testosterone is known for being an arousing agent. We can say that this fruit is one of the most budget-friendly food items you can acquire.

Mentioned in multiple medicinal texts of many cultures, asparagus is a vegetable that is quite looked down upon because many do not know of its aphrodisiacal qualities. It has an abundance of vitamin E and calcium. 

It also has potassium, which helps in cleansing the urinary tract and kidneys. Another important component of this vegetable, aspartic acid, helps in detoxifying your body from excess ammonia. Excess ammonia could cause sexual disinterest and by neutralizing it asparagus is helps you to regain your healthy body and virility.

  • Chilli peppers: 

Spicy food is said invigorate your sexual desire. Chilli peppers are spicy enough to rouse your sexual desire and virility. Capsaicin, the chemical substance that given peppers spicy taste can stimulate the nerve endings that are present in your tongue. The tingling sensation that is created by this stimulation will increase the production of a chemical called epinephrine, which is commonly known as adrenalin to us. 

Adrenaline’s fight or flight property then ensues an arousal in you, and it almost works as a natural opiate. To add to this, when chili peppers are combined with other aphrodisiacal foodstuff, it doubles the effect. So let’s add some spice to our lives.

  • Beets: 

Beets, like asparagus, have been mentioned throughout many cultures as an enabling agent of love. Scientifically speaking, it has been found that it contains tryptophan and betaine, which are de-stressors. It also contains boron, a mineral-like zinc that helps in the production and maintenance of sexual hormones in users. 

  • Coffee: 

Coffee is known for its energizing ability and is consumed worldwide. But what most people do not know is of its aphrodisiacal properties, which often goes overlooked. Apart from giving dopamine to its users, it was found through thorough studies that the smell of coffee had an arousing effect on people, mostly women.

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The known facts that coffee boosts heart rate can be viewed from the other side; that it enables better blood circulation, which is a major part of arousal.

Aside from all of these components, coffee also has alkaloids that boosts your energy and stamina, which in turn helps with increasing your sex drive. But remember to never overdose yourself with it. Coffee can pass for a mild drug and using too much of it can adversely affect your health.

  • Strawberries: 

Strawberries have been in the scene of love since forever, due to its heart shape and eye-catchy red colour. Often found in myths related to true love, these little berries have an abundance of antioxidants and phytochemicals that can help you with your deteriorating stamina. 

  • Honey:

Unquestionably in this list due to its medicinal qualities and aphrodisiacal features, honey is quite often used as a symbol of sweetness in marriage. It has been prescribed for increasing one’s vigour. Scientifically speaking, honey contains boron which can help in the regulation of hormones and nitric oxide, which enables your arousal with a clean blood circulation. 

  • Oysters: 

Oysters have been added to this list because of the high zinc content and its uncanny resemblance to the female genetalia. Even in love drugs, zinc is used as a base for other aphrodisiacal extracts as it enables the full potential of these substances. Zinc also boosts the product of testosterones, increases sperm count and has an immunity support function. 

Oysters were often given to men in order to improve their chances of impregnating their wives. It also contains tyrosine, an amino acid that is responsible for boosting the production of dopamine, the substance that is created when we need to feel happy. Low levels of dopamine can negatively impact a person’s libido, so this function adds to the promotion of your sex drive.

  • Avocado: 
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Originally known as “ahucatl” according to the Aztecs which literally means testicles, these vegetables can incite passion within you. It is rich in vitamin E that helps with your skin and helps you maintain a youthful look, while improving your libido exponentially.

  • Figs: 

Figs are natural resources of flavonoids, antioxidants, potassium and fibre. While the antioxidants work in improving your immunity, the flavonoids and potassium work in rejuvenating blood circulation and hormonal secretion. It is often linked with sexual connotations for a good reason, as it can restart passion within you.

  • Watermelon: 

Watermelon is an abundant resource of citrulline, a non-essential amino acid that relaxes blood vessels, enabling ample blood rush. It works similarly to drugs like Viagra, which are used to treat erectile dysfunction. It thus enhances virility and stamina, especially in men. Please do note that it won’t give an instant result like Viagra, it sort of builds up inside you and helps you last longer in bed.

  • Chocolate: 

There is a reason why chocolates are so popular when it comes to preparing gifts for your partner. It has phenethylamine, a chemical which is normally produced in our brain when we get a strong feeling of love coming up. It also has tryptophan, which helps in the production of serotonin, a chemical like dopamine, which is released when there is love and happiness. This induces the feeling of arousal and an elevated mood for sexual desires in many. Now you know why many prefer to gift chocolate as their Valentines gift.

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These are some of the most come aphrodisiacal food stuffs that are famous for the ways they work. They are affordable and easily available, unlike many other herbs which are rare. The only drawback of these are that they don’t give you instant results, so if you are a very busy person who don’t even have enough time to groom a better lifestyle, these might not be your kind of remedy. But do not worry; I have just the right thing for you – Aphrodisiacs.

You might be wondering why I created a special category for aphrodisiacs when I have already discussed about food items that have aphrodisiacal qualities. The reason is simple – while the food plays only a chance card, aphrodisiac drugs will surely get you the results you want (unless you have a severe health condition). It works instantly and have given its users, including me, outstanding results. 

Aphrodisiacs have been in use for centuries, as humans have always sought out for ways to make sex more pleasurable. But the drugs had some dangerous side effects then, ranging from irregular blood circulation, internal organ failures, unwarranted lethargy, gastro-intestinal inflammation, coma and sometimes even death. It was a huge gamble in those days because the drugs were extracted straight from the sources and used without neutralising it to be safe for the users. 

I can guarantee that you will have a great time if you follow the steps in the very beginning, incorporate those foods listed to your diet, and if you try your luck with aphrodisiacs with the consent of your partner. You can read more about Spanish Fly products and their history here.

Any information found on the site does not constitute legal or medical advice. Should you face health issues, please visit your doctor to get yourself diagnosed. Icy Health offers expert opinions and advice for informational purposes only. This is not a substitute for professional medical advice.


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