The 4-Step Guide to Save Any Marriage in the 21st Century

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The 21st century is a tough time! Economies around the world are declining, forests are burning, people are more depressed, the climate is going for a toss- the situation seems really alarming!

Amongst all of these, can love really “keep us alive” as the Eagles once sang?

Love may not be able to change GDPs or prevent climate change, but it can make things much easier and tolerable. That’s one of the few perks of a happy marriage!

However, marriages are also going through difficult times in the 21st century. Many are ending in divorces, while the rest is becoming a drag to both partners. 

I have been through the same phase, where I thought my marriage was going to end. Yet, after a lot of sessions with my psychologist and research on the web, I was able to save my marriage. Not only did I save it, but also was able to make our relationship thrive once again.

The Top 4 Steps to Help You Save Your Marriage

Don’t fret if things aren’t going as the way you want it to be. Here’s my 4-step guide to save any marriage in the 21st century. 

  1. Reduce Screen Time and Social Media Use

Facebook can help you meet, but can it keep a marriage happy?

If we go by research, the answer is in the negative. In fact, couples who don’t use social media are 11% more happy in their marriages compared to those who do. Researchers have also noted a link between Facebook enrollment and rising divorce rates.

It’s not just social media, but smartphones, laptops, and any screen! Excessive screen time can damage interpersonal relationships and lay the foundation for unhappy marriages. Also, your social media use can make your wife jealous and feel her left out. 

reduce screen time
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How to Overcome

Reduce screen time as much as possible. Spend more time together, go for walks, watch a movie together, take a weekend trip- the idea is to increase the quality time together. 

Also, I would suggest you don’t take your gadgets to the bedroom. If you need to keep your phone, put it on silent mode. Switch off your work phone and concentrate on your wife. 

Also, give up the habit of browsing Facebook before bed. Talk to your partner instead!

    2. Beat The Stress and Fatigue

Stress is the unavoidable by-product of the 21st century. Though women and men react differently to stress, it can harm both genders and make your marriage go for a toss. 

Men are more prone to stress as they are expected to be the breadwinner of the family. Work is another stress factor, with 76% of men citing work as a source of stress. On top of this, you have family responsibilities, have to manage kids, and do everything else!

How to Overcome

I suggest you learn some stress-dealing techniques and take some time off to care for yourself. You can also benefit from practicing mindfulness and spending time in peaceful surroundings, like in nature. 

Exercising regularly also helps you lower your stress levels.

exercise regularly

Sometimes, stress can even affect your libido negatively- you just don’t feel like having sex. In such cases, you can try natural aphrodisiacs like Spanish Fly for stronger arousals and increased sexual appetite. 

Sex is necessary to keep marriages together, so make it a priority. Try new places or experiment with positions to make things exciting and keep the passion burning. Sex creates a physical attraction for your partner, and you desire each other like the time you met. 

3. Express Your Love and Affection Whenever Possible

 The honeymoon phase in the marriage doesn’t last for long. The initial excitement fades out as you and the hormones both settle down in your married life. As a result, you might express your love lesser or do fewer special things for your love than before. 

This can really affect a marriage negatively and become the bedrock of an unhappy marriage. 

How to Overcome it easily?

Women like to feel special and valued, more than you may be able to fathom! So, express your feelings whenever possible and make time for physical intimacy. 

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You can boost your love hormones and strengthen the marital bond by just touching, hugging, and kissing more. Surely, that doesn’t take much of hard work. 

But don’t end up saying “I love you” like a routine! She will certainly perceive the lack of emotions and see that you are just repeating the phase. So the first step is to maintain open communication so that you can share things like friends. 

Then you can do something a bit special and show how much you are still in love. 

4. Be There for Her

The best thing you can do to save your marriage is to be there for her. You don’t need to spend on costly vacations, gift ornaments worth hundreds of dollars, or worry about making everything perfect.

If you love your wife, think of her as a friend, and care for her – you will overcome the hurdles in your way and build a strong companionship with your partner. Of course, you should give those occasional pleasant surprises that keep her feeling loved and special. 

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Of course, you would also expect your wife to be on your side. So like I already said before, develop an open communication where you both can talk about your needs and problems. Also, make a habit of listening to what she has to way. Just lending an ear can help establish your love and show your care towards your wife. 

Final Thoughts

The 21st century is not an easy time to be around. Still, if you have the love and desire, you can make your marriage work out. It will take some time and effort, but that is applicable to building any happy or healthy relationship.  

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