tips for dry and sensitive skin
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The Top Tips for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry skin prevention tips

Skin is the first defense that fights against health changes and weather changes. Skin is the first thing to get affected when exposed to any kind of change that takes place in the body whether physical or emotional. Dry skin can be because of many reasons like dehydration, too much sun exposure, windy or winter weather, long steamy showers, frequent washing of hands and feet, harsh bar soaps, wearing wrong clothes, and many more. All the above reasons lead to loss of moisture in the skin causing the skin to dry and chapped. 

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Whatever may be the reason, dry skin causes lots of discomfort. An effective skincare regime with faithful moisturizer will slowly reduce dry skin woes. Suitable moisturizer and cleansers remove the thin layers of dry cells present on the skin and tries to quench the thirsty dry skin in no time. 

There are loads of skincare products for different skin types. It is very important to know which product is suitable for which type of skin. It is always better to read the instructions and the method of application. Dry skin needs required moisture daily. You have to apply moisturizer within 3 minutes of bathing to seal in much-needed water for the skin. Consistent use of moisturizer will help prevent dry skin from returning.

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Tips for a Sensitive Skin

Sensitive is a condition of the skin where the person has an itching sensation and irritation on his skin. There is no clear indication of what actually triggers skin sensitivity. The texture of the skin may be such that it may not accept anything and everything that is applied to it. Some face products may cause adverse reactions on the skin. Weather conditions also play a vital role in spoiling your skin.

A dermatologist is not always a solution for skin problems. There are natural ways of dealing with skin issues. There are some basic rules and simple steps to be followed and you will find a sea change in the texture of your skin.

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How to deal with sensitive skin?

Here are some tips which would help you deal with sensitive skin.

The basic requirement for good skin is to keep your body healthy from within. You need to take a nutritious diet with a good quantity of water. You need to exercise daily. This regime needs to be followed every day. This will naturally take care of your skin and will also improve your overall look and appearance.

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Do not use hot water while taking a bath. It kills the skin cells and makes you look pale with a jaded skin. A lukewarm water bath is the best way to keep your skin glowing for a long time. 

Avoid overexposure to the sun. Use sunscreen lotions when you go out. There are several manufacturers of sunscreen lotions. Most of them use synthetics, which is not advisable for your skin. Some manufacturers make skin care cosmetics that are made of natural ingredients. You can use sunscreen lotions to safeguard your skin.

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How to Treat Flaky Facial Skin?

Dry skin is very common especially during cold winter months. It causes a lot of inconveniences involving flaking, itching, and irritation. Dry skin is usually caused because of weather conditions that force the skin to lose its moisture content. Dry air or heated air could cause dehydration of the skin. Improper skin also contributes to flaky skin on your face.

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Harsh soaps, long bath in how shower also causes your facial skin to be flaky. Hot water damages the top layer of the skin and the moisture thus escapes from the damaged portion of the skin.

Remedies for Flaky Facial Skin

Use good facial cleanser. Facial cleansers are gentle and produce less foam. After, you take showers with lukewarm water, and wash your face, as well as apply a moisturizer.

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There are other ways of tackling flaky facial skin. You have to stay hydrated. Continuously moisturize your skin or drink plenty of water. This can keep your tissues and organs healthy as they would continuously get the required amount of nutrients. Watery fruits and vegetables are good sources for keeping your skin hydrated. It is better to keep away from using alcohol-based toners or astringent, harsh peels and clay-based masks, which draw moisture out of the skin.

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