The Ask MD App Review: Consultations Made Easier

We’re all constantly worried about our health. An ordinary body or head ache is enough to scare us at times, but not all of them warrant a visit to the doctor. There are health websites that help you locate and identify your problem, none of them offer consultation as a means of identifying your problem.

The AskMD application is developed as a means to allow users to consult the extensive database to either help themselves get better, or consult a good doctor.

Ask MD App Review
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A Valuable tool

Claiming to be more than just an ordinary symptom checker, this application developed by Sharecare is programmed as a personalised health consultation that uses its clinically proven research database to not only identify the problem, but to provide all the related tools and information the user needs to get better. If the problem is one that warrants a doctor’s visit, AskMD also recommends qualified doctors and physicians covered by the user’s insurance, and also information needed for the appointment. So, the process of going to the doctor can be made easier, even eliminated by the use of the valuable AskMD application.

AskMD’s extensive database helps the user diagnose the problem they’re facing- whether it is headache, joint pains, diabetes or cholesterol-related problems. It provides the preliminary details of the problem and what they need to do about it.

Ask MD App Review
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Consultation process and Features

There are several applications of this iOS-exclusive application. It is equipped with speech recognition powered by Nuance, a feature that enables the user to simply initiate and answer a series of questions regarding the problem, the symptom and other important factors.

What makes this application more intelligent than the average symptom checker is its Pattern Recognition Technology that matches the user’s answers against a vast database platform to accurately deduce the cause of the problem. If the problem is that is life-threatening of a critical nature, AskMD can direct the user to the nearest hospital.

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Upon the completing of the consultation, AskMD prepares you for your doctor’s appointment with important information. The application is not only a consultation device, but can also be used to keep regular track of your health.

The app can provide the users with an animated personal snapshot of their health, including vitals such as weight, height, blood pressure and cholesterol. And although it is a personalized app, AskMD allows the user to create multiple profiles to allow the users to not only manage their own health, but also the health of their family.

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