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The Top Body Care Tips You Need to Know

Body Care

Mere facial attention is not enough. Your whole body has the right to be pampered by you. After all, a good body with a good skin makes you special among a group. It only becomes imperative that you should take proper care of your complete body and it will take care of you in turn. It is like a business deal.

body care
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How to pamper your body?

Body care means taking care of your complete body including elbows, knees, heels, neck, face, eyes, hair etc.

For a healthy hair, coconut oil is the best option. Egg with curd is also recommended for proper conditioning of your hair. Green leafy vegetables are also very good for hair. Green leafy vegetables are also good for your eyes. You can also place slices of cucumber on your eyes to avoid dark circles and wrinkles. 

body care
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The most important natural opulence of your body is the skin. Regular intake of water and frequent intake of lemon juice help in moisturizing dry skin. Cucumber can also be used for soothing the skin.

Lastly, it is important to follow a healthy diet course and exercise regularly. Following these tips would reap rich dividends with regards to your looks.

body care
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Eye care with skincare products 

Eyes are the most sensitive part in the body and the skin protecting eyes is the thinnest when compared to rest of the skin on face. So to beautify your eyes it is important to take proper care of the skin around the eyes else you may end up with premature aging signs like puffiness and bags under the eyes, dark circles, laugh line crow feet and saggy skin that definitely doesn’t create a healthy sign when talking to others with eye contact. 

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However, along with using the cosmetic products you need to take care of the sensitive skin by following some simple steps like:

  • Cleansing your skin twice a day in morning and night is very important to remove dirt and grime on the sensitive skin. 
  • You can lookout for cleansing products rich in vitamin C that really leaves your skin with a fresh and clean look.
  • You can also moisturize your eye skin with anti aging eye serums and intensive eye care formula cream that has been proved for results to bring back that glow to your eyes
  • Maintaining your diet with carrots, broccoli, spinach, fruits, green vegetables help in having a balanced skin tone and good for your eyes.
  • There is no alternative to proper sleep giving sufficient rest to your eyes which actually helps in reducing the dark circles or wrinkles around the eyes.
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Eye Care

The area around the eyes is another part of your face that would change rapidly as you age. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and shows signs of aging very quickly. If natural aging of eyes is one reason, not taking proper care of your eyes is also another reason for your skin around your eyes to age. If proper care is taken, you can avoid early aging of eyes.

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Natural Cure to Aging Eyes

Eat good content of green leafy vegetables and carrots. They contain beta carotene which protects your eyes and keeps your eyes healthy. Your sight will be good, which means there will not be any strain to your eyes and your skin will be intact. Too much of strain to your eyes also cause early wrinkles of skin near the eyes.

Use eye drops regularly to reduce eye allergy which may have caused because of pollution. This way you will avoid rubbing your eyes frequently because of itching problem. It is thus natural that your eye skin will be safe if you avoid rubbing your eyes.

body care
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You can place slices of cucumber on your eye lids to avoid dark wrinkles below your eyes. Green tea is also a good option to keep your eyes healthy as it has antioxidants.


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