The Top 7 Ways to Raise your Libido

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Over 43% of women and 31% of men have experienced sexual dysfunction, including low libido and low sex drive. All you may need to do though, give your sex life a boost is to look at increasing your libido. Your lifestyle impacts your libido much more deeply than you think. A few basic changes, for instance, will give your body higher stamina and better sexual libido. 

The Top 7 Cool Ways to Raise Your Libido

Wondering what are the easiest ways to get in the right mood? Use the following tips to your advantage.

  1. Keep stress and anxiety in check:

Your mental health plays an important role in determining how your body perceives the idea of sex. If you suffer from high levels of anxiety and stress, there is a chance that it might negatively affect sexual functioning and libido in females and males. The cause of the anxiety might be rooted in daily life or in a sex-related activity. 

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Dealing with a rigorous work schedule and balancing different responsibilities can cause fatigue and tiredness. This can lead to low sexual desire. In the case of men, having anxiety also reduces the duration of an erection which can automatically lead to a diminished libido. 

To boost mental health, look to get a good night’s sleep and maintain proper hygiene. Exercising regularly and having a healthy diet can also keep mental health in check and increase libido.

    2. Take herbal aphrodisiacs:

Natural herbal solutions often prove to be better for the body as compared to synthetic components. Taking the help of herbal aphrodisiacs to boost your libido can prove to be highly effective. These herbs are known to enhance sensitivity, increase stamina and ensure speedy arousal in both men and women. The herbal Spanish fly is one of the best aphrodisiac herbs on the market. It takes immediate effect and increases sexual satisfaction. 

You can also opt for Maca which is known to restore balance to the body and heighten the libido. It stimulates the proper functioning of genitals and improves fertility. Avena sativa has a soothing effect on the nervous system and also enhances sexual desire by stimulating the genitals. It ensures better sexual response and higher energy levels. 

Bala is an Ayurvedic herb known for its aphrodisiac qualities and the ability to induce emotions like happiness and love. Tribulus Terrestris is also known to increase the libido and has been used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicines.

    3. Work on relationship quality:

The chemistry shared between two people is one of the most important determinants of the quality of their sex life. You have to connect to your partner on a regular basis, or else there is a chance that you might lose the spark. Most people tend to experience low sexual desire when they feel that the relationship is not going down the right path. Sometimes, long-term relationships can cause both partners to stop making an effort in the bedroom which can reduce sexual libido over time. 

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Open communication and having honest discussions about sex can help bring the relationship back on track. Spending time together and engaging in different activities can often increase the sexual potential of the relationship. Taking each other for granted in the bedroom is often the beginning of the end.

   4. Have a nutritious diet:

Being healthy can help ensure a healthy sex drive. If you have a nutritious diet regularly, your sexual libido will rise as all the organs in your body function normally. You will have higher energy and stamina. 

A healthy diet also enhances circulation in the body and improves cardiovascular health which can lead to an increase in sexual libido. Make sure that you do not consume a large amount of Trans fats as it can reduce your libido. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep you physically healthy and stabilize your hormones. 

Make sure that your diet has less sugar and more lean proteins if you want to avoid disorders that can potentially destroy your libido. Figs, avocados, and bananas are considered to be aphrodisiacs that can boost your sex life. Supplying your body with sufficient vitamins and minerals can also increase the blood flow to the genitals for enhanced stimulation and better sexual performance.

   5. Stay fit:

Staying fit is intrinsic to maintaining a high libido. Exercising regularly can improve a person’s libido both directly and indirectly.  Exercise releases happy hormones in the body and increases stamina. This makes it more likely for people to enjoy sexual activities. Furthermore, staying fit can reduce body image concerns and increase self-confidence leading to better sexual performance.

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Low sex drive and diminished libido have been associated with being overweight and obesity. Hence, it is important to stay in shape and exercise regularly. Maintaining high energy levels can automatically heighten performance in the bedroom.

   6. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol:

The occasion pint of alcohol can get you in the mood for sure, but overdoing it will do just the opposite. Too much alcohol keeps the genitals from performing normally and makes it difficult for both partners to orgasm. It can also cause lethargy and ruin the moment. Smoking cigarettes negatively impact a person’s cardiovascular system. Having a healthy heart is one of the best ways to guarantee good sexual functioning. If you quit smoking, you will notice a boost in your energy levels and sex drive.

   7. Give your body the peace it deserves:

If you are sleep-deprived all the time, your libido may decrease over time. You need to be well-rested in order to feel healthy sexual urges. Getting the right amount of sleep will give you an automatic boost in libido. You can make up for the sleep that you have lost at night by taking naps throughout the day. Trying out meditation and yoga can also relax the body and restore peace in your mind.

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Adopting these habits in your daily life will ensure that you do not have to suffer from a low libido and a miserable sex life. Sex should be something you enjoy, not something you dread. Having a healthy libido will allow you to fully appreciate intercourse and perform according to your expectations. 



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