The Top Benefits of Broccoli and Sprouts for Skin

benefits of broccoli

City pollution is increasing in every city gradually and it does nothing but takes a toll on your skin. It is horrifying to know the damage it can cause on an everyday basis- it is in fact little short of detrimental. However, we don’t realize it our everyday living and working.

Did you know that for every 1% decrease in ozone there is a 2% increase in UVB irradiance, and therefore a 2% increase in skin cancer is predicted? So while we have to be alert and careful, there is no need to worry about this excessively.

Broccoli and sprouts
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Benefits of Broccoli and Sprouts for Skin

Broccoli and sprouts are very good natural resources for skin care. Broccoli is a green leafy vegetable. It belongs to the family of spinach and cabbage. Sprouts on the other hand are seeds of grains are legumes that are germinated. Both broccoli and sprouts help in restructuring your skin. 

benefits of broccoli
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Skin Advantages of Broccoli and Sprouts

Broccoli helps in repairing skin damage. Regular intake of broccoli helps in renewing your skin and getting a good complexion. Sprouts have rich nutritional value that maintains the texture of the skin and enhances its glow.

Broccoli helps in protection from skin cancer. It is a known fact that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. Broccoli provides natural protection from ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun that are the cause of skin cancer.

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Sprouts are also rich in anti-oxidants. They combat the free radicals and protect your skin from cancer. Sprouts also help in the

regeneration of cells. Sprouts have the capacity to keep your skin hydrated. Rich in Vitamin B content, sprouts can protect you from sunburn and keep your skin healthy.

Both broccoli and sprouts are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is very essential for the skin as it is an antioxidant. Vitamin C is a very good stimulant of collagen production. Vitamin C also has antioxidants that fight free radicals. You may also use some cosmetics which are very rich in Vitamin C. Orogols cosmetics are made of natural Vitamin C. It is a natural cosmetic that can be safely used without any side effects.

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