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The Hidden Symptoms of Stress Cardiomyopathy: How to Identify and Treat Them

To uncover the subtler aspects of stress cardiomyopathy, also known as broken heart syndrome, we've gathered insights from six experts,

Why Does My Stomach Hurt When I Wake Up – 6 Common Reasons

Waking up in an unpleasant condition spoils the mood for the day.  Your morning discomfort may make you ponder over

Is PTSD a Disability? 7 Interesting Facts to Know

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is often considered a disability by the masses. But what is PTSD and "Is PTSD

Can Anxiety Cause Seizures: 10 Things to Know About

The human body has a response system that reacts differently in every situation. The human body has mechanisms to deal

Can Stress Cause a Stroke: 3 Biggest Factors of Stress

Can stress cause a stroke? We all have heard and know that stroke can happen because of some cardiovascular strain,

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How To Deal With Someone Who Is Bipolar

Dealing with mental health issues is never easy. It’s always this emotional rollercoaster where you end up feeling dizzy after

Can Stress Cause High Cholesterol: 5 Effective Exercises

Can stress cause high cholesterol? Times have changed, and we currently live in times where keeping up with the pace

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Black Tea vs Green Tea: 6 Amazing Health Benefits

For tea drinkers, the morning starts with chirps of birds in the fresh morning sky and a cup of tea

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