The 3 Cs of a Healthy Relationship: Explained

the 3 c

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The 3 C’s of healthy relationships are essential in a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship. Relationships- family, friends, or romantic, are the most crucial and important part of every human life, which requires constant efforts and communication effectively and regularly to run smoothly and effectively for the longest time.

For every person on this planet, the experience of being in a relationship differs from the others, which makes it unique. Still, the most common thing about being in a relationship is everyone wants someone to be happy without the fear of judgment.

Just like a person’s health needs regular visits to the doctor to keep it healthy, so does the relationship. A healthy relationship is the sign of a happy and long-lasting bond with no complicated issues.

the 3c's of healthy relationships

Toxicity in a Relationship

A healthy relationship works, although the couple might face some challenges on the way to long-lasting, happy relationship goals; the issues are resolved instantly when the 3Cs of a healthy relationship come into the picture.

If one feels perpetually unhappy or exhausted in a relationship, then it is a big red flag or, in simpler terms, a sign of toxicity in a relationship.

Sometimes people don’t understand the toxicity and red flags in a relationship and continue staying with the partner accepting everything as a phase of a relationship or labeling it as ‘normal.’

the 3c's of healthy relationships
the 3 c’s of healthy relationships

People have objectified love, and that is one of the most toxic things in a relationship. People are seen as a ‘prize’ rather than as a companion or lover to share the happiness of life with.

Here is the list of signs to look out for the toxicity in relationships:

  • Communicating with harsh tones, passive-aggressive replies, and a lot of sarcasm instead of gentleness, compassion, and love.
  • Being envious of one’s success and creating issues out of little things because envy takes over all the other feelings.
  • Dishonesty and lying about things to the partner.
  • Constantly avoiding and procrastinating certain issues that might be problematic, not interrupting the current flow of the relationship, and taking things as it comes.
  • Lack of time for the partner.
  • Holding grudges.
  • Dominating or controlling your partner to do things according to your will and demands.
  • No consultation or discussion with the partner when it comes to dealing with the financial task or decision.

The world of dating is not as complicated as we, human beings, made it. It requires certain honest gestures, love language, and true efforts to keep everything intact and healthy for a better future.

The 3C’s of a Healthy Relationship

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been married for a long time, the 3cs of a healthy relationship works the best in the course of love and certainly goes a long way in keeping the promise of forever.

The 3 C’s of a healthy relationship varies according to people and their relationship. Still, it is almost always consistent in most of the relationships around the world. Like everything on this planet, it also has its pros and cons and has a significantly huge impact on relationships. It can either save the boat of your happy and healthy relationship or drown in the deep waters if not applied at the utmost right time of a relationship.

Here are the 3Cs of a Healthy Relationship:

  1. Communication

The most profound and common saying that everyone in the world has been hearing ever since the beginning of time is ‘communication is the key to a happy relationship.’ In every relationship in life, healthy communication goes a long way in making a relationship better. It is a two-way process that requires efforts and regularity to maintain the happiness of a relationship.

Communication might sound like a piece of obvious advice for a healthy relationship, but it is a skill that most people don’t have. They find it difficult to articulate feelings, opinions, or thoughts to their partners, creating problems in their relationship.

Talking is a part of healthy communication and listening, which makes the partner feel appreciated, heard, and known.

Every relationship has its own up and downs. To find a way through it, one needs to acquire certain effective communication skills and apply them to their relationship.

2. Commitment

Another important C of the 3 c’s of healthy relationships is Commitment that requires big sacrifices and regular efforts to continue merrily and successfully for a long time and bring absolute true joy in people’s lives.

It builds strong trust and intimacy between the partner, knowing that they are committed to growing in love together no matter the bumps on the road of the relationship. Commitment means prioritizing the relationship along with other important things in life. It is choosing to stay, whether it is a thunderstorm or flower blossoming spring in the season of a relationship.

In a healthy relationship, commitment plays a major role. It gives a personal motive and courage to never give up on their partner and always strive to grow together happily and successfully.

the 3 c's of healthy relationships

3. Compromise

It is not as same as sacrificing but has a far greater and significant meaning in one’s life and relationship. It is one of the important c’s in the 3 c’s of healthy relationships, which people should learn at the very beginning of their relationship.

Compromising is doing things for your partner without creating any fuss about it. It is coming together and resolving issues. It means understanding one’s partner and definitely not sacrificing for the will of their partner.

A healthy relationship utmost requirement is a healthy compromising skill where the partners with a different point of view understand each other’s perspective, try to learn their partner’s view, and agree to a mutual solution instead of having passive-aggressive fights, arguments, or sarcastic discussion.

the 3 c's of relationship
the 3 c’s of healthy relationships


A relationship might seem challenging and complicated at first. Still, it is easy and exciting if one can handle the complex situation taking the help of the 3 C’s of healthy relationships. Once a true balanced of all the 3 C’s of a healthy relationship is obtained, the happiness of a relationship will be secured, and forever will not seem a long way to achieve.

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