The Top Foot Skincare Tips for You


Foot Skincare in Summer

The bad weather conditions in summer can dry your feet and the skin can get rough and peels off. A beautiful face with a good skin is of no use unless your skin is in a perfect condition right from your toe to head. Especially summers force you to have outdoor activities and your feet have to bear the brunt of maximum activity. This deteriorates the quality of your skin.

Tips for Foot Care in Summer

Follow these tips and you can now go out in summers and flaunt your feet confidently.

Washing feet often and drying it thoroughly is essential. Before going to bed you should always remember to wash your feet as leaving it with dirt causing infections to spread all over the feet. Daily moisturize your feet with foot creams.

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Change your socks daily. Wear fresh socks and other hosiery daily. Basic good foot hygiene is necessary to prevent feet fungal infections caused by sweating during summers. Our feet need lots of tender loving care to keep them strong and healthy and free from problems.

Use good foot creams to keep your feet hydrated in summer. Use foot creams that are rich in natural extracts and fills in the cracked heels and repair damaged cells. 

Have a good night’s sleep for glowing skin

A good night’s sleep can do wonders to your skin making it look refreshing and healthy while sleep deprivation increases the release of stress hormones in the body reflecting the results on your face. So without proper sleep you easily develop signs like 

  • Dark circles around eyes.
  • Swollen eyes.
  • Increased wrinkles.
  • Increases immune related skin problems.
  • Increases aging process. 
  • Pale skin.

But many of us are not really lucky to have sound sleep every night and end up with some or the other skin problems related to deprivation of sleep. Though it is recommended to have a proper sleep at night, you can still conceal these skin problems like dark circles, wrinkles, and pale skin using skin care products that really fake the same look of your beauty sleep. 

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You can look out for natural remedies like applying some cool cucumber or damp tea bags on your eyes, cotton dipped in rose water on the eyes that really offers great relaxation and freshness to your eyes concealing your sleep deprivation. You can also give a makeup touch around the eyes using art color correction or mineral makeup that lightens dark circles around the eyes.

There are also some skincare products for exfoliation and deep hydration of skin that can actually brighten your skin complexion offering you a beautiful look reducing dark circles or wrinkles on the face. You should also look out for sunscreen with moisturizers that helps you to deal with pale skin and offer you a balanced skin tone. 

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